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10 Things To Do: Get Through the Neopian Winter!

by cordeliaviolet


     10 Things To Do: Get Through the Neopian Winter!

     Winter can be a scary time in Neopia… blowing gales, icy streets – and worst of all, the Snowager is at large! Ahh! So, are you thinking of hiding out at Kiko Lake or Mystery Island through the winter? Maybe catch a cloud to Faerieland? These are the best ways to feel warm and free through the Neopian winter instead of shoveling snow to find the Scratchcard kiosk! This light hearted article can help you make the most of your time spent in Neopia this winter. However, like any time of year in Neopia, it is important that you set your own goals and bring them to fruition – of course this is the best way to spend your time in Neopia!

     1. Play Mynci Beach Volleyball! Hit up this Mystery Island classic and lose yourself in the bright sun and distant sound of seagulls. Careful not to lose yourself too much, as that red Mynci is one sneaky player! If you stick with it you will be rewarded with a fancy avatar that not many Neopians have. Get this avatar now so you can show it off in time for summer and impress all the beach goers. Trust me, you won’t regret it when you are all over the neoboard’s with a rare avatar!

     2. Mark your calendars now, January 14th is the day you can get the “I Heart Sloth” avatar by correctly completing the “Sloth Mind Control Laboratory” quiz – which is only available ONCE a year. Having this avatar also gains access to the “I Heart Happiness” avatar, which you can unlock by visiting the Gallery of Heroes (this avatar can be obtained at any point after getting the I Heart Sloth avatar). Start studying NOW to ensure you can ace that quiz on January 14th. I will see you all there!

          3. Paint your pets! Changing your pets look can have a whole different impact on your Neopian persona. Don’t make your Christmas painted pets suffer in those holiday get ups all winter! Give them a summer breeze makeover. Some affordable options for summery paint brushes are the Starry Paint Brush, Cloud Paint Brush, Strawberry Fields Paint Brush, and more! If you want to splurge, nothing beats the winter like a Mystery Island painted pet!

     4. Join a guild! Being around fellow Neopians is perhaps the best way to bunker down during a storm! Snowed in? GOOD! There are guilds looking for people like you as you read these words. Aside from company on cold winter nights, many guilds run fun activities for their members throughout Neopia!

     5. Battle away your blues in the battledome! Have you been putting off letting your Neopets shine in the battledome? Winter is the perfect time to buckle down and show those challengers what you are made of! The battledome is full of exciting opportunities – rewards, avatars, and prestige throughout Neopia. Being a formidable battledome opponent also opens up many more opportunities throughout Neopia. What are you waiting for?

     6. Win a beauty contest! Looking good always makes you feel good, and this is especially true for winter. You could bundle up your neopets or dress them out in the latest summer fashion. Either way, this is a sure fire way to jazz up your Neopian winter. This also will help take your user lookup to the next level – the pro level! While you are at it, deck out your user look up to provide a stunning backdrop to your neopets new looks. Visitors to your lookup will gaze in total awe!

     7. Win the better than you competition, because another way to feel great is to be better than everyone else! Haha! Is there a particular game that you are good at? Do you like trying new games? These are both viable strategies to win the Better Than You Contest! Wait for your best game to be featured (there is a good chance it will be throughout the winter!) or just play madly until you win! Winning this contest is a double win for it will often land you in the highscores! Depending on the game this can come with trophies, avatars, and of COURSE bragging rights throughout Neopia. Get on it!

     8. Get published in the Neopain Times! The winter is the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and become a published author! Have a useful tip or list to share, or a guide to a game? Perhaps you are a fiction fanatic and want to write a story about your snow painted Usul… Now is the time! Being published will earn you a trophy, being published 10 times earns you an avatar, and landing on certain issues will get you another avatar. Be sure to review the submission guidelines listed in every issue of the Neopian Times!

     9. Clean out your safety deposit box to find any hidden gems! You may be sitting on a wealth of Neopoints! While you are at it, why not expand your shop and become an economic whiz? Your shop is a great way to make some serious Neopoints – maybe you can save up enough to get that snazzy Mystery Island Paint Brush or complete that stamp album that has been a thorn in your side. Who knows… you may even find something you need in your safety deposit box! Don’t delay, fellow Neopians!

     10. Try new things this year in Neopia. This is what it’s all about, folks! Anything you haven’t done, do it. Need that avatar that requires you to send scores in 250 games? Do it. Start your very own guild? Times a wasting! Neopets has an entire WORLD to discover and have fun in. I know what you’re thinking – I’ve been a member for years, there's nothing I have not done! At least there is one thing you haven’t done, and that’s read this article. I’m so glad I could be of service! Except now you are finished this, too.


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