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10 Flash Game Avatars You Can Definitely Achieve

by stttarlight


     So you’ve hit a wall with your avatar count. All that’s left are those pesky stamp avatars and some flash games you’ve tried before but recall utterly failing at. WHAT TO DO? Well you’ve come to the right place! Listed below, in no particular order, are some flash game avatars that you can definitely achieve!

     1. Mutant Graveyard of Doom

      Okay I know this one can seem pretty tough by the time you get to the higher levels; it’s super dark, the maze is impossible and those enemies seem to corner you! Here’s the trick: in earlier levels, before collecting all the items, make sure you use the moveable gravestones to eliminate all the enemies. This will give you a ton of extra points, and make the avatar score achievable sooner!

     2. Grand Theft Ummagine

     I’ll be the first to admit, this game is SO frustrating. The good thing is, Stan the Kyrii is indestructible! Grand Theft Ummagine is really a test of stamina – can you keep at each puzzle of a level, making precise movements not to get caught, until the end? YES, YOU CAN. Some kind Neopians have mapped out the most efficient paths through this game to lead you to victory, and if you finish the entire thing, you’ll be the proud new owner of a gold trophy! So get to stealing some food!

     3. Meepit vs Feepit

     This game avatar is a little deceptive, you would think to get it you would simply need to win against all the Meepits, right? WRONG. In this game, you must win 3 rounds against each Meepit to continue on. The sneaky strategy to get a high score is to hit the Meepit with combos and rack up a bunch of points, then, when he’s one hit from being KO’d, let him win the round. You read me right - LET HIM WIN. TWICE. Then just when he starts getting overconfident with two out of the three wins he needs, beat him 3 times in a row to win the round and continue on. Do this with every opponent, and boom, another game avatar for you!

     4. Ace Zafara

     You’ve used the internet nowadays; you’re totally used to those pop up adverts! Now’s your chance to DESTROY THEM (or leave them alone.. because let’s be honest it takes a lot of time to close them). In Advert Attack your job is to keep clicking the ‘Go!’ buttons to propel you forward in your space race as Ace Zafara. As long as you keep a steady pace of clicking, this avatar is a piece of cake. Now I realize that’s not always easy to do in later levels. Some tips: Don’t close any ads unless you can’t click or see your ‘Go!’ button! Many of them will pop up on the top half of the screen – don’t waste your time closing those. Even if an ad covers half of the button, you can still sometimes click the side of it without closing an ad!

      5. Dubloon Disaster

     Another game that seems impossible. How are you supposed to keep collecting dubloons when you have 529 mines chasing you?? The key is to destroy the mines after every two dubloons. Many people don’t even know this is a possibility with this game! Collect two dubloons and steer your boat in the very middle of the mines that are following you. When they get close, move forward or backward and the mines will run into each other, destroying both of them. The only uncontrollable part of this game is that sometimes the mines pop up on top of you and are inescapable, forcing you to start over. However, with persistence and a touch of luck, this avatar is completely doable!

     6. Buzzer Game

     When I first started playing Neopets, I absolutely despised this game. I couldn’t even complete the first level! It’s totally understandable if you have NO CLUE how people get the avatar score because that’s how I was too! First off, if your screen can zoom, zoom it in as far as you can so you can see the entire wire, start and finish. Next and what I think is the most helpful tip to making this game WAY easier is type in the code ‘cheese’ which will allow you to see your cursor throughout the whole game. Navigate your cursor so it doesn’t go out of the black line, which should be super easy now that it appears thicker with your computer zoomed in! There are 15 levels but you don’t need to complete them all to receive a score high enough for the avatar.

      7. Whack-A-Kass

     To get the avatar score, the first step is to progress to the level where you are able to use an actual bat. In all the stages, the wind levels play a VERY important role! Honestly, I don’t even bother hitting the Kass unless your wind level is at an 8 or a 9. When your wind speed is up and you do press your space bar or click your mouse to actually hit it, don’t let go until the Kass is at its peak in the air. Holding down the space bar/mouse while it’s flying up will keep it in the air longer and help it go further! This is a sure fire way of getting the avatar after a few tries! If you’re SUPER lucky, you could get the tree to hit the Kass with – if this happens, WAIT for the wind speed to go up! If you swing and miss, the tree will go away.

     8. Magax – Destroyer

     This game is fairly straightforward, but if you ask me, this avatar is just kind of a pain because it seems like it takes FOREVER and a DAY. Alright so the thing that advances you through the levels of this game is the number of Scorchios you destroy. So if you go through the levels and skip the annoying Cybunnies, you won’t get the avatar. The popular advice for this game is to skip one Scorchio and defeat everything else on the level, then come back and defeat the Scorchio you skipped to move on. This makes sure you earn the max number of points for each level - and depending on the amount of Jubjubs that pop up, you may just get a trophy! If you’re only aiming for the avatar, I recommend moving back and forth, keeping the enemies just off screen so you don’t accidentally run into them, or the Cybunnies don’t turn into Hubrid Nox and stun you. Defeating every enemy in each level should get you an avatar score a little after you reach the tenth level!

     9. Feed Florg

     So you’ve tried this game, and gotten 1 point away from the avatar before losing your last Petpet, then vowed never to play it again? We’ve all been there. Just repeat the luck-based game avatar mantra – THIS GAME IS MOSTLY BASED ON LUCK. Super annoying, but super true. You are TOTALLY capable of getting this avatar! The tips for this game are simple, keep the Petpets from falling off in the order that they are dropped. If you have to decide between two because you can’t save (save might be the wrong word to use since you’re keeping them on Florg’s plate for them to be eaten... but I digress) both of them, choose the one that’s easier to get to or that is close to another Petpet. Oh, and BE LUCKY and hope that the Petpets are close to each other and that Florg eats fast! With some persistence, you’ll get it in no time!

     10. Spacerocked!

     Another EXTREMELY luck-based game honestly. I got this avatar the first time I played the game, I thought I was sOoOooO good at it, but now I haven’t been able to score over 12,000 points since that day *lol*. The distance of the ship from your slingshot and the obstacles between them is totally random, so aim highish to avoid the pipes that stop your rock, but not too high because you want those extra points. I usually hit the up button 3-4 times from the starting trajectory on the slighshot. To get the max amount of points, you want to use all 3 turns you’re given, so aim lower on the first two tries in hopes that your rock will land on the 1000-point patch of dirt or on a Grundo booster. If your rock is about to stop, you can press the ‘B’ button and it will get a little boost – you can use this 3 times per level.

      Hopefully this has helped you get (or at least inspired you to try for) 10 new flash game avatars! If I can do it, anyone can! GO GET EM!

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