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Ice Cream Machine flavors ranked worst to best

by imbitter


     I have very strong opinions on how good ice cream flavors are. And I couldn’t help while playing Ice Cream Machine to think about the taste of each individual levels flavor. I’ve taken the time to rank them from my least favorite up to my favorite. You may have your own opinions, but my rankings are sound. So here we go.

     13. Garlicy Bratwurst

     The worst level of Ice Cream Machine and the undeniably the worst flavor. Who even thought of this? How can you mix the sweet goodness of ice cream with the savory flavor of garlic and bratwurst. It’s just unnatural and to be honest, I haven’t even tried it. But I don’t need to to be able to tell that it’s disgusting. And having garlicky breath after a sweet treat? No thank you.

     12. Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate

     Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate. Kind of a classic also known as Neapolitan. But most people don’t actually eat every flavor as it’s given. Everyone’s seen it. Open up a box of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream only to find out someone’s eaten all of one flavor! I don’t want mixed flavors so I have to eat one at a time and I don’t have time for that. If I wanted more than one flavor I would’ve gotten more than one bowl. Next.

     11. Tigersquash

     Who wouldn’t love the ability to roar like a tiger? However it’s slightly annoying when attempting to eat ice cream. Unfortunately, across all of Neopets I haven’t been able to find a mention as to what Tigersquash actually tastes like. One can only assume it has hints of squash so it’s undoubtedly sweet which is always a plus when you’re discussing ice cream. However I’ve never been fond of the unknown which is way Tigersquash is at a nasty number 11.

     10. Chocolate

     Chocolate is a solid choice for ice cream. There’s nothing really wrong with it, it’s just so… plain. My favorite thing to do is to let it melt in my mouth and then swallow like I’m drinking chocolate milk. But if I wanted chocolate milk, why not go get some? It’s lack of excitement and my trying to change what it is causes it’s bad ranking.

     9. Strawberry

     Strawberry is slightly more exotic than chocolate. You see it less often. My ranking would change if there were chunks of actual strawberry in it, but it’s clear on the game that there is none of that, it’s just plain strawberry ice cream. Strawberry is my second favorite fruit, so I always enjoy anything strawberry flavored but it’s still a rather plain flavor.

     8. Vanilla

     This was a hard decision, figuring out where the plain default flavors go. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are the only ones where I may be able to be swayed on my rankings. But in my opinion, vanilla is the base ice cream on more things. Even when go for more exotic flavors, there’s something soothing about the first taste of vanilla on your tongue when you go back to basics.

     7. Peach

     Peach is something that when talking to other people, they either love peach flavored foods or absolutely hate them. That’s why peach is placed almost in the middle of the list. I personally like peach flavored items, but I have to be in the mood for it. It’s a decent enough flavor, but not one of my favorites.

     6. Blueberry

     Blueberry is in the same boat as peach. If you don’t like it, it’s going to be low on your list, but if you like it it’ll be high. I have no strong feelings about it either way, which is why it’s also in the middle. I actually surprised myself with liking it more than peach because I like peaches but don’t like blueberries. I do like blueberry flavored things though, which is why writing this I’m already craving blueberry ice cream.

     5. Vanilla Chocolate Swirl

     You’d think this would be ranked similarly to strawberry vanilla chocolate. However I made the decision that it was the fruity taste of strawberry that you can’t enjoy that one. Vanilla chocolate swirl doesn’t have the same problem. The two classics mixed together makes for a tasty treat. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can use your spoon to mix the flavors more and make a light brown vanilla chocolate soup. Mmm, delicious.

     4. Rainbowberry

     I know, I know. I’m a hypocrite. There’s no way to know how a rainbowberry really tastes, but with all the bright colors, it can’t be bad! I like to think it tastes like a fruity mess of delicious. After all legends say that the rainbowberry was sent down to brighten up Neopia in it’s darkest hour. How could it do that if it doesn’t taste amazing?

     3. Vanilla Chocolate Chip

     I’m a fan of vanilla. I love chocolate chunks in things. It’s a great combination. The smooth flavor of vanilla mixed with the chewiness of chocolate chips makes this flavor a high contender. There’s not much more to say about this delicious concoction.

     2. Mint

     I love mint ice cream. The cool flavor with the cold of ice cream makes your mouth a winter wonderland. Sure, it’s not double chocolate vanilla swirl wonder, but it’s simplicity with the rareness of getting mint flavored ice cream makes it rank second best. Add a bit of chocolate sauce and you have an A+ treat that’s hard to beat!

     1. Double Chocolate

     Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks? Sign me up! While chocolate is my least favorite base ice cream, adding more chocolate automatically makes it amazing! They’re two different flavors of chocolate you get the smooth chocolatey ice cream while getting the stronger chocolate chunks. I could eat double chocolate every day.


     Obviously the best flavor of topping would directly relate to what type of ice cream you’re having, but I’m going to rank them anyways based on how good they go with most flavors.

     3. Strawberry

     While it’s better than chocolate for ice cream, it’s distinct flavor can cause too many clashes. Used correctly it could be mouthwatering, but as a whole there are too many ice creams that it wouldn’t be good on.

     2. Chocolate

     Not a bad topping by any means, a solid second best. It can be great on any type of ice cream. The best kind is when it hardens a bit and gets kind of chewy on top of your dessert.

     1. Caramel

     I’m a huge fan of caramel. It adds so much to what it’s put on. The sticky sweet is just so delicious and is never a bad topping. 10/10 would recommend.

     There you have it. The Ice Cream Machine Flavors ranked according to my expert opinion. If you feel differently, don’t yell at me. Hopefully I’ve explained why I ranked everything the way I did!

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