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Which famous faerie matches your personality?

by pizzanoodles2


     Each and every young Neopian looks up to faeries, being the magical, powerful, and mystical creatures that they are. In particular, there are many unique Neopian faeries who have very special roles. Have you ever wondered which of these famous Neopian faeries you’re most similar to? Well, wonder no longer! Take this quiz to find out. You could be the almighty Fyora, the queen of Faerieland; Jhudora, the malevolent (misunderstood?) dark faerie; the Soup Faerie, the most kind and generous faerie of all; Aethia, the strong warrior Battle Faerie; or the Tooth Faerie, a positive and upbeat lover of dental hygiene.

     Just go ahead and answer all the questions below, making sure to keep a running count of how many a, b, c, d, and e answers you select! When you reach the end of the quiz we will tell you which faerie represents you best.

          1. What's the first thing you always do when you wake up in the morning?

     a – I stare at myself in the mirror and admire my grace and confidence

     b – I cackle at all the woes encountered by poor, unlucky Neopians… many of them inflicted by me

     c – I spend my mornings daydreaming about how I can best help underprivileged Neopians that day

     d – I always gear up for battle before all else

     e – Why, I brush my teeth, of course! Sometimes twice for good measure.

          2. Which is your favourite Neopian delicacy?

     a - Anything pink and sparkly works for me, really. Faerie Bubbles, Faerie Sundaes. Absolutely delightful.

     b - Poison Lollipops, Toxic Shrooms... basically anything that has potential to make innocent and unsuspecting Neopians sick *cackles*

     c – I just love soup. Always soup. It’s so comforting and warming for the body and the soul.

     d - Anything, really... food is just fuel for my battles!

     e – I just adore everything from the health food shop in Neopia Central! I definitely don't want to be eating too much sugar, especially without brushing my teeth, do I?

          3. Which is the one daily activity you never forget to do?

     a - Selling expensive and exclusive items in my shop

     b - Quests in exchange for cool items (*cough* NOT ILLUSEN'S *cough*)

     c – I ALWAYS donate to the money tree. it's so important to help Neopians who are less fortunate than I am!

     d - Doing all my daily battles to win items, and training to improve stats

     e – I’m more into random events than scheduled daily activities myself

          4. Which would you consider your best personality trait?

     a - Confidence

     b - EVIL! Muahaha -no tags here-:D

     c – Kindness :)

     d – Strength (of mind and body)

     e – Cleanliness (you know what they say)

          5. What's your all time favourite colour?

     a - Pink! Everything in pink please.

     b – Deep dark purple, the colour of my soul

     c – Rainbow. I just like positivity and all colours!

     d – Green. The colour is reminiscent of courage to me.

     e - Pearly white. Because it reminds me of dental cleanings.

     6. Which paint brush colour do you most aspire to paint your pet?

     a - Faerie is the best paint brush colour, obviously!

     b – Zombie, or anything spooky and creepy and gross *cackles again*

     c - I don't care what my neopet looks like; I only care about its character

     d – Pirate is neat

     e - White looks so fresh and clean

     7. Which Neopian land would you prefer to spend a weekend in?

     a - I prefer to spend most of my time watching over Faerieland.

     b – Well, if I HAVE to leave my lair, Darigan Citadel is kinda cool I guess.

     c - I really like Neopia Central. It’s such a bustling hub and full of friendly creatures.

     d – I have a soft spot for Virtupets Stace Station.

     e – Terror Mountain. I love the look of a fresh white coat of snow.

          8. Which group would you choose to see at the Tyrannian Concert Hall?

     a – The Neopian Philharmonic is classy and elegant.

     b – Twisted Roses

     c – They’re all great! But I do love Yes Boy Ice Cream; they’re such a fun group!

     d – Gruundo is super funky!

     e – I’m secretly a M*YNCI fangirl…

     9. Which is your favourite neoboard topic to chat on?

     a – Trading/Auctions because I’m always trying to buy and sell expensive and rare items.

     b – I really don’t like talking to other people… No thanks…

     c – I love the help chat, because helping others is my true calling in life!

     d – Is there anywhere but the battledome chat?!

     e – The newbie chat is always such a silly place to be

     10. In your opinion, what the best time of the year in Neopia?

     a – The Faerie Festival is the most important day of all

     b – April Fool’s Day is great – I love playing pranks on others and seeing the chaos that ensues

     c – The Day of Giving! It’s so festive and cheery and Neopians feel extra generous.

     d – I just love whenever there’s a new plot/battle event to participate in

     e – I’m just now wondering… why isn’t there a Neopian Dental Hygiene Day?! There really should be…


     So which Faerie are you?.

      If you answered mostly a, you are Fyora! You are strong, powerful, confident, and admired by all. You probably really enjoy the colour pink, selling expensive items, and ruling over your subjects.

          If you answered mostly b, you are Jhudora! Yikes. You care mostly about yourself, love spreading evil, fear, and poison lollipops.

          If you answered mostly c, you are the Soup Faerie! Wow, you must be a really kind and benevolent Neopian. The Soup Faerie is said to be the most selfless and generous of every faerie.

          If you answered mostly d, you are Aethia, the Battle Faerie! Cool! You are a fearless warrior, with lots of strength, courage, and tenacity.

          If you answered mostly e, you are the Tooth Faerie! You are a bit of a wildcard. But one thing is for sure: you certainly care a lot about keeping your teeth clean and cared for.

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