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Kougras from A to Z

by aleu1986


     It`s Kougra Day, and time to celebrate one of Neopia`s most popular feline species! This particular Neopet holds a special place in my heart, and I`m excited to take you through the alphabet from A to Z and give you all the in-depth knowledge and little-known facts about the cool, courageous Kougra. Let`s get started!



     While some Neopet species have undergone dramatic changes during their evolution, the features of the Kougra has remained fairly constant from the very beginning, only few changes have been made since they were first introduced in Neopia. Their original pose showed them facing forward, thus making them look rather flat and one-dimensional. This design got a slight change with the Kougra looking a bit fuller, but soon another alteration was made, resulting in the old happy pose we can see today on the Neopets Popularity page, and which is dear and familiar to all long-time Neopets players. Only a small tweak to their circle pose was made when the conversion happened, the Kougra got flipped around to face the other direction and their head turned slightly.

     A few users shopkeepers still show the first, original Kougra pose, and the default Kougra avatar also shows them how they looked in the beginning.



     Bertie Shurtz

     A female, green Kougra that previously played on Mystery Island`s AC team, but has now retired from playing Yooyuball.

     Brynneth (AKA Brynn)

     Originally a captain in Brightvale`s army, she was a main character in The Faerie`s Ruin plot, where she had been sent to Faerieland by King Hagan to investigate the strange occurances of faeries being turned into stone statues. Together with Hanso, a male Ixi thief, she defeated an evil female Acara named Xandra and rescued the faeries from their stone prisons. After this, Brynn was given the title of Captain of the Guard in Faerieland`s army, and is now only serving their army actively as she hunts down dangerous faerie artefacts together with Hanso.


     Commander Gormos

     He first appeared in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot. Commander Gormos was sent by Dr. Sloth to get rid of Gorix and Cylara, however became an unwilling hero by letting them escape. He is viewed as a hero by the Kreludor Grundos.


     No one can deny the cuteness of the Kougra, which is partly why they`re extremely popular! They`ve held the third place of most popular Neopets based on pets created for many years.


     Dental hygiene

     This species takes such good care of their teeth, the Tooth Faerie herself could hardly do a better job. Kougras like to keep their sharp teeth clean and sparkly, and make sure to brush twice daily, and floss after every meal.

     Dusk Kougra

     Dark purple with black stripes, these Kougras appear in Neo Quest as one of many monsters you must fight in this game.



     A striking physical feature to this species is their large ears. A Kougra has excellent hearing, which means it`s difficult to sneak up on them or catch them by surprise.

     Enchanted Kougra Pendant

     The nifty chain will shrink or stretch until it fits your Kougra perfectly. This weapon does three Air icons of damage, but is considered better suited for display in a gallery rather than being part of your Kougras battledome set.

     Evening Kougra

     This pretty wearable set consists of six pieces: Dress, wig, shoes, earrings, necklace and bangles. The dress is black with a feathery design, and the wig is blue, with a ponytail and delicate silver stars. The theme of the whole outfit is based on the starry, moonlit sky and the colours are black, blue and silver.



     The Faerie Kougra is special to me because it was the first Neopet I ever created and painted. There are also lots of different Faerie Kougra items, such as a hair clip, a backpack and many others. Faerie Kougras are one of the most stunning and beautiful Faerie pets!

          Fire Paw

     Fire Paw is the subject of an avatar and a Neodeck card. Hailing from Tyrannia, he was abandoned as a young cub, but taken in and raised by a group of Scorchios. Being raised in the caves of a fiery volcano gave Fire Paw an amazing heat resistance.


     Gothic Kougra

     This clothing set consists of wig, jacket, trousers, shoes and mask. All black, of course.


     The Hidden Tower is fiercely guarded by Faerie Kougras. They have dashing capes and sharp spears.


     Halloween Kougra

     With a lick of the spooky Halloween Paint Brush, your sweet Kougra will be transformed into a bat-like creature. Unlike most other Halloween Neopets, the Halloween Kougra is not wearing a costume, so for example you can`t remove the wings.



     Mystery Island is the native land of this species. Famous for its white sand beaches and the great Cooking Pot, Mystery Island is a tropical paradise that thousands of Neopian tourists visit every year. The paint brush clothing set for the Island Kougra consists of a tail ring and a wreath.


     Jake the Explorer

     For most Neopians today, this adventurous Kougra is known as the main character in the game Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island, where you control this brave blue Kougra in his search for a golden idol and other treasure. However, back in 2006, Jake the Explorer was the mascot of Neopets Islandberry Crunch Cereal!



     The male Orange Kougra featured in the game Top Chop. He dreams of being part of the Imperial Guard in the Shenkuu palace. He is focused and dedicated to his goal and devotes all his time to his practice of martial arts.

     The letter K

     A grand total of eight Neopet species have names that start with the letter K. Along with Kougra, they are Kacheek, Kau, Kiko, Koi, Korbat, Krawk and Kyrii.



     This female, pink Kougra with the characteristic blue stripes is part of the crew aboard the flying ship the Cyodrakes Gaze, though her actual role on board is unclear. Ever since the ship docked in Shenkuu, she has dedicated herself to the game Kou-Jong full time, though sometimes she participates in surfing contests in the Shenkuuvian mountains. She also appears along the rest of the crew in the game The Eye of the Storm.


     Moltara Altador Cup Team

     Aldric Beign is a Magma Kougra that plays for the Moltaran AC team.


     In the NC Mall, the Sound Shoppe is run by a male orange Kougra, who can be seen playing the triangle and rocking a black shirt.



     The book Mystery of the Kougra Paw is part of the Newbie pack given to everyone who makes an account on Neo. Chances are, it was the first book your newly created/adopted pet ever read!



     There are a strangely large number of Orange Kougra items available, such as food and furniture. They include, but are not limited to, cakes, chair, sofa, book and morphing potion.


     Petpet Shop

     The Rock Pool, the petpet shop on Mystery Island is managed by a friendly yellow Kougra.

     Professor Milton Clodbottle

     This Kougra scientist managed the Habiatrium, a now retired game that is remembered fondly. It was a research project founded by the Professor to study petpetpets.



     This evil, female orange Kougra was the villain of a console game called Quizara`s Curse. She cast a powerful curse over the faeries of Neopia. Her magic made the faeries powerless, and their only means of release was solving word puzzles. Quizara was defeated, and the magic scepter which she had used to cast the curse was destroyed. She left Faerieland and has not been seen or heard from since.



     This female green Kougra is known for her Haikus. You can visit her for a new one every day at the Haiku Generator at Mystery Island, and perhaps get the avatar with Rorru on it? She also appears as an elder in the game Berry Bash.


     Male yellow Kougra from Mystery Island, the main character in the game Berry Bash. His job is to serve berries to hungry customers.



     One of the most recognizable features of the Kougra is their stripes. In most colours, this species sport lovely stripes on their back and tail, with a smaller stripey pattern on their face. There are some exceptions, the most obvious ones being Spotted and Starry, and other colours where the Kougra have no stripes are Halloween, Transparent and Camouflage.


     Fire Paw is featured on the 37 months shield, and a White Kougra Plushie on the 46 months one.



     Kougras have a long, thick tail that, along with the rest of their body, is covered in stripes.


     This was TNT`s working name for this new species. It was changed to Kougra before they were made available to create.

     Tyran Far

     This Tyrannian Kougra runs the Tyrannian Weapons shop.



     Unconverted Kougras include Baby, Faerie, Plushie Grey, Darigan, Royal Boy and Royal Girl.


     A Pirate Kougra that appears in NQ II.



     A male, Darigan Kougra that appeared in the story in the Neopets magazine. He helps his sister with gardening.


     This male, green Kougra appeared in the now retired game Neopets: Treasure Keepers. He was a dim-witted guard who was sent out to do errands for his master.



     White Kougras have lovely blue stripes. Seeing a white Kougra on Mystery Island is considered extremely good luck.


     Wooden Kougra Totems

     Whoever carved these totems remains a mystery, but they can be found all over the island.



          The awesome adventures of some cool Kougras. So awesome in fact, that they should be called XTREME ADVENTUREZ OF AWESOMENESS.


     Year Two

     Year Two, 10th Day of Hiding marks the discovery of the Kougra. They were made official a few days later.


     This is the most common eyecolour for Kougras.



     A male Kougra zapped Electric by the Secret Lab ray. After a nasty incident with the lab ray Zeirn can now harness the power of a storm and use it to do incredible things, like flying! No other Neopets (Electric or otherwise) has this power.

     And that is the Kougra from A to Z, I hope you enjoyed it! There are other entries in this series, so check those out if you like, and please Neomail me to suggest which species I should do next. Thank you for reading.

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