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by guga_dodi


     Imagine yourself making a great walk on the Haunted Woods after a great and smart talk with the Brain Tree or a amazing adventure getting items to Edna. Everything looks great when you find a giant graveyard. It’s not possible to be the games graveyard, after all you passed by him on the way. You approach really slow of the gate and read on the top: petpets cemetery. That's impossible, no neopian has talked about this place, maybe I am the first to find it!

      You entry by the gate see something hiding behind a tombstone, maybe is the famous ghost meepit . Wait, it’s really a meepit? I really need to see him, but then a voice whispers in your ears: “You probably think that petpets are cute, right? Not in this game, on Ghost Bopper you have to face ghost petpets to get a great score and a beatiful trophie. But be careful, others pets like you got lost in this cemetery (I pretty sure that a pink Kacheek passed early here, but it was so fast that I was not able to warn about the dangers of this place). And you may have some problems with a skeletons and skulls, so always be attentive!”.

      So you may be thinking: how do I get this awesome gold trophy? In this spooky guide I gonna give a full explanation about the game and some tips to help you achieve a this!

     First of all, Ghost Bopper is a game based on keyboard controls and you can chose between letter Keys or number pad in the setup. Each key will represent one of the gravestones and the main difficulty of this game is that those keys change over the game (you'll learn those variations below). Our goal is to end each level with at less one life and get a lot of coins that is possible.

     “Okay, now I know the game and choosed my setup, but still need to understand how to score?” It’s simple, we have 10 targets on the game, each one have a specific effect (may be good or bad...), let’s see them:

      1. Ghost Greebles: is the first spooky petpet and appears on the beginning of the game, it's necessary only 1 hit to get 1 point and defeat him;

      2. Ghost Faellie: is the second spooky petpet of the game and starts to appear on level 2, unlike the Greebles, those petpets need 2 hits to get 2 points (your points will be awarded only after defeat him);

      3. Ghost Deavers: is the third spooky petpet of game and start to appear on level 6, you will need 3 hits to defeat him and get your 3 points (your points will be awarded only after defeat him);

      4. Ghost Ona: the last of spooky petpets of the game start to appear on level 8 and needs 4 hits to defeat him and get your 4 points.

      5. Skulls: they will begin to spawn at level 3, hit them and you will lost one life (you start the game with 10 lives, every time you hit a empty ground or a skull you lost 1 life, the same happens when you let a ghost petpet scape);

      6. Chests: they will begin to spawn at level 4, hit them and you will receive 10 points and reveals coins or heart bonus;

      7. Coins: they are random and gives you 20 points when hitted;

      8. Hearts: they are random and gives you 1 life when hitted;

      9. Pink Kacheek: they will begin to spawn at level 5 and hit them will make you lose 2 points;

      10. Skeleton: the final enemy! They appears only on level 13 (final level) and to defeat they you need to hit the key that they have on hand;

      Now we understand all the targets and they effects, but its necessary to remember all of you about changes of keys over the game, is the most difficult part of the game cause really confuses the mind, so we gonna learn those changes to avoid surprises when playing and to be ready to keep advancing on the levels:

     LEVEL 4: 90 degrees anti-clockwise rotation;

     LEVEL 7: The controls are back to default state, but the bottom and top rows have swapped;

     LEVEL 10: The controls are back to default state, but now we have a 90 degrees clockwise rotation;

     LEVEL 13: Controls are back to normal and the skeletons will begin to spawn.


     Okay, you know everything that is necessary to conquer that gold trophy. Now it’s time to give to you some tips that help me a lot in this game:

      1. Patience: I know, sounds cliche but it’s essential to keep your mind calm and your concentration on a high level – this will help you to avoid wrong hits (trust me, this is pretty important!).

      2. Luck: Unfortunately this game requires luck too, the number of chests, hearts and coins are randoms. So keep trying till the end of the game (sometimes you have a great score but don't know ...).

      3. Physically rotate your keyboard: this is the gold tip, a lot the people have problems confusing keys over the game and lost because of this. The idea of rotate the keyboard is to avoid the confusing on your mind and let the

     game so much more easy.

      4. You can keep a key pressed on the game, but be extremely careful because it’s pretty easy to lost a life by hitting a empty ground;

      5. Each level has a duration of 30 seconds be sure to have at less 1 life or you will lose the game;

      6. Remember that a pink Kacheek doesn’t make you lost a life, so please don’t be sad if you hit him.

      7. Your life never grows more than 10 hearts (so if have a lot of lives and is in doubt between a life or a coin bonus on the game and needs to choose one of them, please go to the coins!)

          I hope that with those tips you be able to get a gold trophy and grow your collection of game trophies. My sincere spooky good luck to you!


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