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Vegan on a Budget: Gourmet Vegan

by _ahre_


      In last week’s Vegan on a Budget article by purest_pink, it was mentioned that finding inexpensive vegan food can be extremely easy for a curious beginner plant-based diet… but why not take it a step further for all of the foodies out there in Neopia who want the finer taste of what plants can offer? Yes, vegan food can be decadent enough for even the most refined palate. And for those with a gourmet food budget, it is possible!

     I was tasked with what I imagined was going to be quite difficult: find the most sought after vegan rare and gourmet foods, while still keeping to a strict budget. I filled my NP on hand with a budget of 15,000 NP per food item (this is gourmet food, after all!) and went foraging through each Neopian land during restock to find these 100% plant-based options! And by surprise, what I found to be the most perfect of all vegan rarities, resulted in going under-budget, so my accounting was fueled perfectly by plants!

     Candy: Dark Chocolate Poogle “Sweeter than the Milk Chocolates and considered (by some) as the best of all chocolates!” And by those ‘some’, they obviously are talking about plant-munchers! Non-vegan white and milk chocolate contain dairy from Kau Kau Farm, whereas dark chocolate is made from pure cocoa powder! Chocolate purists and Poogle lovers can all agree that a Dark Chocolate Poogle can be a weaning tool designed for the carnivorous… VEGAN BARGAIN: Estimated Value (approx): 367 NP

     Spooky Food: Cannibalistic Pumpkin “Pumpkins BEWARE!” Aww, how cute n creepy! A pumpkin inside another pumpkin… wait… oh, I know why this is on the list! Even if Edna cast an evil spell, two delicious pumpkins for the price of one were the result! So, they consumed each other? You’ll be just as stuffed when you try them too! Estimated Value (approx): 5,323 NP

      Coffee: Iced Soy Chai Latte “A delicious iced latte for those that would like to avoid milk in their diets.” Soy milk is frothy and rich, especially in whip cream form! And it will make you feel rich, for those with a smaller bank account to barely make a dent when they consume this inexpensive gourmet treat! Estimated Value (approx): 5,867 NP

     Desert Food: Desert Kiko Dried Fruit Bowl “A popular treat in the royal palace.” Even in a desert, the royals know exactly what’s good for them! Dried in the scorching desert sun, these fruits contain all of their nutrients without leaving a juicy mess behind. Estimated Value (approx): 5,774 NP

      Tropical Food: Wicker Fruit Cornucopia “This cornucopia is filled to overflowing with a variety of tropical fruits.” In honour of our favourite holiday, the Mystery Island Gadgadsbogen Festival, we choose to enjoy these mystical tastes of the tropics. And we can try them year-round, or whenever they restock… VEGAN BARGAIN: Estimated Value (approx): 923 NP

     Gift: Gold Gem Negg “A negg fit for a queen.” Hidden in the novelties of the Gift Shop, a gem-encrusted edible Negg makes its rare appearance! How this regal fruit tastes is a mystery, but at a higher price-point, it is only presumed that a very fine palate is needed. Estimated Value (approx): 12,322 NP

           Tyrannian Food: Honey Blossom “Despite its ugly appearance, the outer petals of the Honey Blossom are the sweetest things you will ever taste.”Some plants from the lands of Neopia can be quite hideous to look at, but once you eat it and taste its sweet offerings to your mouth, then you will only ever see the beauty from then on! A Honey Blossom contains no Buzz Honey, so this is a pure vegan experience! So pure, that they make Honey Blossom Extract to cure Fuzzy Fungus! Estimated Value (approx): unlisted, super rare

     Altadorian Food: Fig “A delicious treat this fruit is almost like candy.” A fruit of Ambrosia like no other, a fresh Fig is like a tender and sweet bonbon that will make you feel like a hero. Since a Fig is sold in the richest land of Altador, expect the price to be just as high. Best reserved after an Altador Cup Match win. Estimated Value (approx): unlisted, ultra rare

      Space Food: Freeze Dried Fruit Platter “Freeze dried fruit is so sweet and crunchy and fun to eat!”In deep space, in order to get all of the daily nutrients, freeze-dried fruit will help meet your requirements. Grundo’s Cafe may not always carry the most appetizing of foods, but a platter of your favourite fruits will always be a staple worth having during space missions, so hurry and stock up! Estimated Value (approx): 5,575 NP

     Exotic Food: Xrepefruit “A bunch of these will keep you full for the day.” Grown exclusively in the mountainous region of Shenkuu, this exotic fruit is a necessity to keep you fuelled for all of the exploring to be done around the land! Estimated Value (approx): 3,210 NP

      Faerie Food: Veggie Faerie Burger “This burger is made from ingredient only found in Faerieland!”Who doesn’t love a locally-sourced burger? And a vegan one makes this even more ethical! You may have to ask Queen Fyora, but it is believed that the proceeds of this burger help fund the rebuilding of Faerieland to the glory it once was! VEGAN BARGAIN: Estimated Value (approx): 830 NP

     Healthy Food: Apple Tree Broccoli “What a fun way to eat your broccoli!” As we all can agree, broccoli may be detested by most Neopians, even though we try our best to consume them. Leave it to the gourmet geniuses who created this masterpiece! Our troubles are over, as this will be the solution for us all! Except for Kyriis, who have to avoid this apple allergen… Estimated Value (approx): 9,893 NP

      Smoothie: Boingari Smoothie “Surprisingly enough, if you drop this smoothie it will bounce back up!” Have you ever slipped on a Zeenana peel while drinking a smoothie and simultaneously rummaging through the Money Tree? We all have, admit it. Now we no longer have to watch our paws for slime, since this smoothie is made from the Boingari fruit that bounces back if dropped! Catch! Estimated Value (approx): 6,689 NP

     Food: Veggie Burger “Everything is veggie. Even the bun.” A true ‘green’ vegan burger! Surprisingly, you won’t find this rarity in the health food shop, but in the main food shop is where it hides! And with vegan cheese made from pea-protein, most likely. We need more pea-protein in our lives, especially if you want to try an alternative to dairy or meat-based proteins. And is that bun a portobello mushroom?! Whoever designed this Veggie Burger should be given an award for the most veggies in a burger, ever! VEGAN BARGAIN: Estimated Value (approx): 347 NP

      Brightvale Fruit: Carved Cantaloupe “A juicy ripe cantaloupe that is carved and ready to eat! Presumably ordered to be carved under the gentle ruling command of King Hagan of Brightvale, this cantaloupe can be easily devoured while reading a good book or sharing your wisdom with the King himself! ‘Fortunate is the one who understands that nature is equivalent to the power of green’ *not guaranteed a winning quote. Estimated Value (approx): 5,504 NP

     In summary, why should there be a choice to be vegan, let alone a Gourmet Club vegan? Let’s look at the health factor. Not one of these vegan food items is unhealthy! Believe me, I’ve come across some ‘gross foods’ that are gourmet and I wouldn’t touch it with a Wish Stick just because the gross-factor is through the roof of my Neohome! So when going gourmet, go vegan!

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