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A Guide To Quests Across Neopia

by aleu1986


     Want to go on a quest? No need to wait for the faeries to assign you one, there are several places across Neopia where you can meet characters in need of your help. Who are they, where can you find them, and is completing their quests worth the time and effort? Read on to find out.

     Taelia the Snow Faerie

     Location: The top of Terror Mountain

     Asks for: Food (including baked and candy) magic and medicine

     Reward: NP, a snowball and one food/slushie of r50-r90


     Taelia the Snow Faerie resides in a huge igloo located at the top of Terror Mountain. Unlike other faeries, Taelia does not fly around granting random quests to Neopians. Instead, Neopets travel to Terror Mountain to offer their services in getting Taelia the items she requires for her spells. Enter the igloo and click on "I will help you!" to receive a quest from the Snow Faerie. Also unlike other faeries, Taelia allows you to use the Shop Wizard so you can easily find the items she needs.

     She asks for no less than two and no more than four items, ranging from foods (this also includes items from the Bakery and Chocolate Factory) magic items (such as potions) and medicine. They vary in rarity from r30 up to r85. As such, the cost of the items vary a lot as well. Personally, I set a limit at 5k (five thousand) NP when doing Taelia's quests, as the prizes aren`t worth spending more.

     I always look up the price of each item and add them up before buying anything to avoid wasting NP in case the combined cost is too much.

     There is no penalty for failed quests. So if you decide not to complete one, or you run out of time for some reason, you simply go back to the quest page and Taelia will be ready with a new one.

     Once you have bought the items needed, return to the Snow Faerie and click on "I have your ingredients!" to complete the quest and get your reward.

     Taelia gives you a magical snowball which can be used in the Battledome, some NP (anywhere between 100 and 4,000) and a random food or slushie of the rarity 50-90. If you`re lucky enough to get an item with a high rarity you could make a decent profit!

     There are also several exclusive items given out by Taelia, but these are quite rare. If you want to buy them for your gallery, I recommend buying them from another user rather than gambling on getting lucky with the Snow Faeries quests. In addition, Taelia gives out coupons which can be used to get ice cream from the Ice Cream Machine in Happy Valley. These are also rare, exclusive prizes, however. I have done many quests for Taelia over the years and have never gotten one.

     Worth it?

     Not really. You unlock Taelia as a Battledome challenger and receive an avatar when you complete your very first Snow Faerie quest. There is no trophy, but you can make a small profit (or break even) from selling your quest rewards. A lot of the time, completing them is not worth the cost, though. Personally, I just do Taelia's quests for fun.

     Edna the Witch

     Location: Haunted Woods

     Asks for: Food, Toys, Wearables

     Reward: NP, spooky foods and the chance for an avatar


     If you should find yourself wandering in the Haunted Woods, you may come across a spooky tower. Inside lives Edna, the wicked witch. She needs your help in getting ingredients for her spells. Do you dare to enter her tower and accept the quest?

     Click on the button that says "Erm.. OK then" to get a list of the ingredients Edna needs for her spell. You may use the Shop Wizard to look them up and buy them. Once you have bought the items, return to Edna's Tower and click on the button "I have the ingredients!" to get your reward. The witch will give you a few Nepoints and a random Spooky Food of r82 or below in exchange for your hard work. Out of all the quest-givers in Neopia, Edna is the stingiest with her reward. The only reason people continue to complete her quests is to get the avatar.

     The very first Edna quest you complete will unlock her as a Battledome challenger.

      Worth it?

     Only do Edna's quests for a chance to get the avatar. My recommendation is to only complete the quests where she asks for three items – but don`t bankrupt yourself on Edna's quests, make sure to set a spending limit! I would suggest between 2k and 4k (two thousand and four thousand) since you are able to complete several of Edna's quests daily. You may need to do a lot of quests for her before you get the avatar, no need to break your bank account in the process.

      Mystery Island Kitchen Quest

     Location: Mystery Island

     Asks for: Food

     Reward: Stats, NP or an item


     Originally from Maraqua, the Underwater Chef moved to Mystery Island after the old Maraqua City was destroyed by pirates. Formally the chef to the royal family, this poor Flotsam now needs your help in gathering ingredients needed to make dishes for the coconut god Mumbo Pango. His appetite knows no bounds, and the Underwater Chef is forced to prepare meals for him all day long! Find ingredients for the Chef, and he will reward you.

     Click on the button that says "Sure, I will help!" to receive a list of ingredients needed for the recipe.

     The Underwater Chef asks for three or four foods from all over Neopia, and you can use the Shop Wizard to look up the prices and buy the items. Just like with the other quests, I always add up the cost of the ingredients to determine if the quest is worth completing. It`s entirely up to you how much you want to spend on a single Kitchen Quest, but my personal recommendation is setting a limit of between three and four thousand NP, as the item and NP rewards from these quests are rarely any good.

     Now, what makes the Kitchen Quest unique is the possibility of a stat increase. This may be given to any Neopet on your account, however, so you`re not guaranteed that your battle pet will get an increased stat. The other rewards include an item or a small Neopoint reward. Unlike Taelia, who always gives you several things as thanks for completing her quest, the Underwater Chef gives you one single reward. You may get a few hundred NP, or an increased stat for one of your Neopets, or one item. Not two things or all three at once.

     There are several exclusive items being given out as rewards for completing Kitchen Quests, but just like Taelias exclusive prizes, they are quite rare. So if you want to get your hands on one, your best bet is to buy it from someone else rather than doing a bunch of quests.

     There is currently no avatar to be earned from these quests, nor is there a trophy.

     Worth it?

     Because of the possibility of a stat increase, I`d say the Kitchen Quests are worth completing for those who have Neopets with high stats, who as such cost a lot to train. However, if you receive an increased in stat this may be given to any Neopet on your account, which means your lab rat may get stronger instead of your battle pet! So unless you just have one Neopet, or you are training several pets, I`d say give these quests a miss.

      Brain Tree

     Location: Haunted Woods

     Asks for: Information

     Reward: NP, weapons and the chance for an avatar and a trophy


     Deep in the Haunted Woods sits a tree... with a brain! (Don`t ask, this part of Neopia is weird).

     The Brain Tree thirsts for knowledge and needs your help in providing the information he needs for his records.

     Click on the button "Accept the quest" to start. The Brain Tree will ask about the year and place in which a Neopian passed away. There are no records of this anywhere on Neopets, the only way to complete the Brain Tree quest and get the correct answer is to complete TWO quests for The Esophagor. You must feed him twice, once to get the year and again to get the place. The game is rigged so that you fail the quest if you try to submit an answer without completing two quests for the Esophagor.

     Once you have the correct information, go back to the Brain Tree and type in your answers. Using the copy and paste function is the safest way to ensure you don`t spell it wrong or miss anything. Click on Submit Answer, and you should get your reward! It consists of a random amount of NP (usually around 2,000 NP, but you could get more if you`re lucky) and an item from a limited prize pool consisting of Battledome weapons and spooky petpets.

     You can only do one Brain Tree quest per day.

     In order to get the newly released Brain Tree avatar, you need to place amongst the top 50 on the Brain Tree High Score Table. This avatar is completely luck based, the score, which is not cumulative, is based on the number of NP you get upon completing the quest.

      Worth it?

     It`s worth trying for the avatar and trophy – but be prepared that you might need to do many, many Brain Tree quests before you have them both in your possession. As with other quests, set a spending limit. Between 2k and 3k for the Brain Tree will do.

     The Esophagor

     Location: Haunted Woods

     Asks for: Food

     Reward: One Item of r89 or below (gives you the answers to the Brain Tree Quest if you feed him twice)


     The Esophagor is a slimy, muddy creature that will ask you to bring him food. He only asks for Spooky Foods and may demand you bring him from one to four items.

     Click on the button that says "Sure I will find you food" and the Esophagor will tell you what he requires to eat. If you`re doing quests for the Esophagor to get the answers for the Brain Tree questions, you need to complete two quests to get the complete answer. Try to spend less than 3k (three thousand NP) combined.

     The problem with needing to complete two quests is that you have no idea how much each quest will cost. Many spooky foods are cheap, but some are very expensive. Look each item up in the Shop Wizard and calculate the combined cost before purchasing any of them.

     A good tip to remember is that you can accept a quest from the Esophagor BEFORE starting a Brain Tree quest. If the item(s) the Esophagor wants cost too much, let his quest expire and try again. There is no penalty for doing this, and you avoid wasting your chance for your daily Brain Tree quest.

     When you`re not on a Brain Tree quest, the Esophagor will reward you with a single item in return for you feeding him. The items he gives out are rarity 89 and under. Avoid spending more than 2k when doing his quests as the reward simply isn`t worth it.

     Worth it?

     I would suggest only feeding the Esophagor in order to get the information needed for the Brain Tree. The items you get from just doing the Esophagors quests are rarely valuable.

     Other tips

     Once you have fed the Esophagor twice to get the answers to the Brain Trees questions, an additional 8 quests for him may be completed daily.

     Need to get your hands on spooky foods to feed the Esophagor? Battledome opponents in the Rattling Cauldron (the Haunted Woods arena) drop spooky foods as part of their reward when you defeat them.

     You can complete 10 quests per day for Edna, The Snow Faerie and the Kitchen combined. Having more than 60 items in your inventory will prevent you from starting a quest.

     Remember that you can use the Shop Wizard to look up the items, so there is no need to ask for quest help on the boards.

     There is no penalty for failing to complete a quest, nor do you get better rewards if you complete them quickly.

     Good luck, and happy questing!

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