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The Answer-The Abdication

by lupe_hunter_7


kyla: For as long as Neopians can remember, there has been one Faerie that has ruled Faerieland. She has seen so many changes, both good and bad, throughout the years that one could say that she is the essence of Neopia as most see her in a guiding light. In a stunning turn of events, through a surprise announcement made a few days ago, Queen Fyora declared that it was time for her to step down from her position despite her popularity. Her successor has not been named at the time of writing. Queen Fyora is here with me to discuss her decision and what the future holds for Neopians in general as well as herself. Your Majesty, I’m certain that nearly everyone is asking the same question, why did you think this was the right time to step away from your duties?

     Fyora: Skyla, I think your introduction on me neatly sums up the answer, but I’ll say it again, just to make things clear. I’m stepping away from my duties as I have dutifully served as the Faerie Queen for as long as Neopia can remember and some will know me as their only Faerie Queen. That alone was the reason why I felt it was the right time to step away from my duties. Even though I am aware of my popularity, I know that my successor will bring in new and fresh ideas to the table, something that I could not have done.

     Skyla: Now that you have decided to step down from the throne and your duties, what are your plans for the future?

     Fyora: At least for the foreseeable future, I am helping out with the transition for the new Faerie Queen. It is a demanding task, so I want to make sure that my successor can take on the role without any problems. As for the long term, I’m not quite sure yet what I’m going to be doing.

     Skyla: Is that part of the reason why you’re not going to publicly announce your successor?

     Fyora: That is correct. Because of the numerous tasks and duties, my successor is not ready to face the Neopian public as of yet and it would be bad if the new Faerie Queen was unable to handle the pressure of her new job. If that were to happen, it would result in an unprecedented crisis was there no successors. When the time comes, that announcement will be made by the new Queen herself.

     Skyla: Obviously, with you stepping down, that will mean major changes coming soon to the scenery. We know that in addition to running Faerieland, you’re also in charge of the Hidden Tower, but you also have your own Faerie Quest. What will happen to those once you step down?

     Fyora: In all fairness, my successor will likely be the Faerie running the Hidden Tower and the Faerie Queen Quests after I have stepped down, but it possible that a different Faerie could run the Tower while Faerieland is being governed by the new Queen. After all, we have seen that before, when Baelia the Gray Faerie temporarily took over the Tower while I was incapacitated. As for the Faerie Quests, I have not yet decided whether or not I will continue my personal quests, but if I do, it will be under a different name once the succession has been completed. All will be revealed in due time. For now, I will continue to give out Faerie Quests and run the Tower.

     Skyla: So, you’re saying that for the most part, everything will remain the same once you step away from the throne?

     Fyora: That is the intention. After all, I do want to make this transition as smooth as possible. I don’t expect it to be perfect, contrary to the belief that some Neopians may hold.

     Skyla: Even though your successor will not show her face at the moment, given the circumstances, are there any words of advice you would like to give?

     Fyora: Like most Neopians, I would just like to wish my successor the best of luck in running Faerieland. Although she will have some big shoes to fill and it may be tough at first, I believe in her and her abilities.

     Skyla: I see. Now that everyone in Neopia is aware of the fact that you are stepping down, let’s now focus on your stellar career. I’m certain that you’ve had your ups and downs over the years, like any Neopian would, so what is the one action or achievement that you are most proud of?

     Fyora: That is a good question. I would have to say it would be introducing my personal Faerie Quest. I did it so that I could acquaint myself and interact with the general Neopian public, even if it was brief and spontaneous. Before that, there were rumours of me being out of touch or haughty as I had been running the Hidden Tower and Faerieland with barely any interaction for so many years. As a result, my popularity was pretty much non-existent. While those rumours are still circulating, they are not as prevalent as they were before I introduced my quest.

     Skyla: On the opposite side, what is the one thing that you most regret?

     Fyora: I would definitely have to say my failure and/or inability to recognize Xandra the Speckled Xweetok’s blackened heart towards the Faeries after she had graduated from Faerieland’s School of Sorcery, thus leading to the events that would eventually lead to the Fall of Faerieland. Had I known what she was going to do, namely taking over Faerieland and possibly all of Neopia by force, I definitely would have done everything in my power to stop her from enacting her plan.

     Skyla: That makes sense. Anyways, I do want to thank you for taking some your time out from your extremely heavy workload to discuss the situation surrounding your decision to abdicate the throne. This is Skyla the Cloud Pteri signing off for The Answer, the Neopian Times destination for one-to-one interviews on recent events.


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