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Style Guide for Xweetoks

by alissiee


     Style Guide for Xweetoks

     Look, we all know how hard it can be to put together the perfect outfit. Sometimes you spend hours going over seemingly endless options, only to put the entire ensemble on and discover that it’s entirely too much pink, and not in a cute Usuki way either. In celebration of Xweetok Day, I have decided to take a look at some of the complete Xweetok outfits available for those of us who want our pets to look put-together without the hassle of picking each individual piece separately. For those who don’t have the time or energy to start from scratch, this one is for you!

     The Xweetok Popstar (consisting of Xweetok Popstar Hat, Xweetok Popstar Microphone, Xweetok Popstar Earrings, and Xweetok Popstar Dress)

     How cute is this ensemble? The best thing about it being a Xweetok-exclusive design is how well the dress works with the natural tuft of fur around your Xweetok’s neck. Instead of hiding it away under a tight collar, the Xweetok Popstar Dress allows the fur to become a highlight of the look. Depending on your Xweetok’s color, it might even match the pink of the skirt or the blue of the hat. With a microphone in hand, this outfit is ready to turn your Xwee into the star you already knew they were!

          The Lotus Xweetok (consisting of Lotus Xweetok Dress, Lotus Xweetok Fan, Lotus Xweetok Gloves, and Lotus Xweetok Wig)

     This is another outfit that allows the natural design of your Xweetok to become the focal point. Where some wigs might not fit the unique shape of a Xwee’s head, the Lotus Xweetok Wig features an elaborate braid which drapes around your pet’s ear, offset by a large lotus-shaped comb above it. It is another attention-grabbing look that would compliment a variety of colors, though I personally think it would work rather well on basic paint jobs, allowing the outfit’s design to shine through.

     The Xweetok Wizard (consisting of Xweetok Wizard Beard, Xweetok Wizard Cloak, Xweetok Wizard Hat, and Xweetok Wizard Staff)

     This is the first outfit on my list where the Xweetok’s neck tuft is hidden away, but I feel like it’s a fair trade when you see what you’re getting in return! The Xweetok Wizard Beard curls down between your pet’s feet, giving them the stately appeal of an older pet without the expense and wrinkles of an Elderboy or Eldergirl paint job. Both the cloak and hat are a rich, dark teal, allowing the sharp white of the beard to pop. (I saw this outfit displayed on a White Xweetok, and would highly recommend the combination.)

     The Space Gypsy Xweetok (consisting of Space Gypsy Dress, Space Gypsy Wig, and Space Gypsy Gloves)

     Though this outfit only consists of three pieces, it is just as complete a look as my previous recommendations. Tattered, sheer fabric in galactic shades of deep purples, pinks, and blues adorn this Xweetok’s outfit, accented by a black rose on the headband of the shimmering wig. This would be an excellent addition to any Space Station-lover, or for someone who was planning a galaxy-themed paint job.

     The Lace Tweed Xweetok (consisting of Lace Tweed Xweetok Gloves, Lace Tweed Xweetok Hat, Lace Tweed Xweetok Jacket, Lace Tweed Xweetok Shoes, and Lace Tweed Xweetok Skirt)

     Though this is the most complex outfit on the list, requiring a total of five pieces, it is also the most visually refined. The main color palette is a series of cool grey tones accented by white lace, topped off by a trim blonde wig. As the items’ descriptions promise, this is an exceptionally elegant look for fashionable Xweetoks looking to step out on the town with a touch of vintage glamor.

     The Dapper Xweetok (consisting of Dapper Xweetok Hat, Dapper Xweetok Shirt and Waistcoat, Dapper Xweetok Trousers, and Dapper Xweetok Shoes)

     Looking for a more masculine version of the Lace Tweed outfit? The Dapper Xweetok look hails from the same era and has honed in on a similar color palette. Instead of featuring a blonde wig, the Dapper look is topped with an off-white hat and accented by an orange bow tie. Unlike some of the earlier outfits on this list, neither the Lace Tweed Xweetok outfit nor the Dapper Xweetok outfit come with a handheld item, but neither look seems incomplete without it! Who needs a microphone or a fan when you look this dashing?

     The Punk Xweetok (consisting of Punk Xweetok Hat, Punk Xweetok Necklace, Punk Xweetok Shirt, Punk Xweetok Skirt, and Punk Xweetok Boots)

     For those Xweetoks with more abstract sensibilities, I offer you the Punk Xweetok outfit. This red and black ensemble features a loud striped shirt and a plaid skirt, accented by a hat barely masking a funky swath of bright red hair swooping down one side of the face. While the earlier Xweetok Wizard outfit works well on light-colored pets, this look would best suit dark pets painted colors like fire, pirate, shadow, or skunk.

     The Xweetok Racer (consisting of Xweetok Racer Helmet, Xweetok Racer Top, Xweetok Racer Skirt, and Xweetok Racer Shoes)

     I’m not always a fan of looks that cover so much of your pet’s face, but the Xweetok Racer outfit pulls this off far better than most! The oversized helmet has a visor big enough to show off your Xweetok’s large eyes, while still leaving enough room beneath it for the fur around its neck. The boots are surprisingly fashionable for a look designed for function. This racing outfit, predictably colored a loud red and accented with black and white checks, leaves your Xweetok’s tail free (perhaps to help it balance in its race?)

     The Snowy Xweetok (consisting of Snowy Xweetok Hat, Snowy Xweetok Collar, Snowy Xweetok Dress, and Snowy Xweetok Wand)

     The Snowy Xweetok outfit is a fitting way to end our list as it is seasonally appropriate for Xweetok Day! This outfit is designed to keep your Xweetok warm no matter where it travels, but particularly on those blustery Terror Mountain winters. (Xweetoks have been traveling further and further from their cozy tree trunks in recent years and need to dress appropriately for harsher climates!) The dress is styled similarly to the Xweetok Wizard Cloak and is appropriate for both male and female Xweetoks looking to keep warm this winter, and is lined with the same blue and white ombre fur as the hat and collar. The look comes together with the Snowy Xweetok Wand. Perhaps your furry friend will be casting a few spells to keep itself warm in the coming months!


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