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Nightly Neovian: Dark Times Ahead?

by kaddisti


     [Transcript from The Nightly Neovians broadcast of “Tea with Hadington”]

     Hello Friends, Hadington & Porteus my eccentric baby blue fireball here with a special report for The Neopian Times and The Nightly Neovian. Thank you to the Neopian Times for allowing TNN to publish our transcript with you while we are rebuilding. Here with us today is a special guest but first; Are dark times ahead for Neopia once more? I fear that it’s true and so should you my friends. The recent war escalated very quickly as yet again our beloved magical beings, The Faeries, nearly failed in an evil plot by the nefarious, yet let's be honest; super gorgeous Darkest Faerie also known as the Sleeper or the Betrayer. Only by forming an actual army and quelling the wraiths did we as a whole succeed. But did we really succeed? We fought our own friends, family and loved ones to return them to normal. We all know that not all did and we are still recovering from this tragic event.

     Dark times are coming. Something like we have not seen in eons! What will happen when the faeries can no longer help us? Imagine Neopia in a constant state of wraith distress or worse a plague of sorts. The economy is already struggling and dealing with profiteering. The cults around Neopia are still out there as well as the ill-willed thieves, warlocks, and yes even faeries that will NOT side with their fellow faeries and Neopians they so look down on. The heroes that stepped forth once may not be able to come again. Not even the worlds leaders really played a role in helping out on the front. Can we rely on them? No. Our worlds will not be able to handle this alone and yet each world is already dealing with their own problems and the wars aftermath.

     Queen Fyora nearly had her own life taken during the Wraiths Resurgence War in a blink of an eye and the betrayer was weak! Does this mean the faeries are getting weaker as well? How did Neopia fare before Fyora’s rise as Queen? Faerieland might as well be a tomb in the coming years. If the Darkest Faerie had succeeded in her fast attempt at , what we found out through our sources was a gas bomb located right here in Neovia, what kind of world would we have during the aftermath? Not good my friends, not good.

     There are some lighter notes though friends. In this broadcasters opinion we could finally get the less known worlds of Neopia to come forward such as the villages in the south pole, the secretive country in the mountains and many MANY others..

     WIth the invention of Portals from Brightvale we could actually make this a possibility in helping with supplies and training. Just got to find the guy that made it, sources say Hagan is holding out for personal gain. That however is another story for another time.

          Here in the parlor with us tonight is our first guest Neopian Times Journalist Hanz WeeWoo.. Author of great works such as “Chirp Chirp” & the brilliant expose of “Fyora has my Birdseed”. Hanz welcome!

     [Hanz] *chirping noises*

     [Hadington] So how do you feel the faeries; and ourselves even; could prepare for what might come next?

     [Hanz] *low note chirps*

     [Hadington] Oh I see. So you think that we as neopians should not fully rely on the faeries by training in various fields such as magic and not just the body?

     [Hanz] *A single high note chirp*

     [Hadington] So what about the faeries?

     [Hanz] *more chirps that aren't sounding happy*

     [Hadington] Well their presence alone keeps the wraiths at bay for the most part, doesn't that count for something? Their presence and their magic does help us in various ways *says with a smirk* he he

     [Porteus] *swishing and crackling sounds from the petpets flames*

     [Hadington] Hey don’t say that on air, they don't need to know about my profiteer -- er profiCHEERING I mean. *says nervously*

     Anyway, Hanz. If you feel that way then why do you think the neopians magic will suffice as a whole?

     [Hanz] *happy chirping*

     [Hadington] Well yes we are stronger as group but why wouldnt. Actually let me rephrase this. Do you not believe the power of Fyora plus the faeries of faerieland wont just add to our success?

          [Hanz] *short chirping followed by a long, sort of sarcastic sounding long chirp*

     [Hadington] So how do you feel about Fyora herself? She is considered the most powerful faerie known to Neopia. Though she does have trouble with the Betrayer.

     [Hanz] *A series of chirps and grunts followed by pecking at the piece of paper Hanz brought in*

     The piece of paper has a picture of Fyora with a X marked out on her face

     [Hadington] I uh, dont believe I can say that. Wait are you a Xandra supporter?

     [Hanz] *very loud angry chirping*

     [Hadington] Are you sure she has your birdseed? Can’t you ..

     [Hanz] *soft chirping followed by Hanz turning his head in a huff*

          [Hadington]] ok so we got WAY off topic there. Well friends, there is a lot to think about and the world is clearly not ready or divided on the possible outcomes. Will we be ok for the changes coming or will they even happen. Who knows what forces out there are working on right now.

     Check back next week when we have another guest that I’m pretty sure is a cultist from the catacombs that Porteus brought back home for Tea. Oddly enough nexts week topic is about fashion in the underworld. What robes go great with your cultist mask or which catacomb section has the best shoes? Have a foggy night Neopia!


     *The Nightly Neovian is a Neovision Broadcast from a mansion in Neovia. A big thank you to our new sponsors The Neopian Times, The Potions Press and brought to you by The Neopian Home Shopping Network! We aren’t run by wraiths!

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