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Searching a place:Part Six

by nacil30


     Chapter 6. New Plans, Shenkuu and The Virtupets Space Station.

          Many say that fate cannot be changed, but some say that the fate of people is not written, and everyone is free to forge it, after all it is your destiny and not someone else's, Saemonell was traveling on the back of Pteraturix while taking out of his bag his blog and his pen, had more than 5 hours of travel and not to get bored was prepared to write what happened before, wrote each of the things he saw included as that Buzz kidnapped Boxii, also wrote that at the time he was traveling with Pteraturix he had another dream in which he was lying on the floor and everyone was crying around, Saemonell no doubt knew that those dreams were fragments of fate but he still could not understand everything perfectly, but he knew that he had to to do something so that what happened in his dreams did not come true, after writing for a while Pteraturix told him that they had arrived, Saemonell could not see anything, they went through some clouds and from among them they recited very high mountains that had a huge city on them, Pteraturix with a gentle gesture said: Welcome to Shenkuu.

     Unknown to the Neopianos for centuries, Shenkuu was revealed to the world by the crew of The Look of the Cyodrake after a terrible setback at sea, the citizens were a bit distrustful at the beginning, but now they welcome visitors from all over the world. Neopia while they have their wallets open, after all, is a merchant city, Saemonell had previously had an encounter with the crew of La mirada del Cyodrake, who had taken him to El País de las Hadas, knew that in that place at least would have friends, Pteraturix landed on a mountain that had an air base, instructed Saemonell that as soon as he rushed to the Temple of the Moon, there would be important people waiting for him, Saemonell kept his log that he still carried in the hands and jump down, the little cybunny was very happy to see the great buildings of that city but I was still sad because of what I had happened to his friend Boxii, Pteraturix said goodbye to him and flew back to Tyrannia again, Saemonell following signs walking all over Shenkuu while he realized that everyone saw him, until finally found the place he had been told , The Temple of the Moon.

     Upon entering the temple he saw old Gnorbu who was in the entrance, the Gnorbu spoke to him and told him that he was the sage of Shenkuu, he greeted him and told him to follow him, they walked to a room where there were several people, some known Jhudai stood next to Saemonell and told him that some already knew them but those who would not show up, and so they were passing one by one, in the room were the Stranger Wanderer of the Lost Desert, the Crew of the look of the Cyodrake, Fyora, El Capitán Trespatas, Lutrarix, Roxton, El Rey Barbalga El Gnorbu Sabio and two strangers known as El Hada del Espacio and Gorix, after they all greeted Saemonell, told him that he needed a person but that there was no could arrive due to a delay in space, and so they began to talk and discuss the subject, they told him that his adventure had become a kind of personal mission at the time he had acquired his power of perception of the future. The old enemy was threatening all of Neopia, his name was Tiberius Sloth and it was brother Frank Sloth, he had been lost in space until a few months ago when he had met Neopia, he went to his brother but he was so ambitious that Denied the help and share the domain of Neopia, The Space Fairy I try to stop it but I cannot succeed, when Tiberius learned of your new power, your Saemonell, you became his new project, that's why I kidnap your friend Boxii, to be able to have you with the good or the bad, and now you are the only one who can stop Tiberius and save Neopia from an invasion, three times bigger than Sloth's since Tiberius managed to gather many allies while I wandered through the universe, luckily we know what the source of its power is, Tiberius has a necklace similar to the Fairy of Space, there are only two of these and both have too much power, depending on the person who uses it is the good or evil p You can do, if you can take it away from Tiberius, we can unite it with the Fairy's, thus avoiding their evil plans and saving Boxii.

     Saemonell was told that there were new plans now, Gorix and the Space Fairy would help him get to the place where the Tiberius base was, being close to Tiberius he had to earn his trust, he would give himself in exchange for Boxii to have her saved and once having that part of the plan would only remove the collar, they kept talking for a while longer and the night entered Shenkuu, everyone went to sleep and Gorix was talking to Saemonell, they both became friends, the Space Fairy It was quite quiet and it went fast from the place, that night all was silence and while everyone slept the Sage Gnorbu watched the stars, had seen in them a little hope.

     The next morning Saemonell was picked up by Lutrarix passing by, I wait for him in what came out and they both went back to the Temple of the Moon, reviewed the plans and they all left the place, Gorix, The Space Fairy and Saemonell would leave to the space while the others would be taken to their cities aboard the Cyodrake Look to prepare for a possible war, the huge air ship departed and was lost among the rays of the Sun that were so strong that you could barely look through they, Saemonell and Gorix said goodbye to Sage Gnorbu while they waited for the Space Fairy, the Sage gave them some things for the way and so they walked to the Shenkuu Air Base, they were only waiting for the arrival of the Fairy when suddenly a spaceship appeared in front of them, it was she, the Fairy, and there was also a crew of Grundos on the ship, Saemonell and Gorix got on board and sat on one of the red benches nearby, the Fairy He told them to hold on because sometimes there was cosmic dust and the ship was shaking, Saemonell held firm and felt as the ship rose from the floor and little by little began to rise more and more, in a few minutes was floating in space, Gorix made him talk to kill time, the minutes had finally arrived, Gorix told him that they were now far away, on The Virtupets Space Station.

     They all left the ship and were in a place that was amazing, Neopets ran from one place to another and the Grundos seemed to predominate, Gorix pulled Saemonell while the Space Fairy prepared everything to command the small but brave cybunny with Tiberius, Saemonell and Gorix arrived at a part of the station where there were several plasma weapons and suits, Gorix gave a special one to the cybunny and told him to put it under his normal clothes, also gave him a couple of pistols and the The same way he hid them so that they could not be recognized, those devices had new technology capable of going unnoticed by radars or detectors, being prepared Saemonell went down again to the hangar where the Space Fairy was waiting for them with a small ship, they told Saemonell that he had to go and do everything planned, in case something went wrong he had to send a signal with a secret transmitter that was in a necklace that would give him, Sa emonell put on the necklace and got on the ship, before leaving he wrote in his blog for the last time, when he finished he left it to Gorix and asked him to please give it to him until he returned, Gorix told him that everything would come out Well, the help would be waiting for him and he would be brave, the ship had special commands that would take him straight to the marked route, the ship went on by itself and took off while Saemonell put on his seatbelt, the little Cybunny leaned out the window and he saw that he was getting farther and farther away from the Virtupets Station, his nerves were running all over his body and he was getting closer and closer to his destiny, which he would try to change for the good of him and of everyone.


To be continued…

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