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Slushie Slinger Tips

by thedancing


     Hello, all you Neopian friends out there! If you play for the Altador Cup, you will know that one of the games involves giving thirsty spectators slushies. It is called Slushie Slinger, and it is, in my honest opinion, a very fun game. But it only comes once a year (specifically while the Altador Cup is running), so you had better make the best of it. Do you feel like you are useless at the game or do you want to score more so that you can make your team more likely to win the cup? Maybe these tips will help. But if they do not help, then thank you for reading this anyway and remember that practice makes perfect.

     1.) If you accidentally make a slushie that is the wrong flavour, and there are not any Neopets available who want the flavour you made, just give it to the Neopet anyway. You will not lose any points or lives and the Neopet will be satisfied. The only thing that will happen is that you will get fewer points than if you gave them the right one. Whatever you do, do not put the slushie somewhere where there are no Neopets at all, because that will cost you a life.

     2.) Do not let your emotions get in the way of either your logical mind or your playing speed. Do not pound your keyboard or do any other such similar behaviors out of frustration. Do not freak out, but you should not get so confident you let your guard down, either. Think quickly and also logically.

     3.) Prioritize. Always go for what is nearest the edge of the bench first. If there are two cups going towards the edge, go for the one that is the closest first. If one customer is closer to the edge than another, feed that one first. If two are just as close, do one of them and try your best to do the other quickly. If you are unable to do it, that is fine, but do not skip both of them because that will cost you two lives. Extra important if there are more than two cups, or one or more cups and also a needy customer. On the flip side, you should save the cup that is furthest away from the edge for the last.

     4.) Unless a customer is right on the edge, used cups are a bigger priority than customers because they move faster.

     5.) If the cup is not dangerously close to the edge and someone is wanting a slushie that is the flavour that is nearest to the bench the cup is at, you can make a slushie while waiting for the cup. However, if it is dangerously close, it is best not to do this.

     6.) Taking used cups while holding a slushie is allowed, however, it is not possible to carry two slushies at once.

     7.) Move fast. Do not wait between moves.

     8.) You might be tempted to try and make a slushie for the customer who has reached the edge and is angrily walking away, especially because they still have their thought bubble. However, you should not actually do this. It is not possible, and the slushie will either go to the end of the line and therefore cost you an additional life (which is dicey as allowing a customer to reach the edge and walk away already costs you a life) or it will go to the next Neopet in line.

     9.) Remember not to be sad if you are not very good at the game. This does not mean you will always be bad at it or that you are stupid.

     10.) Never give up and declare a situation as hopeless. As long as you have at least one life left, there is hope. Think of it this way: if you give up, you definitely will not make any more points. However, if you do not give up, you will probably earn yourself at least a few more points.

     11.) Keep in mind that customers move faster as the game progresses, but they do not move while they are drinking. Also, it is possible to feed a customer who is behind another if the Neopet they are behind is drinking a slushie, but only then.

     12.) Another thing to keep in mind is that the top bench is shorter than the middle bench, and the bottom bench is longer. Therefore, you have less time to collect cups and feed customers on the shorter benches. This also means that two or three cups that seem to be lined up with each other vertically can be collected if you start with the highest one.

     13.) Some people say that it might be a good idea to serve only green slushies at the top, only pink ones at the middle, and only blue ones at the bottom, especially on higher levels. I personally do not do this, but you might find it useful.

     14.) Make sure that you are facing the right way. The Tuskaninny waitress needs to be facing to your left in order to serve customers and collect empty cups, and she needs to be facing to your right in order to make the slushies. It is not possible to drop a slushie as a result of facing the wrong way, but it is possible to fail to pick up an empty cup as a result of facing the wrong way.

     And that is about it. Happy slushie making!

     P.S. Here are some observations: Before serving the red Nimmo, his (her?) eyes are green, but after serving him (her?), they turn black. And if you feed somebody the wrong slushie, it will change into the right one as they drink it (but that does not change your score). For some reason, the customers all look very angry before they start drinking their slushies but are completely chill when they are drinking them. And they all seem to be wearing togas or aprons.

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