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Luck Around the World

by trubiekatie


     This month of Running, we are feeling extra (un)lucky! There are a number of games and luck-based activities you can try, free and at a cost. To help point you in the right direction, we breakdown some of the best-known activities and games, talk about the upside/prizes, and whether it’s worth playing or not. And as always with neopoint based games – know your limit, play within it!


     Ah, the Haunted Woods. Home of the many luck-based games and adventures, and of most that are often accused of being rigged. Well, let’s take a look.


     With the potential to win thousands of neopoints or an item of the equivalent, Bagatelle can seem like the ticket to fortunes. However, the board does appear to be slanted a little downward toward the lower end of the prize spectrum, doesn’t it? And the host doesn’t seem too nervous about losing out, does he? At 250NP a pop, it can flatten the wallet pretty quickly. There are no avatars to be won from this game, so the only motivation to play is for the (slim) chance of one of those top tier prizes.

     Frequency: 20 throws per day.

     Total cost: 250NP per throw (5,000NP total).

     Is it worth it? No, based on the cost to play compared to chance of winning.

     Brain Tree & Esophagor:

     The Brain Tree has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and works in conjunction with the Esophagor, who just has an insatiable appetite. Accepting a quest for the Brain Tree means completing two quests for the Esophagor for the two pieces of information requested by the Brain Tree. You cannot guess the Brain Tree’s answer – you must complete both Esophagor quests first in order to get the correct answers. The quest rewards from both tend to disappoint. However, there is a relatively new avatar called “Brain Tree Quest” that is awarded for appearing in the top 50 on the Brain Tree Quest High Score Table at trophy award time. Additionally, the Esophagor will appear as a Battledome Challenger after completing his first quest.

     Frequency: Once a day for the Brain Tree. Multiple times per day for the Esophagor.

     Total cost: 0NP to participate, varying amounts to purchase requested items.

     Is it worth it? Yes, for the BD challenger and avatar, no afterward due to the massive expense/reward ratio.

     Coconut Shy:

     Coconut shy is very basic and more honest, in my opinion, than games like Bagatelle. With practice, you’ll find that most of your throws either hit or wobble the coconut for 50NP and 300NP respectively. This reduces much of the cost of playing, sometimes to the point of a net gain. While it’s rare, knocking off a coconut results in 10,000NP, a coconut that could potentially sell for hundreds of thousands, and the “Evil Coconut” avatar. Exploding the coconut, which is much rarer still, rewards a half million neopoints. Mr. Chuckles can also appear as a Battledome Challenger while refreshing at the Coconut Shy.

     Frequency: 20 throws per day.

     Total cost: 100NP per play (2,000NP total).

     Is it worth it? Definitely for the avatar and BD challenger, but even afterward as the cost of playing is largely offset and coconuts are usually knocked off a few times a year, resulting in massive rewards that dramatically offset the cost of playing.

     Cork Gun Gallery:

     The gameplay of aim and shoot is straightforward, but the projection of the cork is unfortunately not. You’ll automatically win any item you hit, but you’ll miss all items more often than not. All rewards consist of snacks and Achyfi, most of which fail to offset the cost to play. While there is a more expensive item to be won – Artificially Flavoured Banana Snacks – they appear less often than the other items. This game currently offers no avatars or Battledome Challengers.

     Frequency: 20 shots per day.

     Total cost: 100NP per shot (2,000 total).

     Is it worth it? No.

     Edna’s Tower:

     It’s every Neopian’s favorite witch! Just kidding, that’s Sophie, obviously. Edna lives in the Haunted Woods in her Witch’s Tower and seeks spell ingredients from all who approach her. She will even allow you to repeatedly help her with her quests up to ten times per day. Edna will request up to three items for her elaborate spells and reward you with a handful of neopoints and an inexpensive spooky food item as a token of gratitude. You will also gain her as a Battledome Challenger upon completion of your first quest. Edna also has the “Edna – Cackle!” avatar to offer, but it’s rare and you may find yourself this witch’s spell-ingredient-seeking minion for a while before you earn it.

     Frequency: 10 quests per day.

     Total cost: 0NP, varying amounts to purchase requested items.

     Is it worth it? Yes, for the BD challenger and until you receive the avatar, but not afterward as the cost outweighs the reward.


     Brightvale, the land of wisdom, has just two luck-based endeavors: a spin of the Wheel of Knowledge and a visit to King Hagan.

     Wheel of Knowledge:

     The Wheel of Knowledge costs 400NP per spin at a maximum of once per day unless you are blessed with the “Right Round Right Round” boon that allows double spins on all wheels. Most commonly, spinning the Wheel of Knowledge will result in receiving Hagan’s wisdom, a flash game cheat, inexpensive items like windows, motes, scrolls, and foods, a free spin, or a healing. A Brightvale job coupon is also a (rare) possibility, but the main allure of the wheel is that it provides the avatar “Brightvale” if it lands on the 8-pointed star.

     Total cost: 400NP

     Is it worth it? Yes, if you’re seeking the avatar. Otherwise, no.


     It should go without saying that pirates and gambling/luck tend to go hand in hand. It’s an obvious stop on your world tour, if you can tolerate boisterous pirates.

     Food Club:

      A complete separate article can be dedicated to this pastime of pirates, as it is more difficult than it looks. The premise is easy – pick pirates to win at a food eating competition. Simple, right? If it were only that easy. You have to contend that each pirate has a stated odd of winning, and it is possible that an underdog wins the contest. Even more complicated, there are 5 arenas all hosting a 4-pirate eating contest, which means you can place multiple bets across different pirates in different arenas! If you correctly pick the pirate, you win neopoints based on the odds.

     Frequency: 10 bets per day.

     Total cost: Based on account age – 50 + 2 NP for every day you have been playing Neopets

     Is it worth it?: A resounding yes. It is easy to get started by following a well-known bettor (many frequent the Games chat) that post their bets for the day before trying to make your own bets. We strongly encourage you to read thorough guides before playing. Older accounts can make a lot of money by playing this consistently. Be prepared to lose some days though!

     Forgotten Shore:

     Despite what the name says, you will definitely not forget to visit this once a day trip. Like the name suggests, there is no one here to great you, no pirates hunting treasure, no swashbucklers brandishing swords. It’s deserted. Tucked at the back of Krawk Island, this seemingly deserted beach can actually yield some pretty great items, mysteriously hidden in the sand, NP, or an avatar (awarded randomly).

     Frequency: Once per day.

     Total cost: Free!

     Is it worth it? Yes. You are almost guaranteed an item (some of value, like morphing potions and Pirate Draik Eggs), neopoints, an avatar or miscellaneous item. Sometimes there will be nothing, but at least it was free to try.

     Anchor Management:

     Certain creepy sea creatures have an inkling to visit Krawk Island, trying to invade the island. Alongside Gavrill McGill, resident at the Governor’s Mansion, Neopians everywhere fire cannons to keep the sea monsters at bay. Every cannon shot results in a reward for you, from a wide prize pool that gives away collectable coins to Pirate and Maraquan Paint Brushes.

     Frequency: Once per day.

     Total cost: Free!

     Is it worth it? A free chance at rare paint brushes, with a guaranteed item every day? Sign me up.

     Buried Treasure:

     A famous pirate captain, Bloodhook, had a stash of treasure that his crew buried on Krawk Island. You can try your luck at picking a potential treasure map leading to the famed treasure. Despite the appearance of the board, there are thousands of different coordinates that the treasure could be buried at. If you are lucky, you can win neopoints (up to 20,000), a prize including dubloons, the jackpot and/or an avatar (which is awarded randomly for pulling a winning treasure map).

     Frequency: Once every 3 hours

     Total cost: 300 NP per play, discounted to 150 NP for the month of Story and free on Neopets birthday (15th of Storing)

     Is it worth it?: If you need the avatar, yes. After that no, as the chance of winning the jackpot or a lot of neopoints is not worth the cost.


     And to wrap it all off, Neopia Central’s only lucky event is checking the Money Tree for donations (or if you have been lucky from any of the other activities listed above, you can enjoy some shopping or looking for auction house bargains).

     The Money Tree:

     Neopians everywhere can donate, intentionally or not, to the Money Tree, which accepts NP donations up to 5,000 and items. Some pesky ghosts can take neopoints from you via Random Event and donate on your behalf. For those with some patience, Neopians everywhere may accidentally donate a rarer item than intended, which can be claimed for free if you’re quick.

     Frequency: 10 items per day, across all the Neopian donation centers (Money Tree, Second-hand Shoppe and Rubbish Dump).

     Total cost:p Free.

     Is it worth it?: It could be – you need to invest time in constantly checking for a rare item accidentally donated.

     There are plenty of other activities to explore in Neopia if you want to test your luck, so consider this list a sample of what is to come. We in no way shape or form take any blame for any misfortunes you may experience while playing. Good luck!


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