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A Glimmer of Hope

by eikelenboom


     A Glimmer of Hope

     I am writing to raise awareness of a glitch with Neopets High score tables and show options for other trophies affected accounts have currently. This issue affects an unknown number of players and has affected a few since 2012. While this issue is ongoing effected users are unable to earn a total of 205 trophies and 6 avatars. To check If your account is affected the easiest way to check is to send a score and refresh the game page. If you month score says N/A you are affected Contact TNT.

     Specifically, for those who are unable to Get on high scores, I have a few suggestions of alternant trophies you can aim for while TNT is working hard at rectifying the Games Room Issues. If you are having trouble with scores not appearing on high score tables, please make contact and submit a ticket to TNT.


     1. Cheat.

     A simple card game where you are to clear your hand before all the other players. You can try and cheat but if you get caught you need to pick up the entire pile. There are 7 Rounds required to earn a shiny gold trophy.

     2. Snow Wars.

     A battleship style game; find all your opponent’s pieces before he finds yours. I recommend trying for the smaller pieces first. There are 10 opponents to clear for a gold trophy.

     3. Sakhmet Solitaire & Pyramids.

     What’s better than Solitaire and Pyramids? The Neopian version. Clear all the cards to win and win 2 in a row to earn a Gold Trophy. It can be quite a challenge to win 2 in a row.

     4. Go! Go! Go!

     A much harder card game. Clear all your face down cards before any other player. I recommend reading the rules for this game. Clear 8 Rounds for the gold trophy. You can only play higher card numbers unless you have a 2. Also, if a 3 has been played you may only play odd value cards and a 4 can only have even value cards played on it.

     5. Better than you!

     Play the game of the week, Beat the challengers score and be one of the first 10 to do it for this gold trophy.

     6. Mystery Pic.

     Identify which picture the pixelated square belongs to and be one of the first 10 people to guess it correctly.

     7. Beating Punchbag Bob.

     Put on your boxing gloves and throw those muffins. This one you earn for defeating Punchbag Bob.

     8. Cellblock.

     A strategy board game; trick your opponent and line up 5 blocks in a row. Complete Tournament 11 to earn gold in this one. It's best to create two lines where the 4th piece is the 4th in both. The game becomes more challenging in Tournament 11 where rocks will appear to obstruct you.

     9. Neoquest I.

     Venture into the Palace of the two rings and defeat Xantan Reborn. Train hard before you challenge the boss. Complete InSaNe mode to become a Neoquest Champion.

     10. Neoquest II.

     Travel from Meridell to Faerieland with your heroes and Defeat King Terask II. To win a gold trophy you will need to clear InSaNe mode without dying. You will need to complete Normal and Evil modes to unlock InSaNe mode. You can also try your luck at the Neoquest Race Trophies.

     11. Plushie Tycoon.

     Buy your materials and churn out those plushies. This game is like running a business pay your staff, your bills, your rent and the tax man. Finish with 1 Million Neopoints in your till to earn Gold. Plushie Tycoon is a month-long game which needs frequent check-ins.

     12. The Neopian Lottery.

     Purchase 20 tickets a day and match more numbers than anyone else. You can also get more entries from the wheel of monotony and random events. You need to win 1 Million or more to earn this gold trophy.

     13. Writing Contests.

     Fancy your skills as a writer? There are a few spotlights that may suit you. You can attempt to wow with your poetry skills, write for the Neopian times, or write Stories in the storytelling contest.

     14. Caption Contests.

     Enter the weekly caption contest if you have that witty creativeness.

     15. Round Table Poker.

     While the High score tables aren’t working you can still earn a runner-up medal for Round table poker. It isn’t as shiny but can be earned by completing tournament 6.

     16. Graphic Contests.

     There are a few options if you can draw: The Random Contest, Picture Competition, or the Neopian Times Comics.

     17. Coding Contests.

     There are a few contests here that require Graphic skills and coding skills. Give the User Lookup Spotlight, Gallery Spotlight a shot. Maybe one day we will see the site spotlight return as well.

     18. Geos.

     A second battleship style game but this time it’s a multiplayer version. Enter the monthly multiplayer competitions to try for this trophy.

     19. Kacheekers.

     A multiplayer checkers game. Enrol for the monthly Multiplayer competition for a shot at this trophy.

     20. Armada.

     The third multiplayer game you can sign up to play. Enrol before the end of the month and challenge another user to play a capture the flag type of game. Your objective is to have more ships when the squares are full.

     Earning a gold trophy in the multiplayer games requires a little bit of luck you will need to win 5 weekly competitions currently the game is skipping some weeks but with luck, you can do it. Neomail your opponent and arrange to finish the game at a time that suits.

     I know you need some inspiration when you can’t earn game trophies and I hope this encourages you. They are many trophies listed here you can try for and some of them will test your skills to the limit.

     If you currently can get onto the high score tablets I hope this guild offers you some advice for a new trophy you hadn’t thought of.

     Good luck with your trophy hunting!


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