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The Rainbow Ticket

by thebiscuitbunch


     After a long day editing for the Neopian Times, a starry Gelert trots home through downtown Neopia. When passing by the local candy store, something catches his eye. It’s not the dazzling pink candy Lutari behind the counter, rather it’s a box of neo-chocolate bars sitting in the window. A tiring day filled with typos and edits deems him worthy of a delicious goodie, right? What he doesn’t realize is the bar he is delicately holding in his paw contains a rainbow ticket wrapped inside. This iridescent slip of paper offers him something much sweeter than a dip in the rainbow pool..

     A mysterious Kiko waits at the gate of the plain looking factory, almost as if he knew today would be the day his ticket would come home. Without a word, he gestures the young Gelert through the iron fence and heads towards the front door. Unsure of what is about to happen, the starry pup swallows and takes a step through the front door without a second thought to look back.

     “WELCOME!!” shouts the astonishingly loud Kiko . “Welcome to my chocolate factory! Here you will learn all about the magic candy lore throughout Neopia! From the bubbling chocolate rooms, gummy stretching stations, mallow laboratory, biscuit bakery, brucicle icebox ballroom, and a custard chilling arena, there is always something new to see and taste! The factory finally opened for public tours after years of secrecy on June 24, 2018. Well, if you consider finding a rainbow ticket public. As you can imagine, some rooms are still off limits due to secret testings currently taking place for our newest creations. However, there is so much to explore! Grab a piece of taffy and let's begin!”

     A sprinkled covered Kadoatie paws at the Gelerts shoelaces. “Oh, don’t mind Kake! She is the best taste tester we’ve got. A mighty sweet friend too. Let’s see, where shall I take you first? I know! Down this bend is the Hall of Avatars.”

     “These avatars are bestowed upon the sweetest users. We here at the chocolate factory are incredibly proud of our hand in the avatar game. Imagine if all avatars were stamps or those awful flash games! No, these pixels are delicious enough to eat and much more fun to obtain. Write down these tips quick, we’re moving along!”

           Restock an item with a rarity of 90 or more at The Chocolate Factory.*Tip: Items priced over 5,000np generally work.*

      Play with a toy piñata until it breaks.*Tip: Pawkeet Piñata and Meuka Piñata are cheap!

      Feed your pet an item with 'custard' in the name.*Tip: Green Tea Custard and Chilled Eyeball Custard are cheap!*

           Feed your pet a food item with speckled' in the name.*Tip: Speckled Apple and Speckled Ice Cream are cheap!*

          “My boy, you are missing it! Keep your eyes peeled at all times. My chocolate factory is oozing with secrets. Behind you is a magical plaque that updates with our creation numbers. Fyora gifted this to me during our opening week. Ever since, it has carefully kept track of how many of each candy we have created. It looks like it’s time we made some more custard and mallow items don’t you say? Moving on!”

     The sparkling gold letters read:

          The Neopian Chocolate Factory has proudly hand crafted...

     2,190+ total of candy themed items. Taffy, candy, candies, gummy, licorice, brittle, etc.

     78 mallow items

     53 custard items, including pepets!

     880 chocolate items, including petpets!

     46 brucicle items

     111 biscuit items

     427 jelly/gelatin items

     Upon coming to a swirling door that appears to be made of sugar, the Kiko exclaims, “Ah, the Candy Room! This room of the factory houses our delectable hard and gummy candies. Our candy neopets specialize in coating just the perfect amount of sugar on the gumdrops and meticulously paint ever so perfectly designed stripes. Interested in one day becoming candy, dear Gelert? Here’s how!

     The color Candy was released on February 23, 2017. "Candy Paint Brush" is the official name of the item that will coat you in sugary goodness! A Candy Paint Brush currently sells for 4,500,000np (3.21.2019). However, there are multiple ways of changing into this great color: a faerie fountain quest, the lab ray, a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, and a kaleideonegg all have a small chance of turning you candy.

     “Pip, pip, this way! We have many places to visit and so little time.” The Kiko taps on a large portrait of a chocolate Skeith and suddenly the floor is turning the pair into a massive room filled with the aroma of cocoa.

     “Watch your step-- bubbling chocolate often spills onto the floor in this magical room! Long into the early hours of morning, our Chocolatiers carefully craft each individual piece of Neopian Paradise. Mint, orange, chokato, strawberry... the combination of flavors never end! Longing to become a dedicated chocolate artisan? Listen here!”

     The color Chocolate was released on February 18, 2005. Unlike Candy, there is no official paint brush! Chocolate pets are often created through the zapping with the Secret Laboratory Map. Other chances of changing into this classic color include using a faerie fountain quest, a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

     Briskly turning down a bend, the little Gelert can hardly keep up with the Kiko . “My boy, have you no sense of curiosity? This way!” Around the corner the pup sees a cave-like room that appears to be entirely made of pillows.

     DON'T TOUCH THA-- well... good luck washing that out of your fur! Welcome to the Mallow Laboratory! Here the Grundo's magically create the fluffiest and lightest mallows, all without hands! Each mallow must pass a series of tests before shipment. Is it cute? Is it squishable? Is it too pure and innocent to ever join sloth? Wait, what? Nevermind. You sadly can’t become this color unless you down a morphing potion first but if you’re interested...

     The color Mallow was released on August 12, 2005. Due to it being a single species color, there once again is not paint brush. Grundo's are often zapped through the lab ray or dipped in the Rainbow Fountain to become Mallow. However, users may also try to obtain one through using a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

     Bounding off of the mallow floor, the Kiko leads the Gelert towards a flight of stairs. After winding back and forth for several minutes, they reach the top of the tower and are greeted by Chias dripping with custard.

          “Many Neopian's are surprised that the Chocolate Factory would have it's hand in the custard game! Custard is the grandfather of fillings and the powerhouse of classic flavoring. The simplicity allows for ever-growing, specialized, candy-inspired experiments to bring you the next new sugary hit! Although we had to hire a crew to specifically mop this room 24-7, we simply could not innovate new products without our Custard Scientists. Does this goopy lifestyle sound appealing to you?”

     The color Custard was released on March 22, 2004. Yet again, there is no paint brush for this stellar color! Custard fanatics may try to achieve this color and delightful mess by using a faerie fountain quest, zapping with the Secret Laboratory Map, and by taking their chances through using a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

     All of the sudden, the Gelert feels the gloved hand of the Kiko pushing him down a slide in the far corner of the room! Tumbling down several passageways and taking a few flying licorices to the face, he lands in a quaint and quiet room that smells like the most delicious kitchen he has ever been in.

     “Snag a handful of chocolate chips and welcome to the Biscuit Bakery! Here our doting and warm hearted biscuits whip up meaningful gifts to send to Neopets who are in need or hurting. We believe strongly in using our resources not only effectively but also philanthropically! What better way to show care than by offering a warm, chocolate covered biscuit? Feeling a void in your life and looking for some old fashioned nurturing? This may be the color for you.”

     The color Biscuit was released on February 8, 2006. A "Biscuit Paint Brush" is the most common way of obtaining this look and currently costs 195,000np (3.21.19). Still, other ways of transforming into the cutest of cookies include: using a faerie fountain quest, zapping with the lab ray, and chancing through using a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

     Following his peculiar guide down a corridor, the Gelert feels a strong icy breeze blast his way.

     “Please done a complimentary parka, as we are about to enter the Brucicle Icebox Ballroom. This chilly wonderland may look nearly abandoned but our operations are still going strong. With the decline in Brucicle neopets occurring in 2007 we have been a little short staffed... nonetheless, our beloved old-timers continue to mold the popular popsicles neopets love and crave in the summertime! Fashioning the tiniest of candies for eyes and delicately painting details onto the ice cream is no small task!”

     Brucicles can no longer be obtained, as they are an unconverted (UC) neopet. On April 26, 2007 the conversion occurred, giving players the option to convert Brucicles into regular ice Bruces.

          “Post-conversion, vintage Brucicles began passing down their ice cream magic to Ice Bruces. Here you will find old and new Bruces working side by side to develop new sweet treats for the hot Neopian summers! Like the mallow Grundo, I don’t think this is the color for you unless you’re willing to drink a potion.”

     Interested in becoming an Ice Bruce? Try obtaining one through zapping a Bruce with the lab ray! You can also try your luck by using a kaleidonegg.

     “Hang your parka up on the hooks behind you, we are nearing the end of our tour!” Bounding like a giddy school girl Aisha, the Kiko smiles mischievously as he steps backwards through a wall of gelatin. Unsure of what else to do, the small pup jumps through after him.

     “If you brought peanut butter with you... kindly keep it tucked nicely in your bag. Our jelly workers get a little antsy around that sticky substance! These wobbly pets are the silliest in the factory-- it's a miracle any work is accomplished here! Oh, you're wondering where our gelatin supplies comes from? Where does that door in the corner lead to? ...Moving on! Leaning towards becoming a wobbly pet?”

     Jelly neopets are obtainable through the Secret Laboratory Map, the Rainbow Fountain, or a Color Splash Random Event. You can also try your luck by using a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water, Rainbow Swirly Potion, or a Kaleideonegg.

     Ignoring the door in the corner, the Kiko leads the tour out another door and into a miraculously grand room. “Could this be the very ballroom the annual chocolate ball is held?” wondered the Gelert. Before he could finish scanning the room, his attention was brought back to his guide.

     Clapping his hands together and turning to the pup, the Kiko gleams with pride.

     “Well, my dear boy, you’ve seen it all. Well, mostly... It’s time now to decide!”

     The Gelert awkwardly waits for the Kiko to finish his allusive statement, and finally after what seems like an eternity, he gulps and asks, “Sir, what do you mean?”

     Laughing almost hysterically, the Kiko bellows “What do I mean?! Oh to be as content and simple minded as a starry Gelert. I’ve shown you the most mysterious chambers in all of Neopia and divulged valuable information on how you may become a truly great neopet. The rest of Neopia thinks that the Rainbow Fountain is the end all, be all. No, no, no. Once every ten years I invite, by pure chance, a neopet into my factory and grant their wildest dream.”

     Throwing open the door behind him, the dapper and mildly insane Kiko reveals a gushing and bubbling chocolate fountain, towering over 100 feet high. The Gelert gasps in astonishment, this was more chocolate than he had seen in his entire life or in the entire factory. It truly was a magical sight.

     “The chocolate that flows through this fountain is so pure that if we were to use it for sales purposes, every neopet in Neopia would turn into some form of sweet delicacy. While I personally have no problem with that, the Faerieland Commission of General Prosperity and Free Choice frowns upon such things. Diversity in colors and species, blah, blah, blah. You have been given a great opportunity! Think back on what you have seen and learned today. Becoming any of the colors I have shown you takes even the most dedicated pet and owner years to achieve. Many never achieve their dreams of becoming these exclusive colors. Think hard about which color you would like to be, jump in, and say hello to your new life!”

     The Gelert could hardly believe what was happening. At first, his body teemed with so much excitement that he could hardly contain himself and shook all the way down to his whip-like tail. However, as the Kiko continued his speech, he began to think of his owner. A young girl who many years ago had created him late one evening and never looked back. He was her only pet and most prized love. She had spent an entire summer playing games until her fingers were too tired in order to save for his paint color. While he knew that it wasn’t the most flashy or bold choice, it was her favorite. She is an aspiring astronaut who longs to soar with the stars! How could he wash away her hard work? Was it possible that she would like the surprise? He knew deep down that she would be hurt that he had not included her in the biggest decision of his life. He simply could not do it to her.

     “I’m sorry sir, but I actually am quite proud of my starry fur. I appreciate everything that you’ve shown me today and will never forget your kindness, but I really must be getting home.”

     The Kiko s gaze becomes rigid and cold. He grips his cane with harsh determination and illicit anger. “It wasn’t a question, son.”

     With that, he pushes the yelping Gelert into the swirling pool. Thoughts of his little girl flash through his mind, he hops she won’t be disappointed or repulsed by whatever he emerges as.




     he plummeted into the chasm. With his last bit of strength, the Gelert begins swimming up against the chocolate currant. Upon reaching the surface, he cries out with a ferocious bark and growl, spitting chocolate on the Kiko s jacket. He remembers seeing a wall of mirrors just outside the door they came through and immediately runs towards the hall. From behind, he hears the crazed Kiko gasp “How did this happen? What color...?”

     Dripping with chocolate and skidding to a halt, the Gelert met his reflection. His fur is still patched with starry bursts but it is also interlaced with dazzling blue and gold sparkling crystals. It looks as if the fountain attempted to color him candy but the thoughts of his owner kept the magic at bay. After all, he had not jumped in with a wish in his heart for what color he desired to turn. His sadness is soon replaced with sheer joy. He realizes he looks better than eventide (her most recent obsession), he is a dazzling starry galaxy! The little girl would be absolutely astounded!

     “GET OUT!” yells the Kiko . “You’ve ruined a perfectly good chocolate factory tour and wasted my Decennial Dip! LEAVE!”

     “Gladly!” yaps the Gelert as he began to dart down the narrow passageways to the entryway. “Thanks for the new paint!”

     When he emerges from the front doors, the Gelert looks up at the downtown clock tower. Only two minutes had passed since he entered the strange factory. The Gelert is beyond relieved that his owner won’t be worried about where he was. He suddenly feels silly about thinking her love is based on the color of his fur. He is hers and she is his, through it all.

     Perplexed and a bit hungry, the starry/candy swirled Gelert sprints towards home with a heart full of love. He can’t wait to see his little girl and tell her of the crazy adventure he has been on. Best of all, he has a surprise worth baking up a batch of starry cookies.


     This article has been brought to you by Candied, a sweet Neopets directory featuring all the colors showcased in the Chocolate Factory tour. We would love to add your pet today! Check us out at /~Muhali

           The End.

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