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Choosing the Right College for Your Neopet

by alli_draggy


What does your Neopet want to do when they grow up? Do they want to own a shop? Be a doctor at the Hospital? Work on the Virtupets Space Station among Neopia’s most cutting-edge technology? Regardless of what your Neopet wants to do, a college education provides a substantial advantage to their chances of being hired and getting into higher up, better-paying positions in whatever career they choose. This article will detail Neopia’s most notable colleges, what they offer for your student, and the most important part: what you’re going to need to pay to get your Neopet through all 4 years.

     Bargain Picks

     These colleges are relatively cheap for your Neopet to attend, with fees and tuition averaging 25,000 to 50,000 Neopoints a year, and may not have the best reputations, certainly not as highly esteemed as the likes of Brightvale University. Don’t discount them, though, they have unique programs based on their locations and may be just what your Neopet’s looking for.

     Happy Valley Community College

     Land: Terror Mountain

     Price: 25,000 NP per year

     Happy Valley Community College is Terror Mountain’s only higher learning institution, and many Neopets are discouraged from attending due to the harsh, cold climate and the sparse population. However, living in a land perpetually covered in snow does have its advantages. Internships are available at the Neggery and Toy Repair Shop for students interested in agriculture and engineering, and the Advent Calendar is always looking for new graphic designers and filmmakers for its animations, meaning students interested in the arts or computer science may find this an interesting program to take part in. Students interested in Petpet biology can find a variety of fieldwork opportunities on the mountain, working with professionals in the field to study the Petpets adapted to Terror Mountain’s harsh climate. Scholarships are available to Fire and Magma-painted pets or reptilian species such as Hissies, Krawks, and Grarrls in hopes of incentivizing their attendance, as well as for academic achievement.

     University of Neopia

     Land: Neopia Central

     Price: 30,000 NP per year

     University of Neopia has been open in the heart of Neopia Central since Year 0, and its centralized location means that near-unlimited opportunities are available for your pet. Students interested in business and economics can get internships at the various shops, Auction House, and Stock Exchange, those focused on the arts can volunteer at or present their work at the art centre, and those of a more charitable persuasion can volunteer at the Money Tree, Kadoatery, and Soup Kitchen. If your pet is interested in medicine, University of Neopia is the absolute best option for them, with the Neopian Hospital and Pharmacy within an easy walk of campus. Students enrolled in the pre-medical program can work with professionals in the Hospital, providing essential field experience. Scholarships are available for almost anything your pet can think of, and students are put in the running for them when they apply.

     Wharf College

     Land: Krawk Island

     Price: 150 Dubloons per year

     Wharf College in Warf Wharf has developed a rather bad reputation, and many owners will avoid sending their pets there out of concerns for their safety, which are understandable, given Krawk Island’s population primarily consisting of pirates. But don’t worry. Wharf College’s security staff are on the job 24/7, and constantly monitor who enters and leaves campus, to make sure their students stay safe. The school was founded by Gavril McGill in Y13 in an attempt to draw in more visitors and commerce to the island. If your student is interested in sailing or transporting goods, Wharf College is a great fit for them, with connections to sailors and distribution companies throughout Neopia, many of which have internships and study abroad programs eligible over summer, allowing your Neopet to learn what it’s really like to sail the seas or study and experience the culture of another land, providing valuable experience for their career.

     University of Jelly World

     Land: Jelly World

     Price: 27,000 NP per year

     Wait...what? How did this get into my notes? Must have been a prank. My apologies. Since Jelly World does not exist, there certainly aren’t any colleges there.

     Mid-Range Schools

     These schools are a bit more competitive than the bargain picks, and generally will cost you 50,000 to 100,000 Neopoints per year. However, this price may be worth it, depending on your Neopet’s plans and academic achievements. More money coming in from tuition means that these schools can offer more generous scholarships and many of them offer fascinating location-based programs you won’t find anywhere else.

    Blumaria College

     Land: Roo Island

     Price: 60,000 NP per year

     Blumaria College’s proximity to Neopia Central makes it a popular choice for many Neopets who want to stay close to home, mostly so they can go back to their owners’ homes and get free food and laundry, but prefer something a bit more exotic than University of Neopia. Blumaria is prized as one of Neopia’s best art schools after various contests moved from the Catacombs, and it’s Neopia’s only college to offer a major in game design, a popular field using Neopia’s most cutting-edge technology which many Neopets have been expressing a growing interest in over the last few years. Engineering is another strength at Blumaria, with students able to get on-the-field experience working on developing new game machines and merchandise for the Spring Shop. Writers will appreciate Blumaria’s collaboration with the Neopian Times and Neopia Central’s book publishing outlets, allowing them to publish their work and make their voices heard.

     Shenkuu University

     Land: Shenkuu

     Price: 65,000 NP per year

     Shenkuu University provides a variety of unique programs for your students, including volunteering at the Lunar Temple, working on traditional medicine at Remarkable Restoratives, and Neopia’s only major in airship piloting, including on-ship experience on the Cyodrake’s Gaze. Students interested in biology can explore the untouched mountains, streams, and cloud forests, studying Shenkuu’s unique Petpets. The main complaint that I’ve heard from students attending Shenkuu U from other lands pertains to culture shock, with the language barrier and the school’s location at the top of a mountain leading to students feeling isolated and alienated. I don’t have a real answer to this, but I do suggest that students be fluent in Shenkuuvian before applying. Most classes are taught in Neopian Common, but knowing the language will allow your student to more easily communicate with locals and get involved in the school community. University of Shenkuu also collaborates with other Neopian schools for study abroad programs and is a popular option for summer culture studies.

     Higher Learning: Emphasis on High

     These schools are Neopia’s most prestigious institutions, with prices ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000 Neopoints per year. These schools have long histories and traditions dating back to their founding, with a diploma from them being one of the most major status symbols in all of Neopia. These schools are extremely competitive, and only the best and the brightest of students can get into them, but once they do, they’re likely to receive scholarships, since the schools want to reward the few students who make the cut.

     University of Brightvale

     Land: Brightvale

     Price: 750,000 NP per year

     Brightvale U is considered to be the best college in Neopia, and it gets that reputation for a reason. Founded and funded by King Hagan himself, the University operates from Brightvale Castle and receives the latest data and educational methods from Neopia’s most famous scholars. Students can study Neopia’s most pressing issues, including a well-known research project from Brightvale’s medical department dedicated to developing an affordable cure for the Squamata Plague and restoring the town of Bogshot to a state equivalent to, and hopefully better than, its situation prior to its attack by the Darkest Faerie. The university has vast libraries of books and scrolls from every Neopian land and nearly Neopia’s entire history that are available for students to use for writing papers and engaging in research with professors.

     Virtupets Tech

     Land: Virtupets Space Station

     Price: 800,000 NP per year

     Is your pet interested in technology? If that’s the case, Virtupets Tech may be among their dream schools. Since its establishment in Y2, Virtupets Tech, affectionately called Virtutech for short, has been working with Neopia’s most cutting-edge technology, with students able to participate in groundbreaking research into robotics, artificial intelligence, and more. The university was blamed for Neopet V2 and had a temporary hit to its reputation because of this, but is now cleared of the blame and known as Neopia’s most modern university, with students able to collaborate with Neopia’s best scholars and programmers. Students generally love the futuristic feel of the school, although I have heard complaints about homesickness, with returning home requiring an expensive spaceship trip and mail not being guaranteed to withstand transit through Neopia’s atmosphere.

     University of Altador

      Land: Altador

     Price: 500,000 NP per year

     Many athletic Neopets dream of applying to the University of Altador, with its central location and easy access to the stadium making it Neopia’s single best school for Yooyuball, with graduates having a chance of making it onto their land of origin’s team. Many Neopets train for years to attempt to qualify for a Yooyuball scholarship, but with the sheer number of applicants, very few succeed. As well as being Neopia’s best-known sports school, Altador is worth considering for Neopets interested in government or management, with internships available with the Council of Heroes, providing valuable job experience for Neopets with goals of government, shop management, or anything else involving commanding Neopets.

     These are only a fraction of the schools your Neopet can attend, and as an owner, you’ll find that as your Neopet grows, they may decide they don’t want to go to college, which is okay. A variety of trade and career schools are located throughout Neopia, and other positions, such as focusing on art, writing, or volunteer work, may be what your Neopet wants to do and not require a college education. The main thing that I ask you in reference to your Neopet’s academic ambitions is to think about what they want, not just what you do. Your Neopet may be just as, or more, happy at Happy Valley Community College as at University of Brightvale, and your main goal, finances, and prestige considered, is to send your Neopet somewhere where they can be happy, make new friends, and explore their passions.

Author’s Notes: Thank you for your time, and don’t hesitate to Neomail me with questions or about advice concerning the college admission process or anything else on your mind.

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