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Sketchy - Life-like Art

by lennifer_jennifer2

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Sharp Shards
“Oh benevolent, loving-“ “Give me a break.” Shard the Carmariller was currently bugging her Usul’s human caretaker Ribbon for more food at their family meeting. Food which the family simply couldn’t afford at the moment.

by ribbon_cute


Wisdom of the Ancients
At least your hands didn't glow blue this time.

by lastnightgus


Victor the Gargoyle
A story about an eyrie who just wants to watch the sunrise

by rkbear


Neolodge Review: The Cockroach Towers
re you tired of your same old boring routines? Or maybe just tired in general? Have you ever felt that you could be someplace else, meeting new people, trying new stuff, and having a little bit of fun and excitement? Or do you feel like you just aren’t getting the rest and relaxation that you know you deserve? If your answer to at least one of these questions is yes, then I know something that may just help with that!

by milestrong

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