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The Kad and the Warf Rescue Team

by _polonius_


     The Kad and Warf Rescue Team

     The siren was loud in the petpet’s ears as it blared through the speakers. The Warf Rescue Team members didn’t mind though since they never wanted to miss a rescue operation.

     Team Leader Pat finished checking the parachutes. “Ok Team!” Our mission is to rescue a kadoatie named Fiddlesticks who is up in a large tree - approximately three branches up. It’s pretty high, but if we stick to what we’ve done in practice I know we can do it.”

     Warf Rescue members began slapping each other on the back. The energy was high. They were ready to get Fiddlesticks unstuck.

     “Any questions?” Pat asked, picking up his backpack filled parachute. Pat had rolled all the parachutes himself. He had learned the hard way that if they weren’t double checked there could be major problems. Pat loved his job. Being part of the rescue squad gave him a sense of purpose as a Warf. He loved helping kadoaties and making sure that they were able to get back to their regular lives. Pat had chosen all the team members himself for the squad and was sure of them. This was important to their success, since they really relied on each other.

     As the team came up to the tree Pat could hear Fiddlesticks crying already. “Fiddlesticks!” Pat called. “I’m part of the Warf Rescue Team. We’re here to get you down.”

     Pat could hear Fiddlesticks sniffle and hiccup. There was a small, “Really?” that floated down from the tree branch.

     Pat and the team had arranged themselves under the right branch and could clearly see Fiddlesticks up on the third branch. Pat wanted to make sure that there they were in the correct position for a good rescue. Dispatch had all the information right this time. Pat wished they had their own dispatch, but hiring someone who fit with the team was difficult.

     Pat nodded, “Really. We will have you down in no time at all.”

     ”I’m really high.” Fiddlesticks said. He was a lovely rainbow color, which Pat admitted made him easier to see. He did look scared and like he had run through the Pick Your Own berry patches a few times, but he was in one piece.

     ”Don’t worry.” A team member said.

     ”Yep, we’re professionals.” Another said.

     Pat got his team lined up. “Team Member One, prepare to launch.” Pat said forcefully.

     Pat could see Fiddlesticks looking down anxiously from the branch as the tower of Warfs got higher and closer. They were almost there.


     It was another beautiful day in Neopia. He had some butter out to cube for biscuits. It was going to be a glorious baking day. Fiddlesticks was super excited about his latest recipe that he was going to try out. He was going to try out some purple icing sugar too. He’d just pop out to the mailbox quickly before he started. Fiddlesticks stepped outside. The sun was shining. It was beautiful. He ducked down to his mailbox and as he was opening the box …. Everything went dark.

     Fiddlesticks woke up feeling groggy and his head hurt. Where was he? It seemed like a little box. No a cage or a kennel? With a door and some bars. Oh nooooo. Fiddlesticks had heard of this place. It was the Kadoatery. Mostly a place for kads with owners on holiday. But every once in a while there were kennels that were empty and kads were “found” and put in holding. This was terrible. There were kads crying too.

     Fiddlesticks went to the bars and peered out. Some of the kads were smiling and content. They had little tags with their names on the door and some had tags of thanks for the people that had fed them. Next to Fiddlesticks though was a kad that was carrying on and crying something fierce. Fiddlesticks squinted at his tag. It read Morag.

     ”Hi, Morag? I’m Fiddlesticks.” Fiddlesticks tried to talk to the spotted kad. They kept crying. At the bottom of the kennel it read that someone needed to feed it Kadoatie Biscuits. Yikes. That wasn’t an inexpensive item. Fiddlesticks looked at his kennel door. It read Mega Pipper Sandwich. Not as expensive, but not exactly mummy spaghetti either.

     ”We’ll get out soon.” Fiddlesticks tried again. “I’ve heard of this place. No one stays here that long.”

     ”No, I’ve been here for ages.” Wailed Morag. “I need a really expensive item too. I’m never getting out.”

     A chime sounded and the cage doors opened - suddenly the kads that had been fed all pranced out and new kads came in. Fiddlesticks were confused. He noted that all the new kads now needed to be fed too. Weird. Morag had begun crying loudly again. Fiddlesticks wondered if he should panic. What a nightmare. He had just been at the mailbox getting mail.

     Fiddlesticks started to feel the tears gather as the minutes ticked by and then an hour passed. There wasn’t much he could do he supposed. Wait? He sniffled. Suddenly a chime sounded and a sandwich landed onto the kennel floor. Thank goodness.

     Suddenly Fiddlesticks found himself outside the Kadoatery building. Where was he? Fiddlesticks couldn’t find it in himself to care. He just started to run. Through the brambles and the branches - faster and faster. Until he found the nearest tree. He got as high as he could so he could be far, far away from the Kadoatery. He wanted to be near the sun and the sky.

     Oops. How was he going to get down?


     Fiddlesticks climbed carefully down the tower of Warfs. They’d fallen over once, but hadn’t seem bothered by the set back. They’d stacked up again and reached him in no time. Fiddlesticks took deep breaths. Each team member talked to him as he climbed down. He was so happy to be rescued.

     So glad to be down. Thank you all so much.” Fiddlesticks told Pat and his team. “I’m sorry I was stuck. I just panicked.”

     ”That’s our job.” Pat said. “We love rescuing kadoaties. Can we help get you home?”

     ”Sure, I’d like that. I don’t really know where I am anyway.”

     Pat and the team took Fiddlesticks back home where they promised to return for some cookies and tea the next day.

     Fiddlesticks still was having a hard time figuring out what exactly happened on his trip to the mailbox. However, he arranged his plates and tea. He was happy the team was coming over. He jumped at the knock, but it was just Pat and the team. Fiddlesticks served up cookies and tea. He told them about the Kadoatery and the kennels. He was sad that he left Morag behind. Fiddlesticks hoped that he was alright.

     Pat and the other Warfs nodded. Fiddlesticks’ story wasn’t unfamiliar. It was one that they had heard before. Some of the kadoaties got lost or turned around after getting released. They were in unfamiliar Neopian Lands or still scared.

     Fiddlesticks wanted to do something to help his fellow kads that were caught. He told Pat so. Pat thought about it. “Perhaps you could help the team with dispatch until we come up with a plan?”

     Fiddlesticks smiled. He could do that. That was a great idea. Fiddlesticks refilled the cookie platter already looking forward to being part of the team.

     The End.

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