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The Darkest Faerie Phenomenon: Are We Really Safe?

by seismicfury


     Since the rediscovery of Altador in Year 7, we Neopians have been dealing with a very serious evil known as the Darkest Faerie. It’s said that she is the most powerful, yet dangerous, faerie in all the lands, and this journalist is in complete agreement. This leads to the fact that they question whether or not the protectors of Neopia are even able to adequately protect it. There are some exceptionally powerful faeries (and other fabled heroes) that favor goodness and justice, but can we really count on their magic and heroic deeds to keep Neopia safe from her tyranny?

      Let us first consider the magic that was used to save Altador after the Darkest Faerie’s betrayal. It’s well known, through extensive research along with firsthand accounts by the founders of Altador, that were it not for their combined powers, Altador would have been either controlled or obliterated by a power hungry and unequivocally evil dark faerie. Why in all of Neopia would these same people believe that hiding the greatest evil our world has ever seen at the bottom of the sea as a statue? It was a poor decision to ultimately decide on making such a powerful entity, though trapped away, sit in some place where anyone could find it, be it a passerby or someone looking to cause some trouble in the land of Neopia. It’s clear as day that Fyora and Jerdana were not strong enough to simply seal the ex-founder away.

      This brings us to the Darkest Faerie’s escape from the depths of Maraqua. Knowing that they were barely able to contain the Darkest Faerie for a thousand years, Fyora and Jerdana allowed the statue to be out of their watchful eye.

      It’s a lesser known fact that Jerdana, Altador’s strongest sorceress, a notable member of the Order of the Red Erisim, and the one who sealed the faerie the first time, was erasing the memories from Altadorian citizens as well as scrubbing the history books clean throughout the land of Altador. This was happening shortly after she enchanted another necklace meant to stop the powerful dark faerie. Her uncertainty that the newly minted heroes, Tormund and Roberta, could actually defeat the Darkest Faerie is quite alarming.

      The impossible feats Tor and Roberta managed during their perilous travels are nothing to scoff at. However, if Fyora and Jerdana could barely defeat the Darkest Faerie, why would Jerdana entrust the two to face her? While some would call such a plan audacious in a critical time, I would call it careless especially since these two are arguably some of the most powerful beings in Neopia.

      As it stands, both spells Jerdana casted were powerful, so much so that perhaps it weakened the sorceress enough to allow the magical sealing inflicted on the Darkest Faerie to weaken overtime. I will commend Fyora for learning from past mistakes and making sure the statue was somewhere that it could be watched closely once she was imprisoned yet again.

      It’s well known that the witch Xandra studied and eventually became Faerieland’s most powerful student. It was also convenient that after the second defeat of the Darkest Faerie, her statue was placed in the faerie queen’s personal gardens. No doubt that Xandra, Faerieland’s most capable student, spent quite a lot of time in the area invited by Fyora personally, according to my sources. Xandra’s negative views of the faeries of Neopia and ambition could have only grown over time with the Darkest Faeries help.

      The weakened magic spell, allowing the vile will of the Darkest Faerie to seep into the surrounding area, could very well have led to the complete annihilation of not only Faerieland, but Meridell and a large portion of the lands around it such as Brightvale and many lesser known towns like Cogham and Bogshot Swamp. It was thoughtless to keep such darkness where innocent citizens could stumble upon it without knowing.

      After Faerieland became grounded, the statue of the trapped villain disappeared. With Xandra stopped, no one really paid any mind until it was too late, except king Altador. Unfortunately the statue was never found.

      I’m sure you’re sensing a pattern here, and I don’t think I need to remind anyone about the most recent screw up with the resurgence of the wraiths and reappearance of the Darkest Faerie. It seems not only was Jerdana’s spell broken again, but the prime evil managed to use the sorceress’s magic against not only Fyora and Kaia, but several innocent pets as well. It was breaking news when Fyora was brought low by the machinations of the Darkest Faerie. It was reported that the dark faerie had assumed Kaia’s identity and fooled those in the Faerie Resistance. Who's to say that very same thing didn’t happen to the weakened Fyora during her stay in the infirmary? If Fyora was truly herself, she simply would not have let the Darkest Faerie get away as easily as she did. Since the Darkest Faerie was weakened as much as Fyora was, wouldn’t it have been the smart move to send out Aethia and those under her command? The Darkest Faerie is out there somewhere regaining her strength, so what are our “noble” leaders doing about it?

      Perhaps Fyora is the Darkest Faerie in disguise or Fyora is being controlled by her somehow. These are frightening thoughts when you realize how much power and respect the faerie queen wields, and how easy it would be to bring Neopia to its knees while the Darkest Faerie sits in place of a beloved queen like Fyora.

      The past decade has been chock full of missteps where the world’s most vile villain has managed to escape not once, not twice, but three times and now she’s out for good and moving unchecked. Until the Darkest faerie is caught and taken care of for good, we’re all in danger and we can trust nothing where she is concerned. The one thing we know for sure is that the Darkest Faerie will not stop until she achieves what she’s been working toward since betraying Altador: World Domination.


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