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Royal Oddness: Holiday Edition

by mistyqee

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Head in the Clouds: Holiday Special
Ready for our trip to Happy Valley?

by yoshisislandbandit


Winter Holiday Season in Neopia: 12 Fun Things to Do
Wintertime is here! You may be enjoying the holiday season by sitting by the fireplace at the Mountain Lodge or sipping on a fresh hot cup of Borovan. However, don't forget all the fun that you can have during the month of Celebrating! Here are some quick things to help you and your Neopets get into the holiday spirit this season!

Also by remotely

by nayana852


The Book of the Twelve:Part Twelve
XII-I. Oberon, the Conjurer

by herdygerdy


Preparing the Perfect Christmas Feast!

also written by breakeven & masters_united

by winterteas

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