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by o_babypet4me_o


     The following article details the top 50 books you can read in Neopia. Dan and Cammy have currently read over 3300 books to limit them and produce the top 50 books to read to your pets. They have taken out picture books and know the books that are in a language that you as a reader cannot read. If you believe that there are books that should be included, or you would like to know more about a certain book, than please ask either of our experts in 9.5 words or less via Neomail.

     50. Altador in Summer- Voted by Dan

     The descriptive language in this book is one that cannot be missed. The author details a summer spent hanging out in the water right off the Altador Shore. You can imagine yourself on the sandy beach breathing in the salty air. Take a step into reading this book and you will not be angry. I found myself taking off my woollen cap as I was reading the section about the heat of the sun as I sat in my igloo at Terror Mountain.

     This book made me want to take a trip to Altador to visit the beach. Characters such as that magical Chia from the Magical Marvels, the Janitor from the Hallo of Heroes and the old archivist Lenny from the Archives just made the story one of the bests I have read!

      49. 381 Dirt Jokes - Voted by Cammy

     Did you know that cleaning mud can lead to a life of grime? It is a slippery slope. Maybe it is best to just stick to reading 381 Dirt Jokes, a "ground breaking" book that will have your sides splitting with laughter! Who knew that soil could be so funny!?

     Besides, what is more common than dirt? This book will equip you with the humour that you need to wow your friends in any situation. Just look at the ground and say, "Hey! Did you hear the one about the topsoil?" I guarantee that there will be laughs all 'round and that your friends will be thinking "This Neopian is really down to earth"

     If you are in the need for some clean fun, then 381 Dirt Jokes will be your soil mate for life! So give it a read and make sure to share it with your friends, because we are sure that they will really dig it too!

      48. Carrot Growing - Voted by Dan

     I have never been more fascinated by a vegetable than a carrot after reading the book “Carrot Growing.” The patience in which is needed to watch a carrot grow is more than I could handle! This book provides suburb tips to have carrots growing in your garden within weeks!! The images of when the carrot seed goes into the ground is UNBELIEVABLE! When you get to the part about the Chia who plucks that carrot out of the ground… astonishing! This is a must-read book, a great Christmas present for those who have not bought anything yet for their children. It will have you on the end of your seat. If you have a few days to read this I think you should. Without it- I would probably try to grow something like peas (which we all know are not as good).

     47. Dark Faerie Secrets - Voted by Dan

     Maybe I should not have reviewed this one but OH MY GOLLY! For those who have read anything to do with the Dark Faerie you MUST read “Dark Faerie Secrets.” I have NO IDEA how she has not cast a spell to get this book off the shelf as it is really a book she does not want you to read! Stop reading this if you do not want any spoilers. All I can say is you better get those toys for her for the quests. Poor thing never had a toy when she was growing up. I always give her what she wants. I guarantee that you will start to feel so sorry for her if you read this book! You will laugh, you will cry and by the end of reading you’ll have a different perspective of this Faerie.

     46. Maraquan Menu - Voted by Cammy

     A Maraquan Menu will take you and your taste buds through the Maraquaran oceans with all your favourite sea salty ingredients from seaw'ed to coral.

     Whether you are a rich or poor in the land of Neopia, this book has recipes that will leave you delighted. Anyone with a fishing rod could whip up a few delicious dishes with common finds from the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex and those with a more Gourmet taste can enjoy at home some of the most famous dishes from the Kelp kitchen such as the Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie or Octopi Souffle.

     Underwater Chef has even contributed his favourite Pesto Anenome recipe to the book and this is a recipe that you do not want to miss. Rumour has it that it is the chefs own favourite food!

     We hope that you enjoy cooking up a whirlpool of flavours with this read!

     45. Zombie Legends- Voted by Cammy

     Very few people know that Zombie legends are not unlike our own.

     For example, my favourite story was about a young zombie Kacheek whose father is still alive and so she is taken care of by her evil zombie stepmother and two evil zombie stepsisters. She falls in love with a prince, but he is also not a zombie so her faerie godmother makes her a beautiful dress and turns him into a zombie so that they can be together forever. It is a beautiful story really!

     If you are a zombie bet, or you have friends who are, we have rated this book in the top 50 as it is not only a very thrilling read with some surprising twists but it is also a good chance to brush up on your zombie lore and a great thing to whip out at the next brains party.

     Next time Cammy (carmen_lee123) and Dan (o_babypet4me_o) will review more books that they believe are the top 50 out there! If you have a favourite book or would like one to be reviewed feel free to contact either Neopian for an expert opinion!


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