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Getting The Most Out Of Your Neopets Experience

by pixeldream


     Did you just finish painting your final dream pet, or just placed that final stamp in your album? Maybe you just got the perfect customization completed for all your pets and now you don't know what to do next?

     It is easy to get laser focused on one area of Neopets and then feel a little bit empty when you maximize out that goal. Some of us spread ourselves too thin among a lot of activities, but there are those of us who hone in on one thing and want to be perfect.

     So what do you do if you are feeling like you've completed all your goals? Or if you are feeling a little bit burnt out on Neopets but don't know what to do next to stimulate your enthusiasm?

     Maybe you are even a brand new player and don't know what interests you yet and wish you had a guide that broke down a lot of the most popular elements of this great website!

     Lucky for you Neopets has almost 20 years of history and depth, and so many things to dive into!

          Trophy Collecting

     There are literally hundreds of games in Neopia and almost all of them have their own high score charts. If you top out on them then you will receive a permanent trophy for your profile. A lot of people feel like they might not be that good at games and so they don't even try, but with the massive repertoire out there is a game for everyone to excel at. Maybe you like action and adventure, tackle games like Gwyl's Escape or Hero Heist. For those into puzzles, Sutek's Tomb is one of the best and so is Roodoku, but if you are more into word puzzles then try The Castle of Eliv Thade! Are you really into wearables and dressing pets up, try Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure. There are even remakes of some classic games with incredible Neopian twists like Korbat's Lab and Goparokko. Lost Desert Race is great for people who like board games.

     Practicing games will make you much better at them, so if you start out bad then just enjoy the extra NP you'll get from them. Try a ton and see which ones are most fun for you to play and stick with them. The trophies will look super cool on your user lookup! And if you need help, the Neopian Times is a great source for game guides.


     The Battledome is a really cool aspect of Neopia. You get to carefully train your pets at the training school or with faerie quests or other items, equip them with really cool weaponry, and then go head to head with either NPC opponents or real Neopians. There is a challenger for those of all different levels so don't feel shy about jumping in. The Battledome Chat also advertises battle leagues where players can go against each other and they are welcoming of all different skill levels.

     Defeating NPC enemies also offers some really rare rewards, especially for premium players, that can be sold for a nice chunk of change. Training takes a long time and is a gradual process, so it will keep you entertained for a long, long time.

          Stamp & Neodeck Collecting, Owning A Gallery

     Collecting is a large aspect of Neopets, there are hundreds of thousands of items out there for you to find. Stamps and Neodeck cards are popular collector's items, they are displayed right on your profile and you can even earn trophies and avatars from collecting a lot of them. Some of the rare ones are incredibly expensive so they make great long term goals that you will work a long time for.

     Galleries are also really popular but not everyone takes advantage. It's overwhelming at first trying to decide what to collect. Plushie galleries are popular but there are so many plushies available that it feels like you'll never have it complete. Initially try to focus on something a little on the small side that you can expand later. Some people create galleries around themes like "water" items or "faerie" items, while others stick to sock galleries! Plushie galleries where all the plushies are one species of Neopet are a great start that can later expand to all plushies.


     Customising pets has launched an entire movement on Neopets. The Customisation and NC Mall neoboards are some of the busiest around and for good reason, there are so many cute clothes out there to collect! Some of us like to dress up our pets once and leave it at that, but others change their clothing depending on seasons or holidays. If you feel stagnant in your wardrobe, maybe it's time to change it up a little bit. You can do this with both NP or NC at the NC Mall. I know people who like to grab a few random mystery capsules from the NC Mall and then use their contents as inspiration for new outfits. The possibilities and combinations are endless, so if you haven't dressed up your pets yet, why not start now?

          Writing & Artwork

     Have you considered putting your writing skills to the test and submitting to one of the many competitions around the site? You could be published in the Neopian Times or write a really cool poem. If you are skilled with image creation then maybe give the art contest or pet spotlight a try, or submit a comic to the Neopian Times. Let your creativity out and spend some time making really cool pieces that can be published and share with all the world.

     Avatar Collecting

     Last on the list is avatar collecting because it incorporates so many elements of Neopia and will get you really involved. Avatars are rewarded for so many things around the site from collecting, games, competitions, visiting different parts of the site or types of pets, buying certain items, feeding Kadoaties, the list goes on and on and on. If you aren't an avatar collector and you feel stagnant, get into it! It will push you to try out all the things Neopia has to offer and to really explore this world. You'll dive so deep you may never come back out!! Some avatars take a really, really long time to achieve and will keep you so busy. What is nice is that there are so many avatars you will feel like you are constantly earning them as you go, rather than getting stuck needing 80 million NP before you can make the next jump.


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