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Collecting or How to Spend All Your Neopoints

by karlynne1964


     It seems so many people are collecting, either for the Gallery Spotlight, personal pleasure or bragging rights. I’ve seen so many collections; r99, Neggs, Paint Brushes, Petpets, Faeries, Dolls, Weapons, Wings, Apples, etc.

     Personally I like large collections numbering in the hundreds. If you’re thinking of starting a collection (or three) keep in mind that collecting can become very expensive.

     Take for example collecting all things the color Blue. There are over a thousand items with ‘blue’ in the title and a lot of them are inexpensive so it would be easy to collect the first several hundred items. It gets more expensive as you reach the final dozen but still easy if you have 20 million neopoints stashed in the bank. A real sense of accomplishment and a rather impressive looking gallery as well can be had.

     Years ago I had a cupcake gallery. I enjoyed it (because I like eating cupcakes) but once you have them all and you’ve gazed over them a few hundred times you might feel the need to start a new gallery with more of a challenge.

     Personally I like the thought of a shoe gallery. There are so many types of footwear available, both NC and NP and it leads to the next portion of collecting. Categories. You can do boots, sandals, dressy, casual, etc. There are over 1000 pairs! I’ve been known to collect pairs in real life but I’m trying to curb the impulse.

     Having a collection is a great way of achieving neo-goals as well. Need to make nps to buy a Blobikins for your petpet gallery? No problem, restock, play a lot of games (which might improve your avatar or trophy count as well) and sell, sell, sell.

     There are other expenses to having a collection. Your gallery will need to increase in size in order to showcase our items. I was fortunate in that I had a large shop and when we were offered the one time opportunity to make our shop into a gallery, I jumped at the chance. I had to begin growing my shop again but I never had it completely filled anyway.

     I like the more obscure galleries. A haunted gallery? A gallery dedicated to Chadley? A waffle and syrup gallery? The sky’s the limit!

     There’s nothing wrong with changing your collection midstream. When I had my cupcake gallery it was becoming drab until I added muffins. When that wasn’t exciting anymore I considered adding cakes and eventually other desserts but as much as I love them in real life, I wasn’t as thrilled with the pixel versions so I switched. I can’t remember if I switched to Collectible Cards or Fruits but I have gone through several collections over the course of a dozen years. I liked collecting petpets but more colors kept coming out and I couldn’t keep up and it was frustrating for me. If collecting frustrates you or causes you stress, you might want to rethink things. It’s supposed to be fun.

     I admit when I see an awesome collection in a gallery I believe it is okay to brag without being too overbearing about it. Don’t mention it in EVERY sentence, just enter it in the gallery spotlight and see if you win.

     With the entry of a few bobble heads lately, I’ve seen quite a few bobble head collections recently. Kaia has also brought a few more faerie collections as well. Having a collection makes me a little more diligent about restocking. If it is able to be purchased by restocking I will try that first.

     A collection that showcases your quirky sense of humor or wacky mindset can be fun as well. Love borovan but don’t want to admit it? Just collect them. I would also love to see a wig collection because I’ve been known to have a few bad hair days that I can’t blame on the weather. Of course, that might grown into a hat and wig collection but that’s the fun of collection items that complement each other.

     A friend of mine has a Shenkuu gallery which suits her well. I don’t have a favorite land though, hmmmmm. What do I really like? Chocolate, definitely. Reading (Oh boy, there are a ton of books and reading material too) It took me awhile but I narrowed my collection down to three things, magic, chemistry, and physics. It allows me to add several items a month to my gallery and still save for my most important collection, stamps.

     I don’t put stamps in my gallery as they go in my album where it is much safer. I can’t imagine putting a 100 million np stamp in my gallery. At least not without worrying about it and checking it several times each day. That’s why utilizing ALL safety measures on this site is important if you’re going to put your collection in your gallery. My current gallery collection is a work in progress and I have a long way to go before its completed. I don’t mind. The goal isn’t the finish line but the journey.

     I may never enter the Gallery Spotlight but that isn’t my goal to collecting although there isn’t anything wrong if I did. I just haven’t learned to code yet so that it looks good.

     If you don’t like the idea of spending all your nps on items even if you could change your mind and sell it all next month, then don’t waste nps and begin a collection. I actually like the thought of collecting nps in my bank account. I just can’t seem to make them stay there. Collecting interest daily is exciting as well.

     Still can’t find an idea for a collection? You can start with the one item you love most. For some reason the Happy Anniversary Negg springs to my mind. I’m pretty sure its my love of diamonds and jewelry that sparks an interest but you might like that its purple. Either way, that’s how collecting begins. One item that interests you and then it grows. Take a moment this week and consider starting a collection. I will help the economy (especially if it is something I sell in my shop).


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