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85 Reasons for 850 Issues - Why We Love The NT!

by carmen_lee123


     There are many things that we love about the Neopian Times! The very fact that it has continue to 850 issues shows just that! But to celebrate, I have compiled a list of 85 things that we love about the Neopian Times!

     1. The wonderful creative community of Neopia,

     2. And the chance that the Neopian Times gives us to express that creativity.

     3. The white Weewoos. Where there’s a Weewoo, there’s a way.

     4. The awesome interactions with the TNT editorial staff.

     5. Cookies and various foodstuff all ‘round!

     6. The laughs that we get at the comics.

     7. The Quote of The Week.

     8. The fact that it comes out on a Friday, right when we need to kick back, relax and enjoy.

     9. Shifting through the archives to find a piece on your favourite Neopian.

     10. The themes that are such a great way to celebrate Neopian holidays.

     11. Waiting for the next episode of your favourite continued series.

     12. Having a place to have questions answered in the Editorial.

     13. Scrolling through the New Series section to find something new to read.

     14. The excitement when there is enough in the New Series section to scroll through!

     15. When you start a new series and are already looking forward to the next instalment.

     16. That moment when you finish a series that you have been enjoying for some time. (okay so maybe this one is love/hate)

     17. That moment of inspiration when you get the idea for the perfect submission.

     18. When you are just chatting with a friend and they give you the idea for a great submission

     19. Refreshing Neo every few minutes to see whether TNT has accepted your submission.

     20. When TNT makes a custom image for your submission!

     21. When a custom image gives you the perfect inspiration for your next submission

     22. When your own question gets featured in the Editorial and you feel a little like a low key superstar

     23. Getting all of the latest updates from Donny’s corner

     24. Our favourite slorg greeting us when we open up the Times

     25. This week’s issue is brought to you by: fabulous Neopian sponsors

     26. The Search function that helps us find something for all of our interests

     27. The fabulous avatars that we all desire

     28. FINALLY getting your tenth submission in and getting the shiny new avvie

     29. Continuing to make submissions even after you have the avatar because its addicting and a great way to express your creativity

     30. The joy you feel when your submission is accepted

     31. The beautiful golden quill trophy

     32. And being called a Neopian Times CHAMPION when you have it

     33. Having a place to immerse yourself deeper in the comings and goings of Neopia

     34. Collecting old issues in your safety deposit box

     35. Mumblings about a certain ‘non-existent’ place

     36. And all the in-jokes therein

     37. When you finally get your submission over the word limit and ready to submit

     38. When someone makes enough effort to put an animation into their comic

     39. When someone drops a great pun in their comic

     40. When a comic provides you with such good material that you can use the joke with all of your friends in Neopia.

     41. Collecting all the great Neopian Times merchandise such as a Neopian Times Paper Rack, Neopian Times Bean Bag or Framed Neopian Times.

     42. Wearing your I Love The Neopian Times T-Shirt as you open a fresh issue

     43. A week when a TNT holiday means that the times gets released early and you get to enjoy it longer

     44. Our wonderful Editor and staff that make it all happen

     45. Enjoying some nostalgic time by flicking through old issues

     46. When the issue has a custom banner

     47. Finally cracking a game avatar thanks to a handy article

     48. Finding a great listicle that keeps you entertained

     49. Getting the solution that you were hoping for in a quiz!

     50. When you see a submission written by one of your neofriends and you get so excited for them

     51. When you see a typo and you take a moment to delight in your grammar editing eyes

     52. When a short story has a fantastic adventure that hooks you right in

     53. Chet Flash wuz here

     54. The Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie

     55. The excitement that builds as we get close to a 50 or 00 issue

     56. When you see a colab piece – isn’t it nice to see Neopians working together?

     57. When an artist puts a whole heap of effort into their comic art and its just stunning

     58. When your submission gets selected for the quote of the week

     59. Having your submission on the front page!

     60. The fact that so many Neopians put a lot of effort into making it a reality!

     61. There are literally 850 issues for you to read to your heart’s content!

     62. Going back to old issues to look at how the Times has developed.

     63. Scrolling through the archives to find an issue that way published on your birthday.

     64. Into the stone age…issues that go so far back that your sanity is questioned for reading them (but let’s face it, we all have)

     65. Scanning the Editorial for Edna clues (for how many years?)

     66. Seeing a great question answered in the editorial that you didn’t know you had.

     67. Remembering the old JubJub reading logo

     68. Finally getting the 50 or 00 avatar

     69. The pictures that close the editorial

     70. When a writer puts enough effort to have multiple parts to their series

     71. Catching a glimpse of something interesting on the sidebar that you weren’t expecting to read

     72. When a comic has been around for long enough that you know the characters

     73. The changing slogans

     74. When the TNT staff join in on our jokes on in the editorial

     75. Learning all about Neopia in from the articles

     76. Learning from the experts in the articles

     77. The wonderful Neopian Times fashions that we can rock all week long

     78. Seeing an interview with your favourite Neopian hero (or villain)

     79. Trying our a new game because you saw a guide in the articles section

     80. When someone releases a story about your favorite Neopian and you feel that you get to know them better

     81. When you see a story written by an old neofriend that you haven’t heard from in a while and it gives you the perfect excuse to get in touch

     82. When you get the subtle reference in someone’s story

     83. Spending time on the Neopian writers board for inspiration and community

     84. When you have writers block but reading somebody else's story gives you just the right inspiration

     85. Looking back at stories articles or comics that you have submitted over the years and seeing how your skills have developed.

     Now I know that there is plenty more that we could say! But I hope that this list inspired you and helped you to commemorate this occasion. Here's to the next 850 issues!


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