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Hunted Wraith

by luvdisc_123


     The cold air blew into Sasshields room as he opened the window. It was night, there was a grand full moon out, and the stars could be seen clearly. The Wraith Draik propped himself up upon the windowsill, his purple hood put down. His petpet, a Captive Shadow Wraith named Mortimer popped out of his hood and sat on his shoulder. Sasshield took a deep breath in and let it out.

     "Alright Mortimer, time to fly." Mortimer hopped onto Sasshields head as he put his hood back up and braced himself for flight. Ever since he had obtained his new form, flying was a pastime he relished in. Learning all the intricacies and tricks to flying was something he could never accomplish as a normal wraith. He pulled back and dived out the window, flying up into the dark sky.

     "Woo! This is amazing!" Sasshield yelled out.

     Sasshield set out for the Haunted Woods, as it was where he liked flying the best. No one bothered him, and people who despised wraiths weren't around there. He flew ahead for a bit, and looked down to see the heavily wooded area he had come to known.

     Sasshield flew down lower and found a clearing in the forest. He landed and sat down to catch his breath. "Whew...did you like that, Mortimer?" He glanced at his shoulder and saw Mortimer there, a bit dizzy. He smiled. "Alright, you can stay down here while I practice some tricks, ok?" Sasshield got back up and went to fly again.

     He started to do loop-de-loops in the air and dives near the tree branches. He spread out his wings and went higher towards the clouds. When he looked up, he saw the moon, bigger and brighter than ever. "Wow." Sasshield whispered to himself. He went back and dived down, looking for the clearing.

     When Sasshield landed, he looked around for Mortimer. "Mortimer? You here?" He called out. He turned around, still not finding him. He started to get worried. "Mortimer, where are you?" He walked around near the branches and bushes near the tree stumps, wandering until he heard a noise. A rustling from the bushes.

     "Ah, there you are." Sasshield bent down towards the bushes, but suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his back. He cried out and fell to the ground. "You idiot, Lee! He almost saw you!" Sasshield glanced back and vaguely saw the outline of a Scorchio, Acara, and Mynci. "S-sorry, I didn't mean-" the quiet Mynci began, but the Scorchio growled. "Look, whatever. We have him now and this lesser wraith.

     The Scorchio began to tie up Sasshield, and he then saw the weapon he was attacked with. It was some sort of wand with a Nova on it, glistening with a pure light. "What are you doing?" Sasshield said angrily. "No questions wraith." The Scorchio snapped back. The Acara went beside him. "The Queen will be quite happy with our catch," she said. "Wait, Queen? Oh no, don't tell me you mean Fyora." Sasshield started to laugh. The Scorchio growled at him. "Why are you laughing, fool?"

     Sasshield glanced at him. "Oh, It's just that, you think it's ok to capture random civilians just because some 'all-mighty faerie' told you so." The Scorchio glared at him. "Civilians? You are a wraith, a menace." The Mynci looked back at them, holding a angered Mortimer in a small cage, worryingly looking around from a distance. "I mean, I don't attack anyone, I live in a house, I go to the store just like anyone else..." Sasshield said. The Scorchio picked up Sasshield by his hood. "Enough of this insolence. Where is the wand at?" The Scorchio glanced around.

     "Ah, there it is." The Scorchio saw it had been dropped near a fallen tree log. Just as he was about to pick it up, the Mynci came running over. "S-sir! This wraith keeps-ow! Biting me!" Sasshield snorted. "Maybe cause you're keeping him in a cage barely larger than him?" He said with a hint of anger to his voice. The rest ignored him. The Scorchio grabbed the cage. "Just go grab the wand." The Mynci nodded and hurried off to grab it.

     "Here it is, sir-" The Mynci tripped over a tree root jutting out of the ground, and when the wand dropped, it let out a beam of light which hit the Scorchio in his back. He let out a yell as he fell to the ground, dropping Mortimers cage. The cage's door broke off, and Mortimer quickly scurried out of it. The Acara went over and tried to help the Scorchio up. Mortimer quickly undid the ropes around Sasshields limbs.

     "Argh, you moron, why did you..." The Scorchio began, but stopped as he felt Sasshield whip by him in a blur. "NO! GET THEM!" He roared at the Acara and Mynci. However, Sasshield had already flown off, Mortimer clung onto his hood. Sasshield let out a sigh of relief.

     "That was too close, Mortimer..." Sasshield looked up at the full moon, still shining brightly in the sky. "Way too close."


     The trio of hunters angrily walked into Faerieland. It was morning now, a cloudless sky was above them. "I can't believe that happened..." The Acara groaned. The Mynci kept his head down in shame. The Scorchio was silent, with the beam of light that hit him leaving him with a dark spot on his back. They walked into middle of the city.

     They walked along the messy stone path to the large doors near the stores of the city. The Scorchio let out a deep sigh, and opened them. He went to a Faerie Elephante, who was talking to a Faerie. The Elephante turned around and waved off the Faerie, saying goodbye. " was the hunt?" He smiled at the group, but then frowned. "Seems you're in down spirits. Whats the matter?" The Acara began, but the Scorchio cut her off.

     "Sir, we went to the Haunted Woods, and found a half and lesser wraith..." He grit his teeth. "...but they escaped." The Elephante sighed. "You know you shouldn't go after half-wraiths unless I specifically state to. Now some of the 'half-wraiths' are trendy pets who want to look like one. He shook his head. "Completely ridiculous." The Scorchio nodded, and glared at the Mynci. "But, I can account me losing them to him..." He snarled.

     "Ah, be nicer to the young chap. He'll never get better if you're always so hard on him." The Scorchio sighed and turned around. "See what happened?" The Elephante winced. "Ooh, must of hurt. Actually wheres the wand, by the way?" The Acara took it out of a backpack on her and handed it to the Elephante.

     "Perfect condition, at least. Now, about you failing..." The Scorchio took a sharp inhale of breath. The Elephante put his hands together. "I know this has been the third failed hunt in a row now, yes? You have little room to fail now. I'll personally assign you the next hunt, but if you fail..." He frowned. "...there will be, judgement, lets say. Yes?" The Scorchio bowed. "I promise, we will not fail you." The Acara bowed with him, and soon the Mynci as well. The Elephante smiled. "Good, good..."

     The End.

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