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What Happened To Geraptiku?

by stars4ever33


     Ahhh, Mystery Island. Home to sandy shores, beautiful jungles and endless fun for everyone. At first glance there doesn’t appear to be anything mysterious about Mystery Island. It’s a vacation spot for Neopians just looking to get away from the ups and downs of life. However, if you journey deep into the depths of the jungle, you’d come across something very peculiar. Discovered in year 7, this once great civilization now lies in ruin at the heart of an otherwise peaceful enclave. But why did this city fall into ruin? What happened here? We’re going to discuss some possible theories.

          Let’s start out with what we do know about this mysterious place. There is not much that remains of Gerapitku, most archeologists estimate that it was a large bustling village about 2000 years ago, but suddenly it was destroyed. Natives who live on Mystery Island are so afraid of the place that they don’t dare to even look in its general direction. Obviously, something awful happened there. We also know that there is a mysterious being selling Petpets to brave souls who wander into Gerapitku. This being has never been seen. All that remains is a sign and a tipped over jar of Neopoints. Next we have the Deserted Tomb. Those with enough courage can try to wander it’s halls, but many have come back with injuries. Or worse yet, they don’t come back at all. Strangely enough, there are also reports of a ghost Hissi that haunts the passageways. There are Neopians who come back with small treasures like old bones or forgotten toys. Lastly, sitting atop this chilling tomb sits a stone in which locals call “Kalahnto” which roughly translates into Judgement. Curiously, it is circular, as if to resemble an eye. Spooky.


     I bet you have a lot of burning questions now, which I fully intend to try to answer.

          First off, what happened to Geripitku?

          Well, while there is no conclusive story as to what happened. Either everyone was just feeling too lazy to write it down...or they were to afraid too. There are, however, oral legends that have been spread through word-of-mouth. One such legend refers to how proud Geripitku was, so much so, they would constantly brag about how great they were. Supposedly, their pride angered the spirits of the island. These spirits took it upon themselves to destroy the village. But how did the spirits do this? Well upon doing some extensive research, there seems to be one name that has surfaced time and time again. The Totem Demon, Potgatkerchi. Potgatkerchi is described as “a construction controlled by other, unseen beings” (Potgatkerchi’s Trading Card). It’s safe to assume that Potgatkerchi had something to do with Gerpitku’s untimely demise. Theoretically, the spirits, deeply angered by Gerapitku’s vanity, took control of Potagetkerchi! The totem was once something to be worshipped, respected. This is seen by the toys you can find of Potagetkerchi in The Deserted Tomb. Why would a civilization create toys based around something that was supposed to be feared? It was a genius idea, the spirits thought. Using something that was probably supposed to be worshiped and probably associated with something positive (like protection, for example) and use it against the civilians.

          Now, I know there is something that could completely debunk the Potgatkerchi theory-and that is the fact that on his trading card you can clearly looks like Wocky’s or a Kacheek’s controlling him. My explanation for this is that it’s simply a front. Those are figments created by the spirits. They needed Potagerkerchi to look like it was controlled by something. So they created

          What a truly horrendous fate, having your whole village destroyed in a single night by the very thing you considered to be an icon of your people. But this is not where our story ends, not at all. You see, another interesting tidbit on Potagatkerchi’s trading card, “They had been warned not to search for the Ruined City. Now it was too late.” Ohh Ominus! But wait! Why would a being that was created (or rather possessed) for destruction protect the ruined city? Well, shortly after Gerapitku’s destruction, the spirits figured that people would try to rescue anyone still trapped inside. So, they kept Potagatkerchi around for a few hundred years until people finally stopped showing up to search the cursed city.

          So where is he now? Well, what we see of Gerapitku today is all that remains. At one point it was much bigger. The jungle has slowly grown over everything, destroying it completely. The same can only be assumed for Potagatkerch! The spirits realized that they no longer had a need for their vessel of destruction and simply abandoned it somewhere. The jungle, being as unkind to ancient structures as it is, has destroyed what was left of the demon. The sole spirit that controlled it went back to the Deserted Tomb and now wanders the halls, scaring anyone who dares come to close. You must know who I mean!

          That’s right Potagetkerchi was once controlled by...a Lizark!....

          …..Got you, didn’t I? No. The spirit who once possesed Potagatkerchi is actually the ghost Hissi. This spirit, still disgusted by the pride of Gerapitku’s people, still lurks in the shadows. If he deems you worthy, you make it out in one piece. If you are not though...suffice to say, you might just end up with a hook for hand. Or worse. Potentially.

          In conclusion, this is all just speculation. Pure theory applied to an oral story. While we have yet to find any remnants of Potageakerchi, it is still a possibility that what remains of it still lies undiscovered. Only time will tell, however. For the time being, what is left of Gerapitku will ultimately shrink down until there is nothing else. Meaning that we only have so much time to solve these perplexing mysteries. However, I don’t think it will ever be truly solved. I think that someone, or something, is stopping us from solving this great conundrum.

          While most of this is pure speculation, a bit of it is derived from pieces of the truth that I have found while doing extensive research about Mystery Island and Gerapitku...but for now what really happened is just that: A mystery. And It may never, ever be solved. Perhaps it is better that way. We wouldn’t want to anger the spirits again, now would we?

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