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A Guide to Gadgadsgame

by jotty346


     Gadgadsgame is a pretty straightforward game to play, and one of the easier avatar awarding games. I hope this guide helps some people get the avatar/trophy they're aiming for.

     I've always really enjoyed gadgadsgame, so I thought it would be worthwhile creating a guide with some tips and general things about the game that I have learnt in my years of playing.

     The avatar:


     The avatar for gadgadsgame is awarded at 1000+ points

     The trophy:


     As with every game is easiest to try for the trophy on the 1st of the month (reset day).

     There are 5 fruits in gadgadsgame:







     Gruish Melon




          The Blobbule, Plumberry and Stramberry all appear starting at level 1.

     The Gruish Melon appears at level 4.

     The Lemwart appears at level 6.

     There are 3 powerups:

     Fruit Bomb which destroys all fruits of the same type that it touches.

     Twirly Fruit Potion which destroys all of the fruits of the same type of fruit it lands on.

     Fruit Elixir which changes the colours of all of the fruits of the same type of fruit it lands on. The colour change is random. For example, if it lands on a Blobbule it could change all Blobbules on the board to Plumberrys.

     You can see images of the powerups in the instructions section on the starting page of gadgadsgame.

     The board is 9 by 14.

     You earn points by destroying fruits on the board, each fruit that you destroy gives you one point, but if you stack several of the same type of fruit together they will merge into a larger fruit that awards more points. They must be stacked together into squares. For example, 9 Blobbules stacked in a straight line will not merge together, but in a 3 by 3 structure they will merge. The larger the fruits you can merge together, the more points you will get.

     The scoring is as follows:

     1x1 - 1 point

     2x2 - 8 points

     3x3 - 27 points

     4x4 - 64 points

     5x5 - 125 points

     6x6 - 216 points

     7x7 - 343 points

     8x8 - 512 points

     9x9 - 729 points

     Getting them to merge into a 8x8 or 9x9 fruit is very unlikely and requires more luck than strategy.


     Left arrow moves the fruits that are falling to the left

     Right arrow moves the fruits that are falling to the right

     Space bar or up arrow changes the fruits that are falling from a vertical to horizontal line

     Down arrow speeds up the pace the fruits are falling at

     How the game works:

     A stack of 3 fruits will begin falling from the 4th column. You are aiming to score as many points as possible by destroying fruit. You lose the game if the 4th column gets completely filled and no more fruits are able to fall (so try to keep this column as clear as possible).

     The game speeds up as your levels increase and starting from level 5 every few levels you get a number of random fruits dropped into random columns from above.

     Be aware that there is no transition between levels, the game just continues. You can see what level you're at on the upper right hand corner, under that your current score is also shown. Whilst playing the game (especially as things get faster) I advise completely ignoring your score/level and focusing on the board and where you are going to put the fruits.

     If you stack fruits up beyond the top of the board, as long as it isn't the column the fruits fall from (the 4th column) it will not end your game so you don't have to worry about that.

          Tips for playing:

     I suggest starting the game trying to create a 6x6 or 7x7 merged fruit on the left hand side and using the right hand side to put the stacks that don't match the large fruit you're trying to make. After this first large fruit is created in destroyed then start evenly stacking lines of fruits on either side of the board. Make the most of the powerups you get. If you get Twirly Fruit Potions try to aim to destroy the fruit you have the most of on the board, if you get Fruit Bombs make sure they match up to fruits of the same fruit if possible. The Fruit Elixirs can change fruits to any different fruit so how you want to use these it up to you. I personally don't worry too much about where they fall/what they change unless you are trying to create a large merged fruit, and don't want the fruit elixir to mess up what you're going for. Use these to change the types of fruit you aren't trying to collect into a large one so hopefully they change the other fruits into the colour you are collecting on the board.

     I would steer clear of trying to make a 8x8 or 9x9 merged fruit as it is very likely to get messed up by you getting different types of fruits. Although it would be a nice quick way to the avatar to achieve it, it is much easier as less time consuming to just try to play the game creating smaller merged fruits than trying to go for the big 9x9 729 pointer.

     I recommend keeping an eye on the "NEXT:" section on the upper left hand of your screen. It shows that stack is coming next and allows you to plan accordingly. For example, a stack with a Twirly Fruit Potion is falling and you see there is a Blobbule Fruit Bomb coming next, you should use the Twirly Fruit potion on a different fruit than a Blobbule since you know there is a Blobbule Fruit Bomb coming next.

     The game is quite straightforwards and shouldn't take too long to get the hang of the controls and how it works. A lot of the game is based on luck more than strategy in getting the right powerups at the right times.

     For those aiming for a trophy, the score required on reset day is typically around 2000-3000 points, after reset day bronze is usually around 2500, silver is 3000+ and gold is around 4000. This changes depending on the month, but it is best to try on reset day and aim for at least 2000 points before submitting your score.

          With the 2019 Charity Corner perk "More for Less", it will decreases the score needed for the avatar to 800+ points. So for anyone struggling getting a score of 1000, if you happen to get luck getting this perk from "Perk Me Up" it's definitely worth giving gadgadsgame and many other avatar awarding games a go.

     Good luck for everyone, whether you're going for a trophy or the avatar just keep practising and eventually you will get there. I hope this guide helps you!




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