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10 Ways To Make A Million!

by nightanimations


     Heya, so my name is Akagera (I'm named after the river in East Africa!) and, I.. am not supposed to be here. Heh, my owner will be furious if she sees this.. Oh well! I want to help you out, and she can't stop me! So, you want to be a millionaire?

     Let's bump this into a list shall we?

     1) This first rule is VITAL. Never, I repeat NEVER trust anyone saying "I'll give you anything you want! Just give me your username and password! This people may claim to be TNT, but they are either lying or are going to get fired. Many of you may be thinking, ugh, another one of these people bossing me around? Well, this is not a command. This is a suggestion. You want to get your account emptied? Fine. I warned you. THE ONLY PATH TO RICHES IS HARD WORK. ANYTHING ELSE IS NOT WORTH IT.

     2) So, let's get into the groove, huh? First off, most everyone knows about the money tree. People donate things to them, and others can snag it. Most of you know that occasionally someone will donate something worthwhile. You can then use it however you wish. There is also the second-hand shop, which is where clothing is donated (besides the nc items, ofc).

     3) Next thing, a shop. Open a shop as early as possible. However, it is suggested that you already have a couple thousand so you can expand your shop. Expand it as often as possible, and remember to always restock. This option may be monotonous sometimes, but it'll be worth it in the end.

     4) Paperclip. If you wonder what this term means, it means to take something worth nothing and slowly trade it up to what you want. Paperclipping got its name after someone who had traded a paperclip into a house. So, go to the dump in Meridell, and get something smelly. Go to the trading post, and trade up. Thank people for trading, after all, they are giving you something worth more than what you got. It will take you a while, so don't just sit there, work on something else too!

     5) This game is about having fun. So have fun. Just don't waste your neopoints. All of the deserted fairground amusements are rigged. Many know this, but keep doing them. If you like to do them, do them! Just do it in moderation. If you just keep feeling like, "this next one will win it," then just close your tab, and open a new Neopets. Same thing goes with the Keno and the Lottery. Just do them every now and then, in moderation.

     6) Do all of the dailies. Always check Tarla's Toolbar. Get free Jelly and Omelettes. Do the fruit machine. Pray for Coltzan. Do Trudy's Surprise. Do the Apple Bobbing. The list goes on and on. This stuff is worthless, you say. No it isn't. Remember that shop? Sell your rewards there. Use the omelettes to feed your pets. If you have only two pets, then just use the jelly. Three? The omelette. Four? Use both the jelly and the omelette and donate or sell the remains. Look, now you don't have to worry about paying for food.

     7) Check out the Igloo Sale every few (or every) hour/s. Sometimes they have items there that are worth more than the chias are selling it for. Hurry! Buy it! Someone else is stalking upon that item at the same time as you, and you want it first! So grab it, snag it, sell it!

     8) Visit Neopia's shops. Not the player shops. The little AI shops some people tend to abandon. Hey, the shop wizard is easier than some lil shop, you say. Well, the shop wizard doesn't have this magical ability. He ain't a well-rounded wizard, is all I'm saying. What are you talking about? you say. I'm talking about this..


     Yes, haggling. Saving money. Sounds great. Does that word sound familiar? Well, it's what most people do when they are trying to get a car. They haggle with the car salesman. Haggling can save you hundreds! It's too hard. My internet is so sloww, you whine. Welp, then you can suffer at the fate of the shop wizard. Sorry.

     9) Ah yes, the fast-paced, finger-nail biting experience. Neopians race to set the highest number, watching another price immediately escalate before their eyes. 5000! they shout. 5100! another one shouts. Yes, I am talking about the beautiful game of auctioning. This will let you win much money. Got a snazzy lil' Nerkmid? Slap that beauty into the line for auctioning, call a price about 500 below the worth, and set your increment. This will only get you a good profit if you are on during a busy time. Have fun watching those numbers escalate!

     10) Welp, here we are to the last thing. This will be difficult for some of us to conquer, because some of us suck at it. (cough, cough, me) but look up a (insert number here) neopoints a day guide. This will show you what score you need to get for each of the games listed below, and submit that score! Even if you can't get it quite there, just submit your score when its good. Don't just keep trying. That wastes time. Besides, if you just give up and quit the game, you get nothing. So you might as well just send a good score and be done with it. These games have different tastes, so you'll always be in for a different ride in each coaster.

          Welp, that was it. Huh? Of course, I'm not sniffling! *Sniffle*

     Ahem. Sorry about that. Anyway, I hope I helped someone, and if I didn't, I tried. If I wasted your time, I apologize. I tried to leave this list bare and blunt, but you saw where that got me. Haha. Well, the most important thing about Neopets is to have fun. Don't turn into some greedy lil' Hissi and throw a hissy fit. Get it? Hissi and Hissy? Sorry. Don't think that this game leaves you miserable. This is just a guide for you to get your favorite color onto your favorite pet. Well, have fun, and I hope to see you around.


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