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10 Healthy Foods for Your Little Ones!

by ayakae


     As a proud owner of several beautiful baby Neopets, I can tell you that it’s definitely not easy to feed them. They can be terribly fussy eaters – no meal seems to be complete without food that’s been spat right back out, food that’s been completely ignored, or food that’s been turned into a plaything. This makes it harder for baby Neopets to get the vitamins and minerals they very much need to grow big and strong.

     As such, it’s very important that the food we give to our precious toddlers are both healthy foods that would ensure your pets get the nutrients they need, and entertaining in a sense that it wouldn’t just end up on the floor. Get rid of the idea that junk food is the best way to ensure they’re well-fed – while it definitely makes eating time much faster, junk food is simply unhealthy for your pet, especially being fed consistently. Besides, who says healthy food can’t taste good? They’re good sources of vitamins and minerals, and are just as (if not more) yummy and delectable!

     So, without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of ten food items that would make snack and meal times for your baby Neopet fun again. I’ve also made sure that owners on a budget can readily attain these food items, which leaves your baby Neopet happy and healthy for a really good price. Score!



     1. Mixed Berry Fruit Cup, approx. 800 NP

     You can never go wrong with berries. What’s not to love? They’re sweet and tasty, vibrant with color and are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that will leave your baby Neopet happy and healthy. Moreover, baby Neopets can easily pick up these mixed berries with their paws (or fins, or wings), making snack time a breeze.

     However, that doesn’t mean you’re only limited to berries. Make your own fruit cup easily with fruits found in your home! Prepare some apples, bananas, oranges, and other fruits your babies love, making sure to slice them up into bite-sized chunks before serving. The possibilities are endless!



     2. Spinach Hummus, approx. 1100 NP

     Made by blending cooked chickpeas, hummus is not only healthy, but amazingly delicious. This amazing blend of nutty flavors from the hummus and rich flavors from the spinach form a savory dip that will go well with sliced vegetables or plain, unsalted crackers. If you want some diversity, hummus can also be used as a spread for sandwiches.





     3. Fruity Pancakes, approx. 100 NP | Chococherry Pancakes, approx. 2000 NP | Scallion Pancakes, approx. 2500 NP

     Let’s be real here. Who doesn’t like pancakes? Not only are they so deliciously yummy and fun to eat, but they’re also super easy to make and prep. Have fun with your Neopet by creating your own special pancake batters.

     Spice things up by adding whatever you want to the pancake batter! Feeling healthy? Why not try adding some fruits and berries to give it a bit of a tropical flavor? Feeling savory? Add some scallions to have a unique, exotic taste. Feeling like satisfying your sweet tooth? Add a dash of chocolate chips and a dollop of whipped cream and have a taste of heaven. The possibilities are endless!



     4. Square Eggs, approx. 900 NP

     Don’t worry about their rather unorthodox appearance—these Square Eggs are just your regular scrambled eggs fitted into a mold to give it its distinct, square shape. Why, you ask? Well, who knows. We’re in Neopia, almost anything goes around here.

     Nonetheless, Square Eggs are an amazing source of protein for your baby. Just one egg gives your Neopet one-third of their daily protein intake! Feel free to mix in some freshly chopped tomatoes or broccoli for an extra kick—with the eggs’ tasty goodness and fun shape, your baby Neopets will gobble these up, vegetables and all!



     5. Organic Plain Yogurt, approx. 700 NP

     Just like the item’s description says, this creamy yogurt is just asking to be sprinkled with fruit or berries. Slice up some assorted fresh and dried fruits, chop up some nuts (I recommend almonds and pistachios), and procure a variety of sauces to top the yogurt (strawberry jam, or even chocolate or caramel syrup as a treat). Assemble them all on your table (or any flat surface, really) and have a fun-filled activity with your Neopets by creating your own yogurt mixtures together. It’s entertaining, healthy, and is a great way to spend time as a family—what more could you ask for?



     6. Popcorn, approx. 1500 NP

     When prepared right, Popcorn is a crunchy, light, and easy-to-eat guilt-free snack that is rich in fiber and low in calories. Whether it be in the movie theater or the comforts of your own home, a bowl of popcorn is sure to be a hit with your Neopets. Just make sure to look through the popcorn before serving—unpopped or semi-popped kernels can be a pain when chewed on!

     For some extra flavor, add in a bit of butter or perhaps some caramel—popcorn’s plain taste makes it compatible with almost any flavor, sweet or savory!



     7. Peanut Butter Crackers, approx. 1000 NP

     Ahh, peanut butter—a childhood staple. Packed with protein and fiber, peanut butter is naturally sweet and needs no added sugar. Spread some onto some plain crackers and you’ve got a snack that can satisfy any Neopet!

     P.S. If your precious toddler is allergic to peanut butter, almond butter or sunflower seed butter is a great alternative!





     8. Bite-Sized Celery, approx. 100 NP | Baby Carrots, approx. 1400 NP | Baby Tomatoes, approx. 1200 NP

     Teething can be a challenging period for both the owner and the Neopet. The gradual onset of teeth can lead your young ones to become very irritable, and that can lead them to sleeping less than the proper number of hours and chewing anything and everything they can lay their hands on.

     Bite-sized goodies like celery, tomatoes, and carrots can deal with the pain of sore gums and teeth—they simultaneously provide something for them to chew on to help alleviate the pain or distract them from it, at the very least.



     9. Rice Sushi, approx. 3000 NP

     Now, sushi may seem like a fairly strange thing to recommend feeding your toddler, but these exotic foods are actually a great way to speed up the feeding process and sneak in some healthy bits and pieces along the way. Why? Because sushi is fun to look at and can be so extremely colorful and funky that toddlers (and adults!) would just love to eat them.

     And, like the other snacks listed on this article, sushi can be quite versatile! You can add avocado, rice, mangoes, steamed fish and meats, carrots, cucumbers, and so much more. It’s definitely a fun dish that is perfect as a snack or meal.





     10. Beef and Veg Baby Food, approx. 200 NP | Forest Fruit Baby Food, approx. 200 NP | Pea and Ham Baby Food, approx. 1200 NP

     Being a parent is an incredibly stressful job. It would be hard for anyone to find the energy to prepare meals after all that playing, running around, cleaning, etc., especially when you’re lacking sleep. No one in their right mind is going to fault you for just sticking with regular baby food after a long, extenuating day!

     Give yourself a break every once in a while with these baby foods in a jar. They’re simple, convenient, dependable, and yet so satisfying.

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