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Pet reactions in the sidebar

by kadfisch

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Kung fu Vandagyre
I am invincible!

by rhagna


The River that Flows Eternal
It was nightfall, and the northeast plaza of Sunnytown was crammed with defenders. City guards in red and silver, Guild mages with shining gems, a host of civilians who had volunteered their arms—these were Neopia’s best.

by movie138music


Harker's Story
The sight of Harker’s mansion looming in front of him was a distant comfort in the Krawk’s unruly mind...

by tanikagillam


Games to Challenge Neopia’s Wordsmiths
Do you fancy yourself a wordsmith? Do anagrams make you as jolly as a JubJub? Do you yearn to improve your vocabulary (or simply to show off your spelling skills)? If your answer to each of these was an enthusiastic “yes!” then I am happy to report that Neopets has a library of word games that can possibly match your library of books!

by privateuniverse

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