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85 Things to do this Winter Season

by berzerkturtlez


    The snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and there’s a spirit of celebration in the year. That’s right, it’s wintertime! A time for relaxing, giving, and celebrating with friends and family. In celebration of the 850th issue of the Neopian Times, l am going over 85 things to do this winter season.

    1. Put on some warm clothes: Everything is getting colder, and you don’t want to freeze out in the cold! Put on a nice sweater for your Neopet, a scarf, or some boots. Make sure they’re ready to go outdoors. Of course, this doesn’t apply to those Neopians where it actually gets warmer in the winter time…

    2. Put on some cooler clothes: Not everyone sees snow during the winter! Winter might actually mean hot weather for those Neopians in the opposite hemisphere. Make sure your Neopet is wearing a cool T-shirt and shorts!

    3. Make a visit to the Neopian Pharmacy: With wintertime comes a greater chance of illnesses like Sneezles or Neuflu. Make sure your pet is protected in case they get sick by picking up some treatments at the pharmacy.

    4. Get some gift wrap: Of course, the gifts should be a surprise. Wrap up gifts in special wrap from the gift shop.

    5. Buy gifts: It’s the season of giving. Go to the trading post to trade for the perfect gift for your Neopets or other Neopians. Or maybe you prefer to buy from the Neopian shops? Whatever the case, you need to fill up the space under your tree.

    6. Buy decorations: You might have to visit a few shops to get everything you need, but this is a great way to get into the holiday mood. You’re bound to find some cute decorations.

    7. Decorate your Neohome: Everyone starts putting up holiday lights and wreaths. You don’t want to be the only one on your block with a plain Neohome.

    8. Decorate your tree: If you don’t have a tree, you could probably pick one up somewhere in Neopia Central, or around your neighborhood. Pick some decorations up from the Neopian Gift Shop!

    9. Visit the Advent Calendar: The time old tradition of getting free items from the advent calendar is one we’re all familiar with. Maybe this year the Pant Devil won’t steal that Rod of Supernova from you this time.

    10. Enter the Dream Neopet Giveaway: Is there a pet you always wanted, but could never get? You’re out of luck if it’s an unconverted pet, but you could get lucky and turn your Neopet into the color and species of your dreams!

    11. Prepare for Stocking Stufftacular: This event requires Neocash, but you get a new, awesome, wearable item every day. Perfect if you had trouble with item #1 on this list! You’ll be sure to get some nice clothes.

    12. Get some Winter Mystery Capsules: There’s always some new capsules released at the NC Mall. Whether you want some old goodies, new shinies, or gift boxes to send things to your friends, you can find it inside the capsules!

    13. Get some Dyeworks: Ok, I promise I’m not being sponsored by the NC Mall. But, with the holiday season comes some new Dyeworks that are sure to fit your holiday customizations.

    14. Change your Neopet’s background: It’s cold outside, so time to dress for the season. Put on a nice snowy background to show them playing outside or place them indoors if you don’t want them to suffer the cold.

    15. Give your Neopet a matching foreground item: Throw up a holiday garland, some decorations, or some lights in your Neopet’s custom.

    16. Enter the Customization spotlight: Now that your Neopet is all dressed up, enter them in to show off to everyone else. Maybe you’ll win a nice trophy, too?

    17. Enter the Beauty Contest: Show off your art skills and your Neopet. Don’t just show off how well dressed they are, but how well groomed they are as well.

    18. Collect some new avatars: There are plenty of wintery and holiday themed avatars that you can collect. Whether it’s the elusive Snowy Valley Stamp Collector avatar, or the annual Advent Calendar avatars you missed out on, you can find the right avatar to fit the holiday spirit.

    19. Add more items to your gallery: You’ve put it off all year, but now’s the time to buy that item you were missing from your gallery and then show it off to everyone.

    20. Stock your shop: Everyone’s going shopping, so make sure to load up your shop with goodies. What good is it to have things rotting in your safety deposit box? May as well get some Neopoints out of it!

    21. Shovel the snow: Unfortunately, snow can also be a nuisance, so make sure your Neohome is clear of snow. Look at it this way: you can train your Endurance without having to pay any codestones.

    22. Turn up the heat: Make sure your home is cozy after you get out of the cold. You don’t want the pipes to freeze either!

    23. Paint your Neopet Christmas: The holidays are here, so why not paint your pet to match? Give them some nice clothes to celebrate!

    24. Paint your Neopet Snow: Or maybe you prefer to have your Neopet colored snow? Maybe you’re missing the avatar. Whatever the case may be, make sure they don’t drip water all over your Neohome!

    25. Paint your Neopet’s petpet to match: Make sure to nab those paintbrushes before it gets too close and they go up in price.

    26. Go caroling: Spread the cheer around and find a group of friends to go caroling with.

    27. Buy some candy: No celebration is complete without candy. Pick some up at the Chocolate Factory in Neopia Central.

    28. Watch a movie: Get a blanket and cuddle up inside. Or go to Movie Central in Neopia Central and watch the newest release.

    29. Donate to the Money Tree: It is the season of giving! While you stop by the movies, why not give to those in need?

    30. Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen: If you’re in Neopia Central and have some spare time, help the Soup Faerie to help other Neopians. Anyone could use a warm bowl of soup when it’s so cold outside.

    31. Stop by the Food Shop: Get your ingredients for that big celebration you’re going to have. Pick up everything you need here.

    32. Head to the Bakery: Stop by here while you’re in Neopia Central to get some warm pastries, or ingredients to make your own!

    33. Splurge on something nice: You’ve worked hard all year, time to reward yourself. Get a new stamp avatar, or maybe an expensive book you’ve been meaning to buy. Or maybe a rare collectible that is rarely seen is now up for trade. Go ahead and snag it up!

    34. Window shop: Maybe you want to save your Neopoints. Maybe you don’t have enough for that shiny new weapon. Feel free to go around the shops and take a look!

    35. Bake some cookies: A warm batch of cookies, coupled with some milk is the perfect snack.

    36. Bake a pie: Make a delicious warm apple pie. Share it with others if you want, or eat it all yourself.

    37. Make a gingerbread house: Bored because it’s too cold outside? There’s plenty you can do indoors. Make a gingerbread house and go crazy with your decorations.

    38. Travel to Terror Mountain: Actually, is this a good idea? Wouldn’t it snow even harder this time of year? Well, I’m sure there’s plenty to do here.

    39. Buy a scratchcard: Stop by the scratchcard kiosk while you’re in Happy Valley and maybe you’ll get lucky!

    40. Buy a Wintery Petpet: Maybe your petpet couldn’t be painted snow or Christmas? Well you might find a matching petpet here. If you’re lucky, you might even find a Candychan for cheap.

    41. Buy a slushie: Ok, maybe a slushie from the shop in Happy Valley is not a great idea after you’ve been out in 0-degree weather. Still, you traveled here, so might as well try it!

    42. Get some Ice Weaponry: Head through Happy Valley to the Ice Caves. You can pick up some cool weapons here to beat your opponents back home! If you’re lucky, you can get the coveted Freezing Potion.

    43. Steal from the Snowager: Try to take some of his treasure at 6am, 2pm, or 10pm NST. If you’re lucky, you’ll find something nice. If you’re unlucky, you’ll get blasted. But if you’re super lucky, you might get blasted… and find an avatar!

    44. Battle in the Ice Arena: Ok, time to test out those weapons you picked up. Or maybe you just want revenge on the Snowager after he blasted you?

    45. Buy Neggs at the Neggery: Maybe you got blasted by the snowager, but your Neopet is too weak to beat him? Pick up some Neggs at the Neggery while you’re here in the Ice Caves. The Cool Negg, Spiked Negg, and Snegg are great ways to strengthen your pet.

    46. Visit Taelia: You’ve trekked to the top of Terror Mountain. Now go fetch some things for Taelia so she can give you a mediocre prize.

    47. Go skiing: I heard Terror Mountain has the best experience for skiing. Just be careful, they don’t call it “Terror Mountain” for nothing.

    48. Go snowboarding: Another cool option if you or your Neopet prefers to snowboard instead of ski.

    49. Play some games: There’s plenty of games to play at Terror Mountain. Snow Wars 2, Snowroller, Cliff Hanger, and Rink Runner are some of my favorites.

    50. Travel to Mystery Island: Ok, maybe you don’t want to go to Terror Mountain, possibly the coldest place in Neopia during wintertime. Maybe you prefer somewhere warmer?

    51. Train your Neopet: Give your Neopet the gift of more stats. It can get pricey, but surely your Neopet won’t complain that they can’t hold a Super Attack Pea anymore, right?

    52. Collect stamps: Not everyone wants to travel across Neopia. For those of us who prefer to stay inside, get some stamps and admire them in your album. Maybe you want to finish Snowy Valley for that sweet avatar. Or perhaps you should get started on Snowy Valley II while the stamps are still cheap?

    53. Take a walk in the park: If you don’t want to travel, but still want to go outside, go to your neighborhood park with your Neopets. They’ll have a lot of fun outside.

    54. Admire the winter landscape: Seeing everything covered in white snow looks amazing.

    55. Have a snowball fight: Ok, so now you’re all prepared to have some fun. Go have a snowball fight outside with your friends and show them who’s boss!

    56. Make a snowman: Now that you’re all tired from throwing snowballs, make some snowmen to relax.

    57. Make a snow angel: Maybe making a snowman is too much work for that snowball fighting you just did. Just lie down in the snow, relax, and move your arms and legs back and forth. Great way to relax!

    58. Go sledding: Bundle up and fly down the hill in your sled! Alternatives to a sled include trash can lids and wooden planks.

    59. Go ice fishing: Just make sure you don’t fall through the ice.

    60. Go ice skating: Don’t be embarrassed if it’s your first-time skating and your Neopet is skating circles around you. Everyone has to start somewhere.

    61. Play some ice hockey: For the more experienced skaters, enjoy some friendly competition with other Neopets in your neighborhood.

    62. Take a nice hot tub bath: Warm yourself up after spending the day outside with a nice, steamy bath. Nothing feels better than soaking in warm water after you’ve been in freezing weather.

    63. Star gaze: If it’s not too snowy, go out and take a look at the night sky. Make sure you’re warm and cozy outside!

    64. Watch the sunset and sunrise: The sun can be especially beautiful this time of year.

    65. Make new friends: Find someone wandering around outside just like you and start chatting with them!

    66. Enjoy some Borovan: Borovan is hot chocolate and asparagus, and Borovan day is on December 20th. What’s better than a nice warm drink?

    67. Enjoy some hot chocolate: Ok, maybe you think asparagus is nasty. Go ahead and leave out that asparagus, no one will know.

    68. Chop some wood: Make sure you have some firewood so your Neohome doesn’t get too cold! A great way to make sure you’re warm as well.

    69. Read a book: Sit by the fire with your drink. Cover yourself up in some blankets and read a nice book.

    70. Host a slumber party: Few things are better than staying in with friends, feeling all warm and cozy while there is a raging snow storm outside.

    71. Make some eggnog: This rich and sweet beverage is essential to any holiday celebration.

    72. Leave out some milk and cookies: It’s getting closer to the Day of Giving. Leaving out some milk and cookies overnight is a great way to ensure you’ll have a few more things under your tree the next day!

    73. Celebrate the Day of Giving: It’s that day of the year we’ve all been waiting for. Everyone is full of the holiday spirit on this day! Catch up with old friends and family, share gifts, and celebrate!

    74. Have a party: What’s the Month of Celebration without a big party? Invite all your friends, family, and their Neopets. Exchange all those gifts and have some fun! Stuff yourself with food.

    75. Sleep: You’re probably tired after that big celebration. Time to catch up on sleep. Maybe you and your Neopets worked extra hard this year. It’s time to take a break!

    76. Prepare for the New Year: The best part of winter is that you get two major holidays in the span of a week!

    77. Make a New Years Resolution: Maybe you want to fill up your bank account? Maybe you want to paint your Neopet a new color? Or perhaps you want to hit the gym and increase your Agility? Whatever the case, make a resolution and stick to it!

    78. Change your Neopet’s outfit: Ok, ok, I know I already said this earlier… but it’s worth it to change up your Neopet’s outfit again just for New Year’s Day. You want to start the year off with a bang!

    79. Go to a New Years Party: Celebrate the ringing of a new year with some of your closest friends and Neopets. Dress up, go out, and watch the fireworks!

    80. Watch the ball drop: Neopia Central always has a massive firework celebration, with a ball drop to signal in the new year. Whether you’re watching in person or from far away, join in and celebrate with everyone else.

    81. Set off fireworks: If you got some fireworks of your own, set them off to celebrate!

    82. Enjoy the rest of your Winter Break: If you or your Neopet is a student, odds are, you’re heading back to school soon. Make sure to make the most of your vacation before you have to go back to hitting the books.

    83. Prepare for Sloth Appreciation Day: A dubious holiday to celebrate, especially if you’re a Grundo. Oh well, might as well get the avatar that is available only on this day!

    84. Prepare for Valentine’s day: It’s a long ways away, but if you have a special someone in mind, it’s never too early to start planning what you want to do!

    85. Enjoy yourself: Whatever you like to do, make sure you have fun and relaxation this winter. You’ve got another year ahead of you now, so make sure you spend this time to recharge!


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