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Dinner with the Scarlets: Abdication Aggravation

by june_scarlet

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Oh, like YOU immediately knew what it meant
Words can be tricky...

by alphachicky


Avatar Goldmine
Eventually, Rysony plucked up the courage to run back to Turmaculus and ask why there were so many Merdiell flags and buntings around the island. The Turmaculus chuckled, as he had already been awoken by some rude Neopet 20 minutes prior. Edited by rabbits_forever

by wizzkid_


A Royal Send Off: Fyora's Bucket List
With Queen Fyora's sudden announcement of her retirement, one has to wonder how she would fill the voids in her day that were previously dominated by government and royal functions. In collaboration with Black_Skull725.

by parody_ham


Sunny Side Up: Abdication
It's hard to resist the temptation.

by amarettoball

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