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Faerie Customizations: Elemental Edition

by aleu1986


     In my previous Faerie Customizations article, I covered most of the unique faeries, and now it`s time to look at the elemental ones. There are six types of elemental faerie: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light and Dark. How can you customize your Neopet to resemble a mischievous Fire Faerie or a beautiful Water Faerie? If you`re looking for inspiration for some faerie-related looks, please read on.

     In this article I have also included famous elemental faeries such as Illusen, Jhudora, Nuria, and others.

     Bottled Earth faerie


     Rainbow Field of Daisies Background

     Trapped in a Jar

     Pretty Little Daisy

     Magical Spring Vine Wings

     Dyeworks Brown: Side Swept Blond Wig

     Dyeworks Green: Lavender Faerietale Dress

     Golden Key Necklace

     When creating an Earth Faerie look, your go-to options are green dresses, brunette wigs and backgrounds featuring flowers, forests, gardens and fields. For the wings, there are several green and leaf/plant ones available.

     Due to the grass and flowers being part of theTrapped in a Jar item, I feel it`s best suited for Earth and Light faeries.

     Earth Faerie in Faerieland


     Gift of a Piece of Cake

     Illusens Laced Slippers

     Sugar Plum Faerie Wig

     Brilliant Green Faerie Wings

     Faerieland Gazebo

     Delicate Earth Faerie Dress

     Faerie Topiaries

     Discovery of Faerieland Day Background

     The gazebo and topiaries add to the garden theme. I struggled a bit to find shoes that fit the dress, so I ended up using the matching Delicate Earth Faerie Shoes. Footwear is not strictly speaking necessary for this type of faerie look, as Earth Faeries generally are often depicted barefoot.

     Famous Earth Faerie: Illusen


     Fingerless Asparagus Gloves

     Green Belt

     Illusens Collectors Contacts

     Wooden Flower Necklace

     Mushroom and Flower Arch

     Glade Tree House

     Illusens Collectors Bow

     Illusen Wig

     Illusens Laced Slippers

     Earth Faerie Wings

     Illusen Dress

     Illusens Glade Background

     Illusen lives in a forest glade in Meridell, where she offers quests to Neopians who visit her. She is known for her kindness and is more patient than certain other faeries. During the wars of Meridell, Illusen helped defend the land and offered sanctuary for the peasants.

     She is also famous for her rivalry with Jhudora the Dark Faerie, though Illusen will not speak of what happened between them.

     This customization makes use of the Illusen-themed wearables available, and has added detail to complete this iconic faeries look, such as the necklace, gloves and belt. I`d say the contacts and the bow are expendable from this customization, particularly the bow, as four-legged Neopets can`t hold it and it just sits on the ground next to them. You can replace the contacts with the Earth Faerie Eye Shadow, as they cannot be worn at the same time. The Glade Tree House is Illusen`s home, and the mushroom arch creates a nice frame, sort of like an entrance to her glade. Autumn Woodland Short Staff can be used until a proper Illusens Staff is released.



     MME16-S4c: Glowing Green Contacts

     Dark Enchanted Cape

     Deadly Beauty Dress

     Ileres Tree Background

     MiniMME19-S2b: Spring Forest Markings

     Ilere Collectors Wings

     Dark Green Shrubbery

     Ilere is a mysterious and reclusive Earth Faerie who lives deep in the Haunted Woods. In the Tale of Woe plot, Ilere took young Sophie in and offered her the equipment she needed to become a witch.

     This is your typical, standard look for Ilere. The glowing eyes and bright markings add magic and mystery to the customization. If you don`t own the Deadly Beauty Dress, try Black Rose Dress or Warriors Victory Dress.

     Earth Faerie in the jungle


     MME16-S4a: Poisonous Leaf Wings

     Flowering Vine Staff

     Shadowy Forest Wig

     Court Dancers Collectors Eye Shadow and Contacts

     Jungle Foliage Face Paint

     Hanging Vines

     Stuck in the Lost Isle Background

     Jungle Green Gown

     This was intended as a new spin on the classical Earth Faerie look, but it can also double as an alternative look for Ilere, as the green wig and dark dress suit her nicely. The staff can also be used in an Illusen customization.

          Air Faerie in Faerieland


     Commemorative Floating Air Faerie Doll

     New Years in Faerieland Background

     Sparkling Winter Wings

     Cloud Staff

     Cloud Gate Foreground

     Armin Collectors Contacts

     Dyeworks Blue: Shimmery Rose Top

     Perfect Hair Wig

     Flowing Air Faerie Skirt

     NOTE: The Cloud Gate Foreground does not show up in the image provided by DTI.

     Your standard options for an Air Faerie look is blonde hair, blue clothing, blue wings and a background featuring clouds and sky. There is a handful of cloud-themed backgrounds to choose from, and new Dyeworks versions have added to the selection.

     I chose the Sparkling Winter Wings both based on the colour, but also for its butterfly-like design. Several Faerie Neopets have insect-like wings, and this wearable echoes that. Although Air Faeries usually have blue eyes, I don`t think adding contacts is needed – I did it in this example to cover up the big, green bug eyes of the Buzz.

          Standard Air Faerie


     Sheer Blue Wings

     Dyeworks Blue: Golden Shimmer Cape

     Feet in the Clouds Foreground

     Golden Key Necklace

     Valentines Daydream Wig

     Faerieland Furniture Collectors Cloud Dress

     Dyeworks Blue: Pink Mountain and Cloud Background

     My personal favourite item in this customization is the wig. I like the cloud hairband and the light blue streaks in the blonde locks. An elegant wig fit for a vain Air Faerie.

          Famous Air Faerie: Psellia


     Brilliant Blue Faerie Wings

     Cloud Covered Summer Dress

     MME6-S5: Poppable Harris on a String

     Cloud Garland

     Cloudy Sky Background

     Swinging on a Cloud

     Air Faerie Eye Shadow

     Air Faerie Bubble Necklace

     Psellia Wig

     Psellia is one of the protectors of Altador, her constellation is The Dreamer. She is also known for saving Jeran the knight during The Battle For Meridell, when he fell from the Darigan Citadel. Psellia is a kind and peaceful Air Faerie that rarely leaves Faerieland, but she sends messages to the rest of Neopia with her pet Harris.

     Bottled Dark Faerie


     Dark Faerie Magic Orbs

     Sleek Purple Wig

     Dark Faerie Wings

     Black and Red Stripe Stockings and Witch Shoes

     Dark Faerie Staff

     Dark Faerie Smoke Dress

     Dark Faerie Eye Shadow

     Bottled Faerie Background

     This background can be used with any elemental faerie, but I feel the colour scheme particularly fits and flatters the Dark faeries. Signature colours for these faeries are purple and black, which should be reflected in choices of wig and clothes.

     Dark Faerie Magic


     Dark Faerie Magic Cloud Garland

     MME13-S2b: Deadly Spell Foreground

     Purple Highlight Bob Wig

     Dark Faerie Gown

     MME13-S1: Magical Shrunken Heads

     Purple Warlock Battle Wings

     Magic Spell Circle Background

     The theme of dark magic feels fitting for this type of faerie, they are known for evil curses and dark spells. I wonder what this Dark Faerie is conjuring? The green and purple colours also bring to mind a certain famous character...

          Famous Dark Faerie: Jhudora


     Pretty Purple Faerie Shirt

     Jhudora Wings

     Darkest Faerie Tights and Boots

     Shelves of Potions Trinket

     Jhudora Wig

     Deadly Poison Bottle

     Poisonous Purple and Green Skirt

     Jhudoras Cauldron

     Spooky Potions Cave Background

     Jhudora is known for offering quests to brave Neopets, but she is also known to inflict terrible punishments onto those who fail to complete them in time... Fyora the Faerie Queen watches Jhudora closely, but has so far been unable to discover her secret plans. Jhudora is also famous for her rivalry with Illusen the Earth Faerie, though no one knows what happened between them to make them enemies.

     My impression is that most people use the Jhudoras Bluff background when dressing their Neopet up like this famous Dark Faerie, and although it`s a sensible choice, I wanted to explore other options and make use of the lovely Jhudoras Cauldron item.

     Water Faerie


     Green Scallop Evening Dress

     Maraqua Team Glitter Face Paint

     Golden Sea Star Wig

     Stuffed Sea Shell Foreground

     Exploring Maraqua Background

     Seashell Throne

     Luminous Seashell Staff

     Water Faerie Eye Shadow

     Water Faeries are beautiful and magical, their signature colours are shades of blue. Most underwater scenes fit them perfectly. You can add Gormball Splat Foreground or MiniMME9-B: Splashing Puddles to a back background to make it look like your Water Faerie Neopet is sitting/standing in a puddle. In addition to the dresses and skirts used in these examples, try Flowy Scaled Skirt to give your Neopet the illusion of a red mermaid tail.

     Water Faerie at Mystery Island


     Lush Green Island Tree

     Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights

     Beaded Shell Necklace

     Iridescent Scales Skirt

     Dark Tropical Wig

     Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background

     Though traditionally blonde, who is to say that there aren`t Water Faeries with other hair colours out there? The Dark Tropical Wig gives your Neopet a gorgeous set of black locks, and the pretty flowers fit perfectly in a Mystery Island setting like this one.

     Floating at the Beach Background is a similar background, but features more open water and sky.

     Water Faeries don`t have wings, but if you really want to add them anyway, these are my suggestions: Ornate Maractite Wings, Shell Faerie Wings, Water Wings.

     Famous Water Faerie: Naia the Rainbow Fountain Faerie


     Golden Key Necklace

     Roo Island Castle Collectors Dress

     Painters Supply Table

     Frozen Facepaint

     Premium Collectible: Blonde Anchor Wig

     Dripping Paint Brush

     Water Faerie Eye Shadow

     Rainbow Fountain Background

     Ombre Cloud Garland

     Who hasn`t dreamed of receiving a quest from the Rainbow Fountin Faerie? If you`re lucky enough to be given one of her quests, you can bring your Neopet to the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland and paint them a new colour!

     Instead of the painters table, try Magical Faerieland Painting or Oversized Paint Brush.

     Playful Fountain Set causes water to squirt up around your Neopet.

     The Dyeworks Blue: Summer Orange Root Blonde Wig is also a blonde wig with a hint of blue.

     The Drenched


     Undead Contacts and Face Paint

     Shallow Pirate Grave Foreground

     Lovely Sea Monster Dress

     Nightmare Maraqua Underwater Wig

     Eerie Underwater Grotto Background

     Fearsome Fish Bone Staff

     These evil, dark Water Faeries appeared in the Curse of Maraqua plot, yet little of their personalities were revealed, and their individual names are not known. There are plushie versions of these faeries, the names of which refer to them as follows: Evil Eldest Drenched Sister, Moderately Evil Middle Drenched Sister and Slightly Less Evil Youngest Drenched Sister.


     The Drenched Collectors Contacts

     Undead Princess Dress

     The Three Skull Facepaint

     Iridescent Sea Monster Wig

     Fire Faerie


     Wings of Flame

     Hands of Fiery Energy


     Dyeworks Orange: Multicolour Wig

     Broiling Fire Foreground

     Sun Burn

     Red Eye Shadow

     Flame Dress

     MME3-B1: Magma Pool Background

     Bed of Burning Coal Embers

     Fire Faeries are known to be mischievous and impatient, their signature colours are those of the flames: Red, orange and yellow. Similarly to the Dark Faeries, they typically have short hair.

     Tyrannian Volcano Lair Background and Volcano Lavafall are good Neopoint options for this look.

          Fire Faerie at the Faerie Festival


     Premium Collectible: Stone Bridge Foreground

     Short Woodland Archer Wig

     Island Flame Baton

     Brilliant Red Faerie Wings

     Meridellian Festive Gown

     Ruined Faerie Festival Background

     Fire Faerie Eye Shadow

     The idea here is that the bridge functions as a stage for this performing Fire Faerie to show off her tricks. (Just pretend that the faeries in the background haven`t been turned into statues).

     You can swap the Premium Collectible bridge for Meridellian Festive Tent. This places the Neopet firmly on the grass with a white tent behind her, which also obstructs the view of the poor petrified faeries. Hopefully she won`t set the tent on fire!

     Famous Fire Faerie: Nuria


     Nightsteed Collectors Flame Hands

     Fiery Wooden Wings


     Long Lost Desert Scroll Trinket

     Temple of 1000 Tombs Interior Background

     MiniMME22-S2b: Queen of Lost Desert Markings

     Burgundy Hood

     Dyeworks Red: Dark Mystical Gown

     Nuria is a Fire Faerie from the Lost Desert. In the Lost Desert plot puzzle, a statue of her was featured in a room of the temple of 1,000 Tombs. Her wings are literally made of fire, and so she`s always at risk of burning things around her. She`s also known to have strong fire magic.

     Light Faerie


     Vintage Blond Roll Wig

     Sparkling Carmariller Wings

     Dyeworks Yellow: Lovely Layered Lilac Dress

     Giant Flower Background

     Dyeworks Yellow: Glass Rose Staff

     This background, with the beam of sunlight and the big yellow flower, felt quite fitting for a Light faerie. The signature colour for this faerie is yellow, and their hair can be different shades of blonde, golden or white. Their wings are yellow or golden, consider for example Golden Holiday Wings or Queen Buzzer Wings.

     Light Faerie in Faerieland


     Faerie Palace Background

     Lighted Faerie Staff

     Golden Altador Cup Goal Stockings and Shoes

     Sun Shower

     Golden Ombre Wig

     Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings

     Iridescent Light Dress

     This beautiful, regal looking background feels particularly fitting for Light and Air faeries, with the bright, open spaces and the sunlight pouring in.

     The Sun Shower fits perfectly here, and can also be applied to the previous customization.

     Famous Light Faerie: Siyana


     Sun Princess Wig

     Sun Prince Markings

     Sun of Altador Effect

     Shining Sun String Lights

     Sparkling Faerie Wings

     Altador Sun Background

     Sun Princess Dress

     Brilliant Sun Staff

     Siyana is also known as The First to Rise, and is one of the twelve founders of Altador. She once saved an entire village of farmers from bandits, by waking them in the night by emitting an intense light.

     This customization pays tribute to Altador, and of course the very symbol of the Light Faerie: The sun. It`s quite bright and flashy, and that`s the intention.

     And there you have it, my suggestions to how you can customize your Neopet to look like an elemental faerie! I hope you enjoyed this article, and that in inspired you to try out some new looks.

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