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Game Trophies - A little bit of luck?

by crimson_sunbird


     Just how lucky do you really need to be to get one of these trophies? Below is a breakdown of what's required for each one. Maybe you'll find some of them aren't as hard as you thought!

     All of these trophies are best to go for on reset at the 1st of the month, when the scores are at the lowest.


     Cheeseroller - This game has a limit of 3 tries per day and has a random chance of awarding an avatar if your cheese comes in under 60 seconds. All expensive cheeses pretty much work the same with them averaging 50-70 seconds per attempt, with most people choosing to dive left or dive right for the whole roll. When rolling, there's a chance that your cheese can go faster/get a lucky bounce and save you a few seconds, or hit something and have seconds added onto your time on the next roll.

     Popular choices are Quadruple Fudge Cheese and Brick Cheese. A time of 60 seconds is equal to 750 points and every second less is +30 points your score. Reset scores are usually around 1050-1200 for bronze to gold.


     Dice-a-Roo - A dice rolling game, with 5 different colored dice to roll through to reach the jackpot from red up to silver. Each dice has multiple different things it can land on, with gameover being frequent on the first red die. Usually, it's a small amount of NPs win, which is never worth claiming. Higher up dice can award cheap items, lottery tickets, have the pant devil steal items (so deposit everything) and then the silver dice is the one where you can land on the current jackpot. Each dice you progress to has less chance of getting a game over, with the success rate of winning the jackpot on silver being around 40%.

     Every time you win the jackpot, there is a 1/10 chance that the jackpot is multiplied by 10, which is how the top people have scores of 200k+. Winning the jackpot will award the game avatar. The game has an unknown limit for how many times you can play it before your pet gets bored, at which point you have to wait for the next day to play again.


     Double or Nothing - A simple game where you flip a coin, with each successful flip doubling your score starting from 10. To get the avatar, you have to claim a score of 320 which is 6 flips which works out as a 1/64 chance. You can then double the 64 for each extra flip to find out the odds of getting a higher score, with a 5120 score which is usually enough for gold being a 1/1024 chance on reset.


     Gormball - An avatar is awarded for winning a round. This game needs early luck as it has positive and negative bonuses depending on what your score range is. Pressing F5 will hold the ball for 1 second, which you should do for the best chance of it not exploding on you. You want to be between 10-15 points as soon as possible as there is a bonus which randomly awards from 10-35 points and you need to have a 36+ score to avoid all the negative bonuses between 16-35 points! If you are one of the first few people, it's best to hold for 5 seconds to get to the 10 points straight away. If a few people have been taken out, hold for less seconds, whatever is enough to get to 10 points as you get points when someone loses so you don't want to end up hitting 16. When you're on a 36+ game, make sure you keep holding for 1 second with the page refresh and then it's just luck on when the ball explodes on you or if you win, with the final round coming down to a 50/50! So even with a great score, you always have to beat a 50% chance. When you win the game, your points are multiplied by 4 which is the score that goes on the highscores. Trophy ranges are usually between 500-900.


     Kiss the Mortog - A luck game with 2 avatars! The first avatar is awarded for collecting on 5900 and the second one for being in the top 50 on trophy handout, which has made the game a lot more popular. You start with a choice of 2 Mortogs, with every correct pick adding 1 extra Mortog. The 5900 avatar means you have to correctly guess the 2, 3, 4 and 5 Mortogs before claiming the NPs. This works out at a 0.83% probability. To go one higher for a 35k score on 6 Mortogs, it's a 0.14% chance. 5900 is usually a trophy on reset if you are fast and a 35k score is often a gold if you get reviewed as the first 3 people and pretty much always the top 50 avatar throughout the whole month.


     Scorchy Slots - The only game on this list that doesn't have an avatar, with the only way of scoring any points is to get all 4 bags of gold which awards the jackpot seen on the front page. When playing, you will be given the option every so often to hold however many of the 4 slots you want for the next turn, but sometimes you'll get 2 turns in a row of holds. Any time you see a bag of gold with a hold, make sure you hold it! The odds of getting all 4 bags are extremely low so you need every possible chance you can get. Getting 3 or 4 of different fruits will award a small amount of NPs, with other prizes like map scrolls and faeries being awards on 3 or 4 in a row. It's up to you if you want to hold them when you see the map scrolls as they can give out map pieces but I don't think it's worth it, especially if you have a gold bag in the options.


     Tyranu Evavu - Another avatar game, where you have to get 15 in a row to earn it. You get approximately 15 tries per day before your pet gets bored and will have to wait for the next day. There is a card shown, with the options for Tyranu (higher) or Evavu (lower) to be clicked. Be warned that these cards WILL randomly swap so make sure to click the right one. Since you have no way of knowing what the next card would be, it's best to guess based on where your card places in the order of cards. Anything from 2-7 you'd guess Tyranu, and anything 9 and up you'd guess Evavu. 2 is the lowest card and Ace is the highest. Since 8 is the middle card, it's up to you to decide which way you want to guess. Since the game is a full stack of cards, you could try card counting but since the games normally end within 10 cards, I don't think it's worth the effort. Trophy scores usually range from 17-25.

     I hope you've found this guide to luck trophies useful. Every game here is possible for anyone to get a trophy in, all you need is just a little bit of luck...


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