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Do You Believe in Magic?

by _brainchild_


     Within the grassy meadows of Brightvale, there lived a caring and compassionate Purple Lupe named Snazztacular. She spent very little time on herself, instead finding joy in helping other Neopets who were less fortunate. She found it rewarding to share her excess wealth because it delighted the recipients. Her charitable activities included volunteer work at the Soup Kitchen, as well as donations of Neopoints, flowers, and other commodities.

     One pleasant spring day, she was growing flowers in her garden, which would ultimately cheer up Neopets at the Neopian Hospital who had contracted illnesses, She was watering the tulips when she noticed a curious, glowing object nestled in the grass. It was about the size of a typical coin. When she picked it up, she realized that she had stumbled upon a four-leaf clover.

     She knew that these clovers were rumored to be exceptionally lucky, but she wasn’t sure if those claims were true or not. Were the clovers truly attractors of good fortune, or was the idea a figment of mere superstition? She was weighing the different theories within her mind when she heard a soft voice whispering in her ear.

     “Snazztacular,” the voice began, “do you believe in magic?”

     Snazz’s eyes widened as she felt a shockwave of emotions. She could scarcely believe that an invisible entity was talking to her! While she was unable to see this mysterious being, its voice was loud and clear. “W-What?! How do you know my name?!” she stammered.

     “That is unimportant. I ask again: Do you believe in magic?”

     “Um, I guess so, now that I’ve met you!”

     “Excellent. I’m pleased.” Then the clover started to glow. “Carry that clover around with you for a while, and wonderful things will happen to you,” the voice told Snazz.

     “Really? Like what?” Nevertheless, the voice had disappeared. “Wait! Don’t go! Tell me more!”


     As Snazz held the clover in her paw, she wondered if it really was capable of bringing extraordinary fortune. She felt slightly skeptical, but she concluded that it couldn’t hurt to carry it around. Therefore, she pressed it into a glass pendant and wore it as a necklace.

     The next day, she went to the Neopian Hospital to deliver fresh flowers. Patients were overjoyed upon receiving these fragrant gifts which brightened their otherwise crummy day. While at the hospital, she figured she would ask for some opinions. “Do you believe in magic?” she asked the Gelert doctor.

     The doctor smirked. “Magic? You’ve got to be KIDDING ME!!!” Then he exploded with laughter, as did many of the patients. After he collected himself, he had an explanation for Snazz. “I believe in SCIENCE, not faerietales! How do you think I got where I am today?!”

     Snazz bore a despondent look on her face as the patients continued to snicker. “Thanks!” one of them exclaimed. “We needed that amidst our misery!”

     Feeling rejected and ridiculed, Snazz trudged along home, hoping that someone would take her seriously. When she opened the door, she was greeted by her sister Kirga, a Jelly Draik. Kirga sensed the Lupe’s concern and asked what was bothering her.

     “A bunch of Neopets laughed at me when I asked them if they believed in magic,” Snazz answered unhappily.

     “Well...” Kirga paused. “We DO live in Neopia, a land full of faeries, curses, and paint brushes that can permanently change a Neopet’s color. Therefore, I don’t think it’s silly to believe in magic. We have the evidence!”

     Snazz perked up. “I suppose you’re right!” she grinned, holding the clover pendant in her paw. “Thanks for the encouragement. If they don’t want to believe, then that’s THEIR choice!”

     Kirga smiled quizzically. “Why are you suddenly interested in magic?” she asked.

     Snazz paused. “Today I found a clover which is supposedly magical,” she recalled.

     “Well, I hope it brings you good luck.”

     “I hope so, too.”


     For about a week, Snazz kept the clover pendant around her neck, refusing to take it off. She was hoping for an event of considerable fortune, but deep down inside, she figured that nothing extraordinary would ever come her way as a result of the clover’s presence. However, that sunny day, the unparalleled magic of Neopia proved her thoughts to be wrong.

     She was walking home from the Soup Kitchen when she noticed a bright light out of the corner of her eye. She turned and saw a beautiful green portal, which bore a glow reminiscent of sunshine. As the swirling portal danced before her, she wondered if it would be too risky to let it carry her to someplace far away. However, then a burst of bright light emanated from her clover pendant, convincing her that she had found the lucky event which she had been longing for.

     Snazz leapt into the portal with unmatched alacrity. Strong gusts of wind washed around her ears, and then she descended gently onto a grassy meadow. When the noise subsided, she noticed emerald hues surrounding her, as well as a group of Earth Faeries standing in front of her.

     One of them, with long, flowy chestnut hair and a freckled face, was gazing at Snazz intently, “I think she’s conscious,” the faerie remarked.

     “I am,” replied Snazz, sitting up. “Who are you, and where am I?”

     The faeries smiled warmly, and the one with chestnut hair shook Snazz’s paw. “We’re the faeries of Clover Village!” she exclaimed enthusiastically. “My name is Esmerelda. Welcome to our home!”

     “Clover Village?” repeated Snazz.

     “Yes. It’s a wonderful place where all your wildest dreams, and then some, will be fulfilled!”

     Snazz grinned, liking the sound of that.


     “So, let me get this straight. No one is ever sick, no one has to work, and Neopoints literally grow on trees?!”

     “Yes!” grinned Esmerelda. “Clover Village is a complete utopia.”

     “Well, then, I wish the rest of Neopia was just like this place!”

     Esmerelda sighed. “Unfortunately, Neopia can’t be perfect due to curses from various villains, such as Jhudora and the Darkest Faerie. However, Clover Village is protected by enchantments from several Earth Faeries, most notably Illusen.”

     “No wonder this place is so nice. It even SMELLS amazing!” exclaimed Snazz, referencing the fragrant blooms which surrounded her.

     Esmerelda clapped her hands. “So,” she began, “you are free to visit whenever you like. Aren’t you glad you found this place?”

     “Of course!!!”

     “Well, your arrival was no accident. We chose you to come here due to your extensive charitable acts, which we thank you for. We planted the clover next to you so you would find it. Furthermore, since you believe in magic, you are a welcome guest in our home!” Esmerelda grinned wholeheartedly.

     Snazz smiled meekly. “Well, I volunteer for the satisfaction of others, not necessarily for recognition.”

     “We know. That’s why we chose you!”

     Snazz stood in wonder, her face glowing with alacrity. She felt eternally grateful because she had been allowed access to the wonderful utopia, which she intended to visit for years to come. She was confident that she would make many friends within Clover Village as the years passed. Also, she appreciated the recognition she had received, although it was not what she had originally aimed for. All of a sudden, Snazz no longer felt silly for believing in magic. Feeling incredibly fortunate, all she could do was smile.

     The End.

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