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How to Treat Your Gnorbu on Gnorbu Shearing Day

by kaitlinhoneybee


     Do you hear that, Neopia? A new year has blown in and that means change. More specifically, a hairstyle change for Neopia’s favorite furry friend: the Gnorbu. Gnorbu Shearing Day is a venerated tradition, upheld for decades in Neopia! Unfortunately, Gnorbus don’t much like a shear, but their fast-growing fur necessitates this once yearly shearing. So, what can you do to help an anxious Gnorbu about their upcoming bareness?

          1. Gnorbu Shearing Guide

     The first item you should buy for your Gnorbu is the illustrious Gnorbu Shearing Guide! This will help to alleviate any fears your Gnorbu has about shearing. Educating your Gnorbu is the first step to helping them prepare for Shearing Day! This item is stocked in the Magical Bookshop in Neopia Central and costs around 3,000 Neopoints. Well worth it for your Gnorbu’s health and safety!

          2. Gnorbu Shears

     Speaking of safety, there’s no way that old, rusted pair of Grarrl Scissors will do. Instead, buy your Gnorbu some Gnorbu Shears! These shears are sleek and sharp and will cut Gnorbu fur efficiently and pain-free! They show up in the Grooming Parlor in the Neopian Bazaar and will only set you back around 200 Neopoints!

     3. Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo

     Even though your Gnorbu will be a hairless wonder, cleanliness is still next to Faerie Queen-liness. Purchase a bottle of Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo. While this clears dirt and grime from Gnorbu fur, it is also very gentle on Gnorbu skin and moisturizes your Gnorbu. This can also be found at the Grooming Parlor in the Neopian Bazaar and sells for around 500 Neopoints.

          4. Gnorbu Wool Jacket

     Now that your Gnorbu is bare-skinned and sparkly clean, they might be a little cold. It is still the Month of Sleeping and most of Neopia is overcast and dreary. It would be unfortunate for your Gnorbu to catch the NeoFlu, so you’d best buy it a Gnorbu Wool Jacket! This adorable pink sweater is lined with a fleece second only to your Gnorbu’s own fur! Not to mention, it’s very stylish. To get this little number, all you need to do is head on down to Uni’s Clothing in the Neopian Bazaar. It costs around 8,000 Neopoints. As a bonus, you can also buy the matching the Gnorbu Wool Boots, also from Uni’s Clothing!

     5. Gnorbu Explorers

     If your Gnorbu is very upset about Shearing Day and doesn’t like clothing, I’d suggest a book! Reading can be an escape for your Gnorbu while they wait for their new coat to grow in. A good book for Gnorbus is Gnorbu Explorers! It teaches Gnorbus to be confident in their own skin, even if it’s bare skin! I highly recommend this book for any Gnorbus who are a little insecure. Read this book to them and your Gnorbu will become confident and self-assured! This book can be bought at the Magical Bookstore in Neopia Central! This book costs around 1,500 Neopoints.

     6. Gnorbu Lunchbox

     Your Gnorbu always needs a new lunchbox and Shearing Day is the perfect day to splurge and get your Gnorbu a thematically-appropriate one! Spend your money on a Gnorbu Lunchbox to store their food. This blue lunch box features the smiling visage of a Gnorbu ready to eat! This lunch box can be purchased from Neopian School Supplies in the Neopian Plaza. It costs around 20,000 Neopoints. It is a bit more expensive, but as they say: home is where the heart is and the lunch box is where the food is.

     For the fashionable Gnorbu in your life, losing fur is likely to hurt the ego.

     7. Lovely Gnorbu Dress

     For this Gnorbu, cheer it up with an extravagant Lovely Gnorbu Dress! The frills and flounces are sure to bolster the spirits of any fashionista. The flowing purple trills are enough to make a statement all-year-round. The gown stocks in Uni’s Clothing in the Neopian Bazaar and usually sells for around 10,000 Neopoints. If your Gnorbu really loves the dress, you can also complete the outfit by buying Lovely Gnorbu Gloves, Lovely Gnorbu Boots, a Lovely Gnorbu Beauty Mark, and a Lovely Gnorbu Hat!

     8. Gnorbu Pinata

     Perhaps your Gnorbu is still upset about these Shearing Day shenanigans. We all know that letting anger fester leads to resentment and will tarnish any friendships. Give your Gnorbu a healthy way to release that pent-up anger with the Gnorbu Pinata! When your Gnorbu whacks this orange pinata, there’s a chance that it will break open and spill out some goodies! Buy it at the Toy Store in the Neopian Bazaar for around 2,000 Neopoints!

     9. Plushie Gnorbu Plushie

     Is your Gnorbu still sad? Turn that frown upside down with a brand new plushie! I recommend the Plushie Gnorbu Plushie, which is extra soft and cuddly. Perfect to dry those tears with! It’s also a great toy to snuggle with on these cold, wintery days. This plushie is available at the Plushie Palace in the Neopian Plaza. You can purchase one for around 2,500 Neopoints.

     10. Milk Chocolate Gnorbu

     Sometimes nothing works to cheer up a tearful Gnorbu. If you’re at your wits end and can’t think of anything else to comfort your forlorn pet, I have the answer. Chocolate. The sweet, delicious taste of a Milk Chocolate Gnorbu is guaranteed to lift that gloomy glower from your Gnorbu’s face. You can buy this at the Chocolate Factory in the Neopian Bazaar for a mere 2,000 Neopoints.

      11. BONUS: What if you don’t have a Gnorbu on Gnorbu Shearing Day?

     The answer: Adopt a Gnorbu from the Neopian Pound! There are many wonderful Gnorbus waiting to spoil and you can make that happen. Gnorbus are kind-hearted, sweet, and generous pets. If you love to have fun, then you’ll love a Gnorbu and a Gnorbu will love you!

     I hope this guide has been helpful for you and your Gnorbu! Although Gnorbu Shearing Day happens every year, it can be a trying time for new and old Gnorbu owners alike. However, if you treat your Gnorbu on Gnorbu Shearing Day, it can be a pleasant experience. And, if at the end of Gnorbu Shearing Day, you find yourself with a grumpy, grumbling Gnorbu, remember this: their fur grows back in the next day!


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