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The Hardest Ever Neopets Quiz?

by ohsounicornly


     Do you know your Meepits from your Feepits? Can you name every Neopet species by heart? Remember the start date of every event? It's time to test your knowledge of Neopets. No cheating, now - find the answers off the top of your head, or not at all! You may even learn something from the answers at the end.

     1) Let's start at the beginning, with a question that will really test your memory (or maybe you're too young to even remember!) What date was Neopets first opened to the public?

     a) September 18, 1995

     b) January 2, 1998

     c) November 15, 1999

     d) February 23, 2004

     2) If that question was set a little too far in the past for you, this one might be more up your street. Which of these Neopets was released most recently?

     a) Ogrin

     b) Hissi

     c) Xweetok

     d) Yurble

     3) Speaking of pets, here's a tough one for you - or maybe it's an easy one. Which of these Neopets is not limited edition?

     a) Tonu

     b) Krawk

     c) Koi

     d) Ruki

     4) Our adorable Neopet companions would be nothing without their own cuddly sidekicks. The content creators clearly had some fun when they came up with some of these names, but which of these is not the name of a petpet?

     a) Blurgah

     b) Jowler

     c) Hoovle

     d) Stopngo

     5) If you're going to buy one of the aforementioned petpets to keep your pet happy, it's a good idea to save some Neopoints. Getting to know the stock market is essential for many long-time Neopian residents - so, which of these is not a company in the stock market?

     a) AAA

     b) BBBB

     c) STFP

     d) POWR

     6) When you're done making Neopoints, you've got to have a bit of fun too - perhaps you'll engage in some site events, like the Altador Cup! In which year was the first Altador Cup held?

     a) 2004 (Y6)

     b) 2010 (Y12)

     c) 2009 (Y11)

     d) 2006 (Y8)

     7) Speaking of the Altador Cup, do you remember who won this year's AC staff tournament?

     a) Scrappy

     b) Jade

     c) Binary Supagoo

     d) Kikocat

     8) Besides the yearly events like the AC, every once in a while the site enjoys an exciting one-off plot. How many site plots can you name? Write your answers down and check them off from the answer section at the end. One point for every full set of 3 you can name.

     9) If you've participated in a lot of plots, you'll probably have an impressive collection of site themes as a result. How many site themes can be discovered or used, including the default themes?

     a) 15

     b) 28

     c) 37

     d) 45

     10) Site themes might not be the only collectible you enjoy gathering up - many Neopians are excited to see their avatar count rise. So, just how many avatars are there?

     a) 362

     b) 403

     c) 441

     d) 516

     11) Okay, let's go back to the basics of account building. Neopets are what this site is really all about. So, how many species of Neopets are there?

     a) 39

     b) 46

     c) 55

     d) 62

     12) A lot of Neopians would agree that the next most core element of the site is... games! How many games are available in the games room*?

     a) 167

     b) 207

     c) 256

     d) 303

     *I had to base this on the games room high scores list, since I couldn't find any other list that I wouldn't have to count by hand!

     13) So after pets and games, what comes next? Exploring, of course! Which Neopian land has most recently been made available to visit from the World map?

     a) Altador

     b) Moltara

     c) Roo Island

     d) Shenkuu

     14) While some new lands have been discovered, other lands have changed... drastically. Faerieland was a victim of a foul plot which saw it nearly destroyed. In which year did Faerieland fall from the sky?

     a) Y12

     b) Y7

     c) Y18

     d) Y3

     15) How about a more uplifting question next, perhaps one about winning things. What's the probability of winning a 'Paint brush item' from the Alien Aisha Vending Machine?

     a) 80%

     b) 50%

     c) 10%

     d) 5%

     16) Speaking of paint brushes, how many functional Neopet (not petpet) paint brushes are there?

     c) 25

     b) 41

     c) 69

     d) 94

     17) How many of the non-Premium Neoboards can you name correctly (only the full name counts!) without looking? Write your answers down and check them off from the answer section below. 1 point for every full set of 5 correct!

     18) If you do have Premium, you get an awesome feature called the Super Shop Wizard, which always shows you the lowest price on the market - but which of these items can't you search for using the Super Shop Wizard?

     a) Main Codestone

     b) Origami Paint Brush

     c) Weak Bottled Light Faerie

     d) Average Nerkmid

     19) At least most of the customisation items can be found on the SSW, so you can dress your pet up real fancy. But you have to know where to put those items! Which of these is not a customisation zone?

     a) Make-up

     b) Backpack

     c) Earrings

     d) Hind cover

     20) And finally, let's finish with a question about one of Neopia's favorite celebrity gamers. What's AAA's full name?

     a) Alfred Askin Aardvark

     b) Adam Alto Avarice

     c) Anthony A. Abracadabra

     d) Aristotle A. Avinroo


     1) c) Adam & Donna first launched Neopets on November 15, 1999 from an office in Guildford, England. This is why many spellings on the site still use the English version.

     2) a) The Ogrin was made available on December 27, 2005. Its first appearance was in an advent calendar animation for the same day. Xweetoks were created just a few weeks earlier at the end of November, while Hissis were created in May that year. Yurbles are a year older still, being released in May 2004.

     3) b) While some may think Krawks are 'Limited Edition' due to their scarcity, they are actually not considered part of this category. The other three are all Limited Edition, meaning that they are only released on their pet day in limited quantities. There are still plenty of other ways to get these pets during the rest of the year, though!

     4) b) Unfortunately, a Jowler is not a real Petpet... but Blurgah, Hoovle and Stopngo all are! Gosh, who came up with these strange names?

     5) a) AAA is not a ticker symbol for a company on the stock market - but who knows, maybe AAA will start his own company soon? BBBB is the (bust) company Bobs Big Bonus Bingo, STFP is Stuff-A-Pet Inc., and POWR is Power-X Corp.

     6) d) The first Altador Cup took place between June 1 and August 4 in 2006 (Y8).

     7) a) That's right, the NT's very own Scrappy-doo came out on top of this year's Staff Tournament. Binary Supagoo came an honorable third, just beaten by Kikocat, while Jade unfortunately limped behind in second-last place. Better luck next year!

     8) There are quite a few... take a deep breath! Remember, you get one point for every full group of 3 that you named: Brucey B and the Lucky Coin, Battle for Meridell, Champions of Meridell, Discovery of Tyrannia, Curse of Maraqua, Lost Desert Plot, Hannah and the Ice Caves, Obelisk War, The Faeries' Ruin, Atlas of the Ancients, Petpet Park Plot, The Return of Sloth, Journey to the Lost Isle, Haunted Woods Plot, The Wraith Resurgence, Altador Plot. There are a few others you may have thought of which aren't on this list, but otherwise we'd be here forever - I trust you to score yourself fairly!

     9) d) There are 45 site themes available... wow, that's a lot! There are 15 actively-available themes (including the temporary 'Happy Birthday' theme), 11 default, and 19 retired themes.

     10) c) According to my calculations, with the addition of the new stamp avatars, 'That's not Rubbish', Trudy and the Bank avatar, we have... carry the one... divide by two... ah! 441 avatars. I wonder if anyone has them all?

     11) c) You can create 55 different species of Neopets... but not all at the same time! Unfortunately the maximum number of Neopets you can currently have is 26 (if you have Premium)... so pick your favorites!

     12) b) There are 207 games listed as having high scores in the games room, though this doesn't include a lot of non-flash games like Go! Go! Go!, fairground games like Bagatelle, and of course the non-existent Jelly World games like Bouncy Supreme. But they don't exist.

     13) b) Moltara was only discovered in Year 11, making it the most recent land which can be accessed from the World map. Altador and Shenkuu were both discovered in Year 8, while Roo Island is quite a bit older, made visitable in Year 5. Maybe one day we'll get to see Lutari Island, and it can become top of this list?

     14) a) It was in Year 12, or 2010, that Xandra's vengeful attack on Faerieland sent it crashing into the ground. That was quite the plot! Newer users may not even remember a time when Faerieland resided in the clouds.

     15) d) When depositing a nerkmid into the vending machine, there's a 5% chance you'll receive a 'paint brush item' - however, beware that this includes any item containing the words 'paint brush' - only about half of these items are actually a functional pet or petpet paint brush.

     16) c) While there are many more colors available via the lab ray or other methods, there are 69 functional paint brushes (including the no-trade starter brushes). The Lutari, Stone and Glass paint brush are all non-functional, unfortunately, despite otherwise appearing much like any other brush.

     17) These are the boards you can access without Premium - remember, you get one point for every full group of 5 that you named exactly: The Official Neopets Team Message Board, Site Events, Art, Avatars/NeoSignatures, Battledome, Customisation, Exploring Neopia, Fan Clubs, Games, Ghoul Catchers, Guilds, Help, Ideas / Suggestions, Key Quest, NC Mall, NeoQuest + NeoQuest II, Neopian Pound, Neopian Writers, Newbies, Quests, Role Playing, Shop Ads, Spotlights and Galleries, Stock Tips, Trading / Auctions, aaand finally... Jelly World! (Did you forget about that last one?!)

     18) d) While most paint brushes can't be searched for on the SSW, some of the newer ones haven't been added to the 'denied' list yet (as of the time of writing). Codestones can all be searched for, as can Bottled Faeries, but Nerkmids cannot.

     19) a) There is no zone specifically for make-up, but various make-up items occupy the Glasses or Markings zones.

     20) d) Aristotle A. Avinroo is AAA's real name - the rest are just nonsense! Of course, that's not to say his actual name isn't nonsense too...

     The scores are in! Time to add them up. What did you get?

     0-5: Newbie Novice - Everyone starts out somewhere, and some of these questions were pretty hard. Maybe you haven't been on the site very long, or have just come back after a long break - but don't worry, there's always more to learn about Neopets!

     6-12: Knowledgeable Neopian - You did pretty good! You clearly know your stuff, and you've been hanging around the site for a respectable length of time. With a bit of studying, you'll be a Neopets mastermind in no time.

     13-19: Veteran visitor - Your account age in months is probably in the triple digits, and you can recall just about every site change since the very beginning. You know as much about the site as any person should ever really need to!

     20+: Elderly expert - I don't know how you did it, but you got nearly every question right, and racked up some bonus points while you were at it. There is nothing more I can teach you - the student becomes the master.

     I hope you've enjoyed this quiz; I've certainly had a ball making it and finding out about Neopets concepts from far before my time! Why not share this quiz with your friends and see how they measure up?

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