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Wintry Twists On Summer Meals

by butterflybandage


     As the Month of Hunting comes to a close, it means only one thing: the approaching fun of summertime! Everyone will be sporting their sunglasses as they lay on the beach, slushie in hand. The news will be full of articles on the best beaches to visit, where to shop for your bathing suits, and how-to guides on getting the perfect beach waves. While those who live in Mystery Island will definitely be ready to buy their summer gear, those who live in colder climates are still struggling through harsh winter storms and frozen appendages. Terror Mountain is cold all year round and tends to be forgotten during the buzz of summer. This week, I decided to dedicate an entire article just for those awesome (and chilly!) Neopians who call Terror Mountain their home. Even if it’s snowing outside, you can still enjoy the fun of summer!

     While I could make lists upon lists of different clothes to wear, books to read, or even crafts to make, what really sparks joy? Food, of course! Every Neopian will admit that many of their outings or even their staycations revolve around the dishes they’re planning on making—casseroles, veggie platters, sun tea … from the first signs of spring through the first snowfall, food brings us together and signifies changes. During winter’s peak, we love to indulge in peppermint, pumpkin, and all things sugary! However, summertime is when all those refreshing fruits come out to play! While those who call the frozen hills of Terror Mountain their home live there because they enjoy it, that doesn’t mean they should be forced to miss out on summer mealtime fun! Here are some wintry twists on summer classics you’re sure to enjoy (regardless of where you live)!


     Watermelon Soup

     Watermelon is a staple for summertime, but in Terror Mountain, they often become frozen and not very fun to eat. Here’s an easy solution—eat some watermelon soup! It’s an acquired taste, but it’s definitely worth trying and can easily be made at home. The soup retains that iconic green and pink color that makes watermelons identifiable and doesn’t compromise on the taste. It will warm you up while also being reminiscent of how summers are spent all over Neopia!


     Pineapple Pie

     Pineapple is another classic fruit that just screams “summertime”! Unfortunately, pineapples are rare unless you got to a tropical place, like Mystery Island, so they aren’t seen around Terror Mountain very often unless they’re in slushies or lollies. Pineapple Pie is a delicious way to get the tangy taste of pineapple without having the displeasure of getting frozen pineapple chunks stuck in your teeth! The melt-in-your-mouth recipe will make it hard to stop at once slice and your friends will be begging for the recipe.


     Tuna Porridge

     Poke and sashimi are hits during summer for their refreshing, oceanic taste. In Terror Mountain, those fish dishes aren’t extremely popular and, instead, premade dishes like fish sticks are opted for because of how easily they can be reheated. In Terror Mountain, raw fish is virtually inedible. Thankfully, tuna porridge comes to the rescue by reeling in the best of both worlds; yummy raw tuna, like they use in poke, warmed up by the Terror Mountain staple of porridge. This meal is also an acquired taste, but you’ll be coming back for seconds!


     Cherry Cheese Pizza

     Everyone knows that during summer, the “classic” flavor of ice lollies and slushies is cherry. While Terror Mountain is known for their slushies, that’s mainly for tourists; those who call Terror Mountain often rarely indulge in the wintry drink, but still love the flavor of cherries. Cherry cheese pizza is the perfect way to reconcile love of cherries with disinterest in cold drinks. With real cherries and fresh cheese (straight from Kau Kau Farm, this pizza is an absolute delight to indulge in and proves the age-old theory that milk and fruit go hand-in-hand!


     Lemon Lava Cake

     This lava cake has the best of both worlds: that refreshing lemony goodness that’s synonymous with summer and the warm, oozy filling that sparks a fire in the deep freeze of winter. This lava cake is absolutely worth every Neopoint; the addition of raspberries and blueberries (though for garnish) add a touch of tangy freshness that will have you dreaming about this dish for days on end!


     Popcorn Bread Pudding

     Popcorn is a perfect summertime snack (although, isn’t popcorn always a perfect snack?). By combining popcorn with bread pudding, you get an interesting dessert that is bound to blow your mind—in a good way! It balances the fine line of salty and sweet and is reminiscent of salted caramel kettle corn. Whether you’re eating it as a substitute coffee cake or indulging in some for a late-night snack, this bread pudding will jump to the top of your list for all-time favorite meals!


     Tropical Noodle Surprise

     While not a “twist” on a summer meal per se, this meal is an excellent way to get summer vibes during winter! The inclusion of tropical fruits give it enough tang to resemble summer dishes while the warmth keeps you comfortable during those frigid nights. The Twirly Fruit is what really makes this dish shine; many Neopians are unsure of how to eat them, but all you need to do it bite off the end and squeeze some of the delicious, citrusy juice onto your noodles for an extra boost of refreshing tang! It’s more flavorful (and fun!) than a lemon and will have you smacking your lips. These noodles are wildly popular and you’ll want to indulge in them every night!

     So, what do you think? Are there any items in this article that you’d like to try next time you have some extra Neopoints lying around? Perhaps you have a good Neofriend who lives in Terror Mountain and you think they’d enjoy a fresh slice of Pineapple Pie? Regardless of where you’re from or what season you’re in, these meals are sure to delight! These aren’t restricted to any region or season, so the next time you’re picking up groceries, stop by the good old Shop Wizard and ask him if he can help you out … I’m sure he knows the perfect place to grab these things.


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