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I Wish to Become a Faerie

by fairy_350


     Adeline was a misbehaved young Yellow Shoyru who's family lived in the cloud house which remained of Faerieland who always wished she could be painted Faerie. Her father told Adeline she could not be painted Faerie because it was out of their price range as they were not very wealthy. And this is where our story begins, a child arguing with her parent in the living room.

     "But fatherrrr...." Adeline whined loudly while smacking her tail on the ground. "I wanna be a cute faerie so badddd...."

     "I have a family to feed missy," her father, a middle-aged Blue Shoyru raised his voice as he held a copy of the Neopian Times and shook it in frustration. "Your wish to be painted such an expensive color is a privilege, not a right, and I cannot afford to just give you such a thing now go play outside with your sibling and behave yourself. Reggie needs to not be on his games so much how about you two go outside or something. Also please stop fighting with him so much."

     "Okay dad...," Adeline whimpered in disdain under her breath and raised her voice after. She looked towards her gamer brother through the crack in his bedroom door. "Come on Reggieeee you dungy doofus let's go outside and play."

     She walked into his room and took her younger brother who was playing video games on their home television by the hand a little aggressively. He dropped his glossy blue game controller on the floor in shock and they both headed outside their cloud-perched house in the skies and flew downward to fallen Faerieland. Their fater sighed in relief and kept reading his newspaper.

     "Where are we going Addie??" Reggie asked Adeline frustrated and confused. "I wanna keep playing Super Fungus Bros. on my Slothstation."

     "We are going to the Faerie Caves to have some fun Reggie, I have to anyway since dad wants me to go outside and play with you instead of whining about getting a Paint Brush. I had no choice really." She pouted. "I really want to change colours and dad doesn't understand but who cares."

     "Okay sister." Reggie said. "Fine but as long as I get to play Super Fungus Bros. when we get home."

     Adeline scoffed and looked away as they walked along patches of grass and flowers. Adeline pointed at the Faerie Caves as an idea to explore and the two siblings decidedly entered the damp and mossy caverns after tossing in some NP into the creek and walked cautiously for a while, by midway into the caverns they heard a piercing scream.

     "Help me!" a girl voice cried. "I'm stuck and cannot get down someone help me!"

     Reggie turned to Adeline.

     "It's a princess like in my video games we have to save her! Let's go Addie and see what happened." He piped loudly both in an excited and serious voice.

     "This isn't a video game you dungy dumbhead grow up." Adeline scoffed and crossed her arms.

     "Sorry..." Reggie looked downward in a saddened way.

     The two ran picked up their cautious exploration to the caves to a faster pace. Reggie slipped on some moss and hit his head.

     "Reggie are you okay?" Adeline dropped her sassy attitude and assisted her brother up.

     "Yeah I am fine just a little sore and startled." He said back to her.

     "Help me please I'm stuck! Someone help!" The voice in the cave grew louder.

     "We are on our way! Hang in there!!" Adeline called back.

     "REALLLYY??" The voice became happy. "I'm over here up on this ledge."

     The two siblings kept on their path until they met up with the source of the voice. It was a Light Faerie to their surprise. Her clothes were a bit tattered from attempting to escape. Her makeup washed over from crying, probably for hours on end in fear. She was wrapped tightly in vines as if someone put a spell on them.

     "What happened?" Adeline asked. "Reggie can you please help?"

     Reggie pulled out a pocket knife from his backpack and cut the vine prison that held the poor Faerie to shreds while beating his wings furiously.

     "A Dark Faerie and I got into a fight over makeup brands and she put this curse on me out of spite because she is an immature one." The Faerie looked down and smiled after she got up. "How can I repay you young Shoyru."

     "Me???" Adeline shouted loudly. "I want so many things um... ummm..."

     "I meant the boy. The little Green Shoyru boy right here." She picked up Reggie and grinned. "How can I repay you for saving me?"

     Reggie whispered into the Faerie's ear. And she smiled to his words. She snapped her fingers and a sparkle emanated between them.

     "It is done... I will always be in your debt. My name is Marilia by the way. Now, let me help you two out of this disgusting cave."

     The gorgeous Light Faerie then spread out her wings and batted them very fast it seemed like an exhausting feat. A cackling light illuminated from the wings and then calmed into a soft glowing sound. The two Shoyru siblings gasped in amazement at the surreal and magical display of light.

     "Follow me you two." The Faerie whispered as she winked. "But promise me you will not slip."

     "We won't we promise." The Shoyru siblings nodded their heads.

     The two eventually flew back home after saying their goodbyes to the Light Faerie Marilia. Their father was taking a nap on their Neohome's sofa.

     "Dad... Dad..." Reggie squeaked and pushed his in a shaking manner. "You cannot believe what happened today!"

     Their father rolled over and woke up slowly. "Wh-what is it Reggie?"

     "I saved Marilia the Light Faerie in the Faerie Caves isn't that sweeet?" he squeaked again.

     "Thats wonderful." Their father said in response. "So what did Adeline do was she on her best behavior?"

     "I would think so dad." The Green Shoyru said. "I also just want her to be happy and she got me to go outside I forgot what it is like to be outside."

     "That is great and I am happy to hear that son just be sure to be outside more often playing computer games while being inside too much is bad for your health."

     That evening the Shoyru children were getting ready for bed, Adeline noticed a Faerie Paint Brush under her pillow with a note attached.

      This Paint Brush is for Addie, my favorite sister in the whole whole world. My wish to the Light Faerie was to give my sister a Paint Brush so she could be painted Faerie, her biggest wish ever and I just want to see her happy. I love spending time with my Sister.

     - Sincerely, Reggie and Marilia the Light Faerie.

     Adeline was so surprised she started crying in happiness. "My brother loves me so much I don't understand why I am so mean to him he deserves the world and I don't deserve this."

     The following week Adeline and Reggie were getting along better, their father was proud of his kids, and Adeline was painted Faerie and they were all very happy.

     The End


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