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The Floating Islanders - Rejuvenating Dip

by yankeesrule244444456

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Games to Challenge Neopia’s Wordsmiths
Do you fancy yourself a wordsmith? Do anagrams make you as jolly as a JubJub? Do you yearn to improve your vocabulary (or simply to show off your spelling skills)? If your answer to each of these was an enthusiastic “yes!” then I am happy to report that Neopets has a library of word games that can possibly match your library of books!

by privateuniverse


The Secret Life of Petpets
The dangers of dancing

by erika_1998_101


The Nut Farm
Cooking isn't always easy...

by ramheart


Avatar Goldmine
Whew, that was close, Rysony mused to himself as he made his way into the belly of the ship. The vessel was nearly packed to the brim, most likely with Altador Cup spectators who were heading back home after a very eventful weekend. Edited by rabbits_forever

by wizzkid_

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