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Four Unusual Dailies to Do... Daily!

by costumely


     If you have played Neopets for any amount of time, chances are that you have a list of dailies. Maybe they’re stored as links on a pet's petpage, maybe they‘re just a mental to-do list, but either way, you do them everyday. In this article, I will share a few activities on my dailies list that are more time-consuming or unusual than standard dailies like Coltzan's Shrine or Kiko Pop. They may be more effort, but the reward is greater as well!

     1) Buy Sticky Snowballs from the Healing Springs

     The Healing Springs allows you to purchase one item every 30 minutes. Unlike regular Neopian shops, items never go out of stock, and you cannot haggle with the store owner. I recommend buying the Sticky Snowball, priced at 25 NP. Why? They are "ultra rare", with a rarity of 99! During the last few Charity Corner events, Sticky Snowballs could be redeemed for 8 points.

     A quick primer on Charity Corner for those who have recently joined or returned from hiatus: Charity Corner is an event where you turn in items and receive a certain amount of points in return. The amount of points per item depends on the item's rarity; r200 items give out the most at 15 points, but r99 are next on the list. At the end of the event, which lasted three weeks this year, the points can be used to redeem perks. One perk this year, Zapped, allows you to paint your pet any color that is available at the Lab Ray; another perk raises your bank interest rate 3%.

     Sticky Snowballs have a great NP-to-point ratio. Even if you don't participate in next year's Charity Corner, you can still sell them for a tidy profit. At their peak, Sticky Snowballs were sold for nearly 4000 NP during this year's Charity Corner!

     2) Buy 1000 Shares of a Stock

     There's one rule of the stock market: buy low, sell high. In the stock market, you can purchase shares of various Neopian companies, like HUW (Hubert's Hot Dogs), or my favorite, TNPT (The Neopian Times!). Up to 1000 shares total can be purchased per day, for any stock whose value is at least 15 NP. If you have the NP, I recommend maxing out the number of shares you buy at the lowest price (15 NP). Don't buy it at a higher price unless absolutely necessary! There is a bargain stock page that lists stocks currently selling at low prices (-no tags here- 20 NP) that I recommend using. Also, try to diversify your portfolio by purchasing different stocks. This maximizes your chances of profit.

     The stock market is a long game. It could take months, or even years, to win big. One common strategy is to sell at 60 NP, which is a 300% return on your initial investment. Theoretically, companies can declare bankruptcy, which means you would lose all the money invested in that stock; however, this hasn't happened in years! In practice, this means that the stock market is risk-free money for practically no effort; all you have to do is buy stocks daily and be patient. Eventually, one will surpass 60- or whatever sell price point you set- and you can sell. Some stocks, like VPTS, have even exceeded 1000 NP per share. If you had 1000 shares bought at 15 NP, you would make over one million NP of profit!

     3) Fight The Koi Warrior

     The Koi Warrior is a hidden Battledome challenger; you can find him randomly on the main Maraqua map. Refreshing on the page can take a few minutes, but it's definitely worth it. If you defeat the Koi Warrior on easy mode, he drops the highest percentage of codestones of all Battledome challengers! Most Tan codestones sell for under 5k, although the Eo Codestone goes for closer to 15k NP. Most of the red codestones sell for around 20k NP. I usually get 3-4 codestones out of my 15 daily battledome prizes, although I have gotten 10 in a single day once!

     On easy mode, the Koi Warrior has 62 endurance; to defeat him easily, I recommend investing in a basic Battledome set of two Turned Tooths. You should also train your pet to level 50 and then give them the Lens Flare ability. On the turn Lens Flare is used, the opponent cannot attack. That's very helpful when challenging the Koi Warrior multiple times in a day because you don't need to heal in between battles.

     4) Check the New Features Page!

     Seriously? you may be thinking. Everybody knows about New Features; it's not a daily! Hear me out. The benefit of the New Features page is that banners for ongoing events are frequently pinned to the bottom along with a short blurb explaining the event. That way, you won't miss out on any event that requires daily participation. Here's a little anecdote to make my point...

     A few weeks ago, I saw a link to Daily Dare at the bottom, which reminded me that the event had started. If you completed a Daily Dare challenge on the day of release, you received an additional prize. It didn't matter whether you challenged AAA or his sister Abigail. At the time I'm writing this article, one of the prizes, the Barf Boat Stamp, is worth almost half a million NP! Surpassing Abigail's score of 80 in Barf Boat takes less than a minute! If you knew about Daily Dare, there were many opportunities to earn rare and expensive items over the course of the event.

     Similarly, if you found a Negg every day of Festival of Neggs this year, the final prize was a Collectable Charm that currently sells for about 400k! I skipped playing for one day and didn't get the prize as a result. Tough luck, huh? That's why I decided to make the New Features page one of my dailies. Not all events reward daily play, but many do. The Advent Calendar awards you free NP and NC items just for clicking a button or two every day in December!

     That brings us to the end of this article. I hope at least one of the suggested dailies appeals to you. I can promise that all have been well worth my time for the additional page view or two a day. If you add any of these dailies to your routine as a result of this article, let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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