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Showcase Roo Island In Your Neohome

by seanman1224


     Roo Island is full of fun, happiness and sunshine. The island exudes it! Roo Island is a small island located off the coast of Neopia Central. Once you step foot on the island, you are greeted with the smiling faces of bouncing Blumaroos! Along the boardwalk, you can shop for souvenirs, play games exclusive to Roo Island, and learn how to draw a Blumaroo! There are plenty of things to do to keep yourself busy!

     Roo Island is home to some iconic landmarks in Neopia. Here you will find the ever-fun, ever-exciting Merry-Go-Round! Neopians of all ages love visiting the island to take a spin on the Merry-Go-Round; it never gets old! Here, you will also be able to play Dice-A-Roo and Blumaroll. Dice-A-Roo is the most popular game played on the island because no two games are the same. These magical dice bring prizes and Neopoints, unless you roll a skull and lose the game. However, if you are so lucky as to win the jackpot, you take home a hefty prize of Neopoints AND an exclusive avatar. The King loved this game so much, and it is the reason why the Blumaroos are always so cheery.

     Buying exclusive items that exemplify the culture of Roo Island will make your Neohome more welcoming and fun; it will also keep your guests, and you, in a great mood! Sean and I handpicked these items for you, so you can bring the cheerfulness and joy of Roo Island in your Neohome!

     Roo Island Collectable Mug (~2,500NP)


     The bright, cheery sun comes to say hello every morning as you drink your coffee...shouldn’t you have something as equally as cheery to drink your coffee out of? This collectable mug is perfect for all those Roo Island fanatics. Start every day right with the use of the cup! The Roo Island Collectable Mug is perfect for use or decoration.

      Roo Island Merry Go Round Model (~5,000NP)


     The iconic Roo Island Merry Go Round in your home? How could you say no! This model is only for display, so if you have any little ones, make sure this is out of reach! It looks like a toy, but it is for display only! The figurine spins and plays the actual music from the Roo Island Merry Go Round! Having this little piece of Roo Island in your home will make any of your friends and neighbors envious!

     Roo Island Photo Frame (~1,000NP)


     What better way to display your favorite photo from your vacation than this “I Love Roo Island!” frame?! Buying this beautiful blue frame will let everyone know you went to Roo Island and had a great time! Be the envy of your friends! You may need to get your hands on a few if you can’t choose what picture to display! But no worries, a cheap price is just perfect for any Roo Island collector.

     Roo Island Snowglobe (~300NP)


     A collector’s dream, this Roo Island Snowglobe is the perfect addition to any home’s decor. A coastal land, Roo Island rarely - if ever - gets any snow, so make a miracle happen, and buy this snowglobe to see snow on the island! A picturesque image of the Blumaroo inside is the perfect gift or item.

     Roo Island Toilet(~1,000NP)


     For only the most fanatical of Roo Island lovers, this toilet is a must-have! Spice up your washroom with this unique add, and make every visit an exciting one! As the description says, “Everyone needs to go at some time, may as well have somewhere pretty right?” - we couldn’t agree more.

     Springy Blue Blumaroo Toy (~1,000NP)


     Do you have young Baby Neopets at home, or are you just a kid at heart? Buy this Springy Blue Blumaroo Toy and enjoy its childish flair! It makes any room thrilling. The happy, bouncing Blumaroo will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

     Dice-A-Roo Home Game (~10,000NP)


     Dice-A-Roo is (well, was) exclusive to the island, but now you can play at home! This home edition works the same as the original game does. You have the ability to play this game in the comfort of your own home with friends and family.

     Roo Island Dice Magnet (~5,000NP)


     Showcase your love for Roo Island with this magnet! Whether you put it on your refrigerator or display it in your living room, this souvenir exemplifies the Roo Island culture perfectly. Anyone who sees it will know exactly where your loyalties lie!

     Roo Island Bath Tub (~4,000NP)


     Bath time will never be the same! Being able to cleanse inside a Roo Island themed bath tub sounds like something you could only do on the island, but no! You can buy this exclusive bath tub at an extremely reasonable price! Installing this bath tub is so easy you can do it yourself! Once you bathe in this bath tub, you will wonder why you didn’t make the change earlier!

     Fluffy Blue Dice (~5,000NP)


     This dice is a larger version of the one used in Dice-A-Roo. This dice can actually be used as a chair or a table in a pinch. If you favor the other dice, there are fluffy dice of all the others! If you want to have them all, it is possible! If you are into extreme things, try to play Dice-A-Roo with these giant dice! Playing with giant, fluffy dice allows you to play the game in a whole new exhilarating way!

     Roo Island is one of the cheeriest places in all of Neopia. Its colour scheme of blue, red, yellow, and white exudes happiness and joy. We can’t think of another place that can boost one’s spirits with just the entering of a room! Decking your Neohome out in everything Roo Island is highly recommended. Never feel gloomy at home when all your rooms are as cheery and as bright as can be! Showcasing this special place in your Neohome will add some much-needed flair that all your friends and family will envy!


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