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Be the Best You in Your Guild!

by sk8tergirl503


     Although the variety of guilds in Neopia have been declining for a number of years, the ones that are still up and running today are stronger and more close-knit than ever. Growing up doesn't always mean growing a part and that is apparent in the guild mates that have been Neofriends for years. There's just something about having a familiar group to talk to alongside doing your dailies that make Neo life that much more enjoyable.

     Guilds have always been a part of the Neopian community. While guilds back in the day were more focused on a variety of themes and topics, the tried and true Neo-related guilds are the ones that have proven to stick around. But no matter what kind of guild you are a part of or on the lookout for, here are some key tactics you can adopt to ensure that you get the most out of your guild experience and what you can do to be your best guild-loving self!

     1. Chat regularly (even if you're just popping in to say hi!)

     Although battling in the dome and rescuing Petpets are important and time-consuming activities, popping in to say a quick hi to your fellow guild members never hurt anybody! It keeps them in the loop with what's happening with you and it keeps you updated on guild events so that you never miss out on fun things that your guild might be hosting. Who knows - you may even win a prize or two! Chatting also builds relationships with your guild members. The person you show your customizations to may end up being one of your best friends one day!

     2. Offer what you can (you never know what might be needed!)

     Let's be honest here: not everyone is cut out to be Sloth banner creators or Queen Fyora button makers. Although graphics are an important element of guild culture, you never know what other skills may be needed to enhance guild life! Did you get the Faerie Bubbles avatar in less than 10 tries? Are you an expert at restocking new items in Neopian shops? You can be the guild guide writer! Helping your fellow guild members not only assists them on improving their Neopian experience, you also get a giddy feeling from doing a good deed. Besides, advice and tips are almost always best received from someone familiar. If you aren't the best at giving advice, just being a friendly face on the guild boards when a new member arrives is just as helpful as submitting a written guide. You are a valued member of your guild because you keep the atmosphere cheerful!

     3. Be an active participant!

     Many guilds nowadays offer activities, games, and events! With giveaways and prizes now given a go, there's even less of an excuse to say no! Even if you aim to participate in at least one activity a month, your participation is noted and is greatly appreciated. It also gives you a nice break from the busy Neopian life to relax and engage in some friendly competition! Besides, fun comes to you if you seek it. If you want to have fun in your guild, you have to be willing to find the fun and bask in it!

     4. Offer suggestions - it's YOUR guild too!

     If you're a part of a guild that you enjoy, chances are that the guild council members are open and friendly people that are welcome to new ideas for how to improve on a variety of guild elements. Whether it's a new page idea, how to recruit new members, or just a new layout, your ideas may be the foundation of a new guild identity. You never know what can happen or how far an idea can go until you take a chance and speak your mind. It also enforces the idea of collaboration between guild members as you all work together to make your guild life as memorable as possible.

     5. Don't be say goodbye.

     Sometimes guilds that we want to be in just aren't for us. If you find that you aren't connecting with your guild mates or that your guild isn't offering the types of activities that other guilds are - don't be afraid to say your farewells and venture off to find something new. The worst feeling is being a part of a group in which you don't feel like you truly belong. When you find the right guild, you will know and you will be glad that you took a chance to leave something familiar in order to find something new and exciting. The initial search for a new guild can be exhausting and discouraging, but be patient! Your new home may be just around the corner...or in the next post. Hang in there! You will find your family soon.

     6. The Lone Lupe

     Last but not least, it's ok to be guildless and definitely ok to enjoy it! Although guilds have and always will be a part of Neopian society, they aren't for everybody. Some people just don't want to be tied down by a small group and would much rather chat with others on the Neoboards as a whole. Others simply want to go about their Neopian journeys on their own and choose not to commit to a guild and what it has to offer. No matter what you prefer, guilds will always be there for you to fall back on if you ever decide to change your mind and want to integrate yourself into guild life after all.

     Following these key points will help ensure that you are getting the most out of your guild and that you are living your best guild life! Guilds are such a valuable part of Neopian community and it will give you a sense of purpose and belonging if you are lucky enough to find your forever guild. It won't be easy and like kissing Morthogs, it may take a while before you find "the one." But once you do, you are opening yourself up to a great group of friends, a strong support system, and most importantly, a family for life.


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