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More for Less: 10 Avatar Games You Need to Get

by starscreamer54


     With the Living with Less event over and the perk shop open, many Neopians are spending their points on the "Perk Me Up" perk in the hopes of getting "More for Less." This will allow Neopians to earn game avatars for only 80% of the original avatar score. Some avatars are easier than others with this score reduction, and some, such as "Grundo - Snowthrow!" from Snow Wars II, are about the same difficulty with/without the perk. Meanwhile, many only have time to focus on a few avatars! With that in mind, here are 10 game avatars that are significantly easier with the 20% score reduction.

     Hungry Skeith (Original Score: 1000 New Score: 800)

     This game requires involves some very fast arrow key control on the last level before the avatar, and luck in regards to the food you get (Side note: why don't Skeiths like red peppers? They're delicious). The last few levels required for the avatar are so lightning fast that you need incredible reflexes. Eliminate both skill and luck with this perk!

     Carnival of Terror (Original Score: 725 New Score: 580)

     Carnival of Terror is basically a race to see if you'll run out of ammo or time first. Of course, you need both to get the avatar score. You can play the game hoping that you get enough bonuses for both (which is rare), or you can use the score reduction to only need a few bonuses! Don't forget to use body shots to make the most points for the least amount of ammo. Hitting their wind up key counts as a body shot.

     Extreme Herder (Original Score: 250 New Score: 200)

     Why the petpets run straight into Balthazar only to be eaten I have no idea, but play this game enough and you'll see that they do just that! This game requires a ton of luck in regards to petpet placement AND movement. The score reduction means that instead of getting lucky for ~14 "one door" rounds, you only need to get lucky for ~9. Remember that you can type 'freeze' once per game to stop Balthazar in his tracks!

          Feed Florg (Original Score: 250 New Score: 200)

     Feed Florg is either extremely easy or very, very difficult depending on your luck. It's very common to get to a score of 230-240 and suddenly have 3 petpets all running apart to different edges with one life left. This can happen for hundreds of playthroughs. But, with a new avatar score, it shouldn't take more than a few games. If you're unlucky, and I know I am, this is a must!

     TNT Staff Smasher (Original Score: 2250 New Score: 1800)

     I'm not sure why a game exists where that makes me dislike TNT, but here we are! The last few levels here are unbelievably fast and require you to focus on just a few cubicles, hoping that enough staff members pop up. Eliminate the uncertainly and use the perk!

     Volcano Run II (Original Score: 1500 New Score: 1200)

     This game is hard no matter what. Fireb.alls, rocks, geysers, and narrow spaces? No thank you! But on top of this, the regular avatar score requires you to travel the last 50m in a very narrow cave with multiple geysers. It's very difficult, and unbelievably frustrating to reach 1000m only to fail. You can skip that part if you have the perk, though!

     Typing Terror (Original Score: 3600 New Score: 2880)

     This avatar score depends 100% on you receiving enough of those 100 point Grundos while beating the full game. I know people who have played for days trying to get enough. With the 20% reduction, though, you can get 6 less 100 point Grundos (or lose a life or two) and still get the avatar score. In fact, I got the avatar the first time that I beat the game! This is a must on "More for Less" game avatars.

     Destruct-O-Match II (Original Score: 2500 New Score: 2000)

     This game relies on luck as well. (Are you noticing a theme?) The last few levels before the normal avatar score basically REQUIRE the Multiplier power-up to be used effectively. It's common to not be able to use it effectively because of unlucky boulder placement, and sometimes you won't even get the multiplier at all! There's no reason to beat all those levels just to lose because you lack a power-up. Earn the avatar before reaching that point with this perk!

     Ice Cream Machine (Original Score: 14,500 New Score: 11,600)

     I still can't figure out why Adee the Chia is trying to avoid ice cream – if it was me, I'd be hitting, and eating, every one! Regardless, the normal avatar score requires you to beat most of the game, and this requires a ton of luck with lives and bonuses. Ice cream is flying unbelievably fast during those levels. For instance, I lost about 6 lives on the Tigersquash level, so even cutting off one level is a huge difference. Don't forget to use the code strawberryvanillachocolate to get an extra life right off the bat.

          Extreme Potato Counter (Original Score: 200 New Score: 160)

     Look, Meridell is great and all, but somebody needs to slow down those potatoes! Seriously, the last few levels before the normal avatar score can be classified as nothing more that wild guesses. This one is just simple math. If you have 3 wild guesses with a roughly 1 in 10 chance, your chance on getting the avatar is 1 in 1000. If you only need 160 (and thus only 2 wild guesses), your chance of getting the avatar is 1 in 100. This is the difference between a few hours of guessing and a week!

     And that's it! Those are the 10 game avatars that you should definitely try to get. Focus on those and see your avatar count shoot way up! Maybe someday I'll see you an the avatar collectors high score table with all your new, shiny game avatars!


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