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Etta and the Old Timesake, Part 13

by shadowstrand

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The Faerie Academy
Joura stared at the paper on the desk before her, pencil poised and ready to write. She knew she would be forced to make this decision before graduating the Faerie Academy, but it had come so soon.

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Harker's Story
The problem – one of them, at least – with owning the single copy of a rare, priceless, personal and dangerous item – was that Harker couldn’t tell anyone.

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Game Trophies - A little bit of luck?
Just how lucky do you really need to be to get one of these trophies? Below is a breakdown of what's required for each one. Maybe you'll find some of them aren't as hard as you thought!

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Round Table Poker Champion!
Why else he would have so many coins?

by neopieceluffy

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