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Celebrating Korbat Day this Fall

by breakeven


     Korbats face the stigma of being seen as terrifying neopets - I mean after all, they are bats and they lurk in the darkest of nights with their favourite haunt being the eerie Haunted Woods. With Halloween around the corner of Korbat Day, it’s hard not associating them with the spooky holiday and thinking they are malicious or children of Halloween. However, one afternoon stroll in the month of Collecting with my pets, I encountered some Korbats having the time of their lives playing and rustling amongst fallen autumn leaves. I’ve hardly seen them frolicking in the day.

     They saw us staring and welcomed us to join them. Amidst my hesitation, my pets squealed and sprung over and I had no choice but to trail behind. As I inched closer, I realised they had set up a small picnic mat by the side with the loveliest spread of food, games and more! After tumbling around together and having some fun with the remnants of autumn, they invited us to join them for their mini picnic as well. It was one of the days I learned more about our Korbat friends and the warm, fun side they hardly reveal.


     Baking Chocolate Korbats

     First up, we learn that Korbats love to bake! The young Korbats told us that this was one of their passed down family recipes from their great great grandmother. They come together once a year, as a tradition, to have a huge bake out! As I flipped through the book, crispy biscuits covered with hazelnut chocolate and drizzled with peachpa sauce or even crunchy biscuits covered with mint chocolate and lemoran were interesting flavours that jumped out at me. They even had some batches they have test baked from the night before for us to try! Indeed, the plethora of chocolate Korbats tasted heavenly.


     Korbat Tea Sandwiches

     Another specialty that Korbats love to make are tea sandwiches made into cute Korbat shapes. Who knew Korbats can whip up so much magic in the kitchen? These sandwiches tasted the finest as well! Thinly sliced, some came with ham and cream cheese fillings, and others with tuna and egg ones. Mmm, yum.


     Organic Korbat Pumpkins

     Next, nestling amongst the picnic mat were these cute Korbat-shaped pumpkins, with leaves growing out to imitate the ears of the Korbat. “What’s this? It looks adorable!” I asked. They chirped animatedly that they have actually picked it up from a Korbat pumpkin patch a few miles away. (Yeah I know what you must be thinking... A Korbat pumpkin patch? Interesting.) They were going to bring it back home for pumpkin carving later that night. Who knew Korbats were so festive? I made a mental note to drop by the pumpkin patch sometime soon to pick up some for our neohome decorations.


     Purple Korbat Kite

     As we were having the time of our lives playing together in the autumn foliage, one of the Korbats pulled out a Korbat kite from his bag and started unwinding the strings. Who would think that Korbats love to play with kites when they themselves can fly high amongst them? Apparently, it’s one of their favourite games! With a few kites up in the air, the Korbats on the ground will have to try hitting the Korbat flying in the skies with one of their kites. We each had a go at it and my, it was tough. It all became a tangled mess at some point and we collapsed on the ground in laughter.


     Korbats Lab Secrets

     How would we celebrate Korbats Day without commemorating a game dedicated to Korbats -- Korbats Lab? As one of the young Korbats studied this guide book studiously for a test in the upcoming week, I urged my pet to get a tip or two from him. Do you know typing “spiderbite” at any point of time in the game gives you an extra life? Also, if you encounter a level that you are uncomfortable with, you can skip the level as skipping levels is unlimited throughout the game. The best part? You still get to keep your points! With these tips in mind, I will definitely try for the high score table again some time in the future.



     Talking Korbat Plushie

     In the midst of our chatter and laughter, one of the young Korbats handed my pet this plushie and said shyly, “This plushie talks if you pull the string at its tummy! You can have mine.” My pet got really excited as she loves plushies, which she will add to her already bursting shelves.

     pulls once The plushie sang in a high pitched tune, “Have a wonderful, flightful day!”

     pulls another time in excitement “Hey, you will ruin the toy!” I remarked, but to our surprise the plushie sang another phrase, “I love you as much as I love the skies!”

     The Korbat told us that this plushie says 5 different phrases. We gasped.

     pulls the third time “You look cloudiful today!”

     pulls the fourth time “I’m absolutely batty for you!”

     pulls the fifth time “You are winging it!”

     It was a really unique gift to commemorate this eventful day. I thanked the young Korbat for the little gift, although I’m not looking forward to hearing this talking Korbat plushie non-stop for the next few days.

          The sun began to set and cast warm shadows around us - it was time for us to part ways. The Korbats have to make their way home for pumpkin carving with their friends, whilst we were heading to an autumn market ourselves. I was feeling slightly wistful and I could tell everyone present felt the same. We promised to meet up and hold a picnic again sometime soon - and my pets have promised to bring some sweet treats and goodies of their own. I could foresee it being a delightful time. One lesson I’ve definitely learned -- all neopets have a warm and loving side if you take the time to know them!

     In collaboration with lookidontcare3 & masters_united

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