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So you've zapped your dream pet? What now?

by rkbear


     Like many I bet you got your lab ray to get your dream pet, or maybe you got it to train your battledomer to greatness, but what do you do once you’ve achieved this dream or your pet is so powerful it can take down any of your challengers?

      Well have you been to the pound chat lately. Sure it is full of people trading and searching for unconverteds but there are still plenty of people looking for beautiful converted and zapable pets. While dream boards are sometimes few and far between if you post one you’d be surprised by how many people will reply will all manner of dreams of every color and species.

      When I first got my lab ray I had done it for the avatar. I didn’t really have any goals and I didn’t want to risk using it on any of my pets. They were already perfect. That just left one problem what was I going to zap for the avatar. That’s when I turned toward the pound.

      The pound is full of unwanted pets looking for homes and all of them are zapable! So I grabbed the first one I came across, a basic red garrl and he went under the ray. It took me a few days I achieved my avatar and my garrl got a great new color. I checked him into the hotel and dropped him off back at the pound and he was snapped up in no time. So how does this connect to making someone’s dreams come true? It’s simple.

           Step 1: Adopt a pound pet

     It can literally be anything. Just grab anybody that grabs your fancy. It doesn’t matter, your going to zap them. Grab the species you need to get avatars! It's a good way to get them and not morph your own pets.

     If you want a quick adoption, you might want to find someone with a nice name. Something easy to read without any underscores or a lot of numbers. You may see these abbreviations on the board. VWN, WN, BN, ect. If it ends with an N it most likely refers to their name.

     VWN- Are the “best” named pets. This stands for very well named. Very well named pets are easy to pronounce, readable and should have a capital letter at the beginning and everything else should be lowercase. There will be no underscores or numbers in it. RN (real names) and RW (real words) are usually in this category.

     WN- Well named pets have longer names, may have other capitals, a little harder to pronounce with letter replacements or duplicates, but still won’t have underscores or numbers.

     DN- This stands for decent named pets. They may have an underscore or number or two, but still pronounceable.

     BN and VBN- These are considered the worst. BN’s (bad names) still may be pronounceable but they will be littered with numbers and underscores. They may even be in 1337 (Leet- numbers as letters). VBN or very bad names, are not pronounceable, usually a random assortment of letters and numbers or underscores.

          If you want to adopt out your pet quickly you’ll want to adopt a pet with DNs and up. You can still adopt out the others, but you’ll want to zap them something more rare or expensive. Like lab ray exclusives or whatever paintbrush is newest or most popular. Check the trading post for what paint brushes are selling for the most. You can search paint brushes to scope what’s popular. Also check the new features for the most recent colors that have been released for the species.

     Step 2: Zap ‘em

      This part is probably obvious. Bring them to the lab and zap them. They’ll probably get a lot of stat changes and gender changes before you get anything good. You can speed up this process by buying a zap ray fortune cookie from the NC mall. This will allow you to get at least one more zap per day. Keep bringing them back till your happy with the color they are.

     Step 3: Give them a petpet (this is optional)

      While you don’t actually have to get them a petpet, it can be a lot of fun and may help them get adopted faster.

     I personally like to go with cheaper petpets which I zap at the petpet lab. The petpet lab ray is a lot cheaper than the pet lab ray. You can get some really cool petpets there. Cheap petpets are better since you run the risk of losing the petpet. While a pile of soot can be zapped back if you zap it away completely you lose it all together. The petpet lab ray is a lot more random than the pet ray, but you can get avatar petpets for cheap here.

     Step 4: Customize them (optional as well)

     I like to make my pets more attractive before looking for their forever home. Like I said you don’t have to, but it's kind of showcases them. Shows people what they could look like. I dress them gender neutral or whatever gender I like best. If you have the lab ray scientist as a challenger you can easily have him change it for you.

     Step 5: Post them

      This is one of the easier and harder steps. You go to the pound chat and make a board. You can advertise them as UFA (up for adoption) with a catchy title or one of my favorites as part of a dream board. A dream board will get more attention and give you an idea of what people are looking for. With any luck someone will volunteer to take them and give them a forever home.

     Don’t forget to double check the accounts age- for a lot of colors, and species like limited edition pets (koi, cybunny, ruki, hissi, draik, krawk) your account must be at least 4 months old, or they won’t be allowed to adopt them. You can’t transfer them and they won’t show up in the pound for them.

     Step 6: Transfer them

      Transfer them to their forever home. This is done through the pound. This time you’ll want the robot hissi. Remember you only have so many transfers per month. You get one transfer for every two years you’ve been on the site approximately.

      After two years you get 2 per month

     Four years gives you 3

     Six years for 4

     Eight for 5 ect.

      And don’t forget each transfer costs you and the adoptee 1 thousand neopoints.

      The second way you can transfer them, this way is more risky, is by pounding them at a designated time between you and the person adopting. This is best done through neomail so no one else sees the time, but this is not recommended because that doesn’t mean no one else will see them and grab them. They will have to have enough neopoints on hand to pay the adoption fee.

          Step 7: Start all over again

      Congratulations! Pat yourself on the bat and when you are ready to grab another pet and start all over again.

          Now for one last bit of advice. Sometimes you won’t find a home for them during Step 5. While the pet you have might have clothes and is more appealing with them, that doesn’t mean they won’t get adopted from the pound. If you can’t find them a home on your own you can always put them back on the pound and let the pound do its job. There are lots of pound surfers out there looking for painted pets. Expensive painted or even cheaper painted pets are often snapped up quickly, especially by newer players ones who can’t afford paint brushes or aren’t familiar with the chat boards. You can always check the pound periodically to see if they are still there, or put their name in the search bar to check on them.

      And that’s it, you're a dreamie zapper! Have fun and Good Luck!


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