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Hissi Day Hype: What I Love About Our Scaly Friends

by tiffanycrystalblues


     Hissi Day is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favourite serpentine pets. What with them being a limited edition species, I’d never had the chance to own one – until last year, when I came across a beautiful Spotted Hissi in the Pound and have been attached to her ever since.

     Although it’s only natural that, given their limited status, relatively few Hissies have been created compared to other species, I can’t help but feel that they’re underappreciated. I can understand why many users would prefer a cute Cybunny or Poogle, but I’m here to talk about some of the reasons why I also love the Hissi.

     I’d like to start with the Hissi’s, uhm, hiss-tory (I’ll let myself out.) ‘Hissi History’ is in fact the name of a book in Neopia, which describes “legends and theories of where Hissies came from and how they got their wings”. But we don’t need legends and theories to know where the Hissi came from. It was first discovered on the 4th day of Hunting, Year Seven, and although unlike others its appearance hasn’t changed all that much, customisation changed what were indeed handlike wings into…winglike hands? While they apparently prefer to move by slithering, it’s also known that they’re still able to fly. Either way, the wing-hands make for a unique design element!

     I’d also like to talk about some of the multiple interesting paint colours already available for the Hissi. And with Hissi Day almost upon us, there will certainly be more!

     First, the Ice Hissi. While most Ice pets look like ice sculptures, many resembling the old Glass colour, the Ice Hissi is a clear reference to the much bigger and more intimidating ice serpent, or rather worm, that is the Snowager. The Snowager may not be a Hissi itself, but the Ice Hissi sure is a cool nod to a Neopian creature that many of us visit daily.

     The Spotted Hissi – though I own one, so I’m naturally biased – is also great. Many Spotted pets have the same colours as each other, but the Spotted Hissi, similarly to the Spotted Lupe, has its own unique markings, which really look like they’d help it blend in!

     Then there’s the Faerie Hissi, blessed with an extra pair of what are this time definitely wings. Even if regular Hissies don’t often fly, the Faerie Hissi surely does, and it’s got beautiful colours to boot!

     Robot is another great colour for the Hissi. It’s one many users will be familiar with even if they’ve never owned one: if you’ve ever visited the Pound, you’ll have seen this delightfully high-tech and admittedly intimidating-looking creature guarding the door to the transfer room. And if you’ve ever seen a Robot Hissi without its armour, you’ll know that it looks just as cool.

     The Mutant Hissi is also worth mentioning: the Hissi Transmogrification Potion is one of the most sought-after on the site, and with good reason – Mutant Hissies are the only Mutant pets that grow a whole extra head! Even with a limited number of clothes available for Mutant pets, there are many interesting customisations that can be done with a Mutant Hissi.

     Honourable mentions go to 8-Bit (look at that action stance!), Skunk (an underrated colour in itself, it really lends itself to the Hissi too), Halloween (like the Halloween Bori, this one has an awesome exoskeleton), Steampunk (so fancy! Or should I say, fance) – and Darigan, the colour of the one of Neopian’s most well-known Hissies, Darigan Citadel’s very own Yooyuball team captain Layton Vickles. (What a name!)

     Some of my favourite species-specific wearables for the Hissi are those which go against its cold and reptilian reputation, for example, the Yellow Hissi Sundress and Bonnet, the Hissi Pop Star outfit, and the Pretty Pink and Black Hissi Dress alongside the Pretty Pink Hissi Purse and Wig. Just writing this is giving me ideas for some new customisations!

     Now, I’d like to list some interesting Hissi-themed items I’ve come across:

     - The mysterious (and rare) Ancient Hissi Legend Tablet, available at Qasalan Tablets. It’s got a beautiful design, but even its description admits, “What could it mean? Even after deciphering this tablet you may not know.”

     - The Broken Hissi in a Box. Although there are multiple Neopets and Petpets available as ‘in a box’ toys, the Hissi is the only one to have a broken version. Why? Who did this?!

     - The Hissinamon Roll, available in strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and plain flavours. Not only does it look delicious, but how’s that for a portmanteau?

     - The Darigan Hissi Figure. This one might not seem that remarkable, but why does it have two heads when a real Darigan Hissi has only one?

     - The Dancing Hissi Toy. Sure, it may not resemble a real Hissi all that much, but it’s positively dripping with Shenkuu style!

     - Hissi Oil. A Y15 Advent Calendar item, this one’s description claims it “makes your food delicious and cures all ailments”. It’s also available as both a TCG card and keyring! You know, just so you’re absolutely certain it delivers on that promise.

     Unfortunately, notable Hissies in Neopia are a little thin on the ground. Aside from the Pound Hissi and Layton Vickles, we have the Two-Headed Hissi from the Tale of Woe plot (who has his own bobblehead, the Two-Bobbleheaded Hissi). Notably, one of his heads always lies and the other always tells the truth; might this be true of all Mutant Hissies? Then of course there is Kastraliss, the giant Hissi servant of the Darkest Faerie. Here’s hoping that in years to come we’ll get some more Hissi characters on the site – I think they’re a species with great potential!

     Hissi may not be a very popular species, but I’ve grown to love them a lot, and I hope that this Hissi Day you might consider adopting one! Although Green might be the obvious choice, out of the four basic colours for the Hissi, Yellow is my personal favourite. It looks practically gold – maybe that’s why there’s no actual Gold Hissi yet!

     Anyway – I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, peace out, and happy Hissi Day!


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