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My Neopian New Year's Resolutions

by milestrong


     As the Month of Celebrating comes to a close, so too does another year in Neopet’s history books. The year has been long, and not every moment of it was full of laughter and happiness. There were times when I definitely felt a lot of frustration, from missing out on a valuable restock to just barely not getting enough points for a really tough game avatar.

     But despite all of the bad and negative things that may have happened, it’s the good ones that count. And this year has been full of them. I was able to collect a few avatars I never thought I’d ever get before, and I finished quite a few of my dream pets and customizations. I also got really lucky with a few random events and prizes as well!

     Truly, it has been yet another unforgettable year and I’m glad to have been part of that wild and wonderful ride. However, instead of taking a look at the past, I think now is a good a time as any to begin looking forward, and to try and see what the future awaits us! And with that, here are some of my new year’s resolutions for the coming year, and here’s to hoping we commit to them no matter what!

     1) I will work harder towards my goals.

     I feel like I did a pretty good job when it came to accomplishing my goals this year, but honestly, I think I can still do a little better. There were many times when I gave up on chasing a particular game avatar because it was too difficult and annoying, and I didn’t want to be bothered trying again after failing countless times (I’m looking at you, Buzzer Game!). But this year, I’m going to promise myself that I’ll pull through in the end, no matter how many tries it takes! I’m going to get all of those pesky game avatars that have eluded me for so long, and I can accomplish another long-term goal of reaching 300 total avatars!

     Avatars aren’t the only goals I have my sights set on though. I’ve been pretty indecisive when it came to what kind of customizations I wanted each of my pets to have, and what kind of gallery I’d like to try and build towards. Part of this new year’s resolution is me putting my foot down and finally deciding on what I want, so that I’ll have a concrete goal to work towards.

     2) I will save up more money (and try to spend less impulsively)

     I have to admit, I can be a bit too impulsive sometimes. There are moments when I’ll stumble across a cool background or wearable, and I’ll tell myself “I just have to have it!”, and end up withdrawing some neopoints from the bank and instantly buying that item… even if said item costs a hefty amount, and I would end up changing my mind about using it at a later time anyway.

     This year, I will try not to be too impulsive when it comes to big purchases like that. I will be smarter and more careful with my money, so I can slowly build up a larger bank account with better interest, so that I’ll eventually be able to afford all of my actual goals.

     3) I will be kinder and more generous

     I have always made it a point to be a nice person to other people no matter what; it’s simply the right thing to do! But this year, I will try and go above and beyond what I would normally do. I’ll donate more items to the Money Tree instead of letting them all sit in my safety deposit box. I’ll try and help fulfill other people’s wishes. I’ll give more people compliments even if they don’t ask for it, because everyone is a great person and they deserve it!

     4) I will give some more love to the older parts of the site nobody really visits anymore.

     There are plenty of places and pets all around the site that probably haven’t been visited for quite some time now. And there are probably a couple of older games that nobody really plays anymore because they’ve become irrelevant or obsolete. This resolution is where I will decide to go and visit as many of those old places as I can and enjoy them to my heart’s content as well! I’ll go on a Tiki Tour to help the Mystery Island tourist industry even if I already have the associated avatar, I’ll go and look at the souvenir shop over in Roo Island and maybe grab a knick knack or two to give to my friends, and I’ll count potatoes with the residents of the Meridell Countryside because I know they’ll always appreciate the company and effort you put in!

     5) I will be more active in the community

     Often times, whenever I return from a hiatus to play the game again, I’ll usually do so by myself or with a friend or two. I don’t really have any interaction with any other player apart from making offers on trades, trying to haggle for an item I’m looking to buy from them, or trying to challenge someone to a game of Geos. Even though this site has a bustling community with thousands of other players, I rarely interact with them outside of the reasons I mentioned, but hopefully I can do more than just that this year.

     I’m going to try and connect with more people, and try to make those connections more meaningful. I’ve joined a guild already and have begun making friends there, so that’s a start, but I’ll also try and socialize with more people on the boards. I’ll try to make more friends that I vibe with, so I have more reasons to keep coming back to the site and more ways to enjoy the game. Because after all, Neopets is always more fun when you’re playing with friends!

     That wraps it up for my Neo-resolutions for Y22. I’m going to try my best towards sticking to them as much as I can, and hopefully I manage to achieve them throughout the year! If you have similar or different resolutions, feel free to let me know what they are! Maybe we can help each other stay on track!


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